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  1. Maybe I'd be more open to RMC if they didn't tend to have slow dispatch times and they had more comfortable restraints. As of now I enjoy them but I tend to prefer more traditional wooden coasters and nonlooping steel Hyper/giga coasters.
  2. So 4 coasters are better than 3? well, yeah. But sometimes you have to settle for something more realistic. Candimonium looks very Mako-ish, which isn’t a bad thing... in fact, I think it might look better if only because it’s MCBR-less... one less chance to slow it down! Yes I'll agree but I'll still say something more realistic and better is simply to have GCI redo the ride. I don't like losing wooden coasters to RMC. I enjoy them but I enjoy more traditional wooden coasters more haha. Either way looking forward to trying out Candymonium.
  3. I get that too but 3 good GCI coasters and an original RMC is better than 2 and a RMC conversion.
  4. QFT. I'd prefer GCI give it the Ghostrider treatment. I'd hate to lose Wildcat. It has a great layout and lots of potential it just needs some work.
  5. Do you hate your life? Lol no. I rode once Friday and once Saturday. I just didn't find it to be that bad and have been on much worse. I certainly couldn't ride it multiple times in a row or more than maybe 3x in a day but its not so bad I'd avoid it. I like the layout and still think its a good ride overall. Skyrush also didn't bother me at all this year while previous years my quads were sore for days.
  6. Well suprisingly between preview night on Friday and Saturbday we got on over 20 rides in 7 hours. Did much better than expected and got on all the coasters including rerides of Skyrush, Storm runner, Wildcat, and did each side of Lightning Racer twice. Fahrenheit was walk on first thing Saturday Morning and Laff Trak was maybe a 5 -10 minute wait right after. Only rides we waited more than 10 minutes for were the Claw (20 min) and Skyrush on a 3rd ride Monday afternoon (45 min). Preview night and being there for opening makes all the difference.
  7. Oh my god, are you sure you don't want to go to Knoebels instead? Of course there is lol. Nah was just there and at Dorney.
  8. Yeah plus hope he heat keeps crowds away or a lot in the waterpark or on the water rides. That may be wishful thinking though.
  9. I expect it to be rough lol. I've been there several times but the person I going with has not but is only able to go Saturday. Not overly concerned about Sidewinder but have never been on laff track or Fahrenheit. I'm hoping he is available tomorrow night and maybe get Comet and Great bear out of the way and hit Fahrenheit first thing Saturday.
  10. I'm going to Hershey this Saturday (and possibly a few hours tomorrow night for preview night). Any idea what to expect crowd wise and and any hints on how to plan the day to get on every coaster? The weather forecast currently says it will be 95 and mostly Sunny so not sure if that will keep some crowds away and others in the waterpark.
  11. This is a hard question. I generally prefer the more sudden intense jerk and onset of airtime as you crest a hill in the front on rides known for ejector air like superman ROS or El Toro than the more gradual onset in the back. The first drops are almost always better in the back though and sometimes the feeling of being pulled over hills is just as fun. B&M hypers I usually prefer in the back because the airtime is more gentle and floaty. I enjoy the almost freefall sensation going down hills in the back more than the gentle lift cresting hills in the front. Wooden coasters are a toss
  12. I'll be going to Hershey again on Aug. 24th and 25th. Skyrush in my opinion is a great ride with some insane forces but it doesn't compare to something like El Toro, Millenium Force or Bizarro/Superman for the being a completer package mostly due to the short ride time and compact layout. I prefer longer more spread out coasters with a nice mix of intense forces and moments to catch your breath put in as well. I also generally prefer sustained airtime as well whether its ejector or floater and Skyrush's airtime isn't very sustained. Skyrush is still a top ride though and I can see why someon
  13. I was at Cedar Point for the first time on Friday June 7th and had a great time. I rode 22 rides including the 14 adult coasters as well as maxair, windseeker, and Cedar Downs Racing Derby and shoot the rapids. Got 3 rides on millenium force and 2 on Mean streak, Magnum XL 200, and Gemini. Every other coaster I rode once. Never waited more than maybe 25-30 minutes minus when millenium force went down and Maverick added new trains. We got there at 9:00am and basically worked our way from the back of the park to the front. Overall it was a fantastic day as I was worried about crowds going
  14. Stayin there got early access and $34 tickets. Other hotels in the area are mostly more or less the same price.
  15. Breakers express is only about 300 for 2 nights. Breakers is about 540 but I'm not staying there. I'd be willing to do fast lane but the 2 others I'm goin with are not so that's out unfortunately. I also may be goin on friday now instead but don't know for sure yet.
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