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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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I just saw Metallica : Some Kind of Monster on DVD and I thought it was very interesting and I am not really a Metallica fan though I do play guitar.


Shaun of the Dead was really cool, there was a fine line it was treading and it did it to perfection. I'm really back on zombie movies now after the remake of Dawn of the Dead came out (what did people think of that?).


I just saw the original Dawn of the Dead which just came out on DVD, and the sequel Day of the Dead - which would have to be one of the most graphically violent (and very compelling) movies ever. Looking forward to the next Dead instalment in October - Land of the Dead, apparently the guys from Shaun of the Dead were given the honour of being zombie extras.

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At the moment im watching Edward Scissorhands , one of my favorite movies if you want a good horror movie rent saw (another favorite of mine) or dead end <-its not really that scary but its kind of funny (another favorite)

im sorry down under , but i thought shaun of the dead was stupid

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I saw Harold and Kumar go to white castle last weekend I laughed so had the scene in the woman’s bathroom I couldn’t stop laughing at that. Nothing like a good stoner movie on a Saturday night my rating 9.5/10 would love to see another one Harold and Kumar go to Amsterdam and going to see meet the fokers tomorrow will post review tomorrow

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The DVDs in my rotation (good ones):

Futurama sets

Donnie Darko (both director's cut and theatrical release)

Clerks X

Waynes World 1&2

Bowling for Columbine

Coaster Expedition Volume 5

Eddie Izzard-Circle


Theater movies I just watched:

Constantine- Very good GGI, not enough story

Hitch- Dreadful


Movies that I watch just to see it suck:

Soul Plane- Don't get me started

Movies from Mystery Science Theater 3000

And I plan on seeing Son of the Mask just for laughs. It's already the 9th worst movie of all time.

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I guess I feel like I have a strong stomach. I watched Hotel Rwanda yesterday. It's among the most saddest movies of the 2000s along with Black Hawk Down. I think Hotel Rwanda is a more humanistic approach to war and it should be. Great acting though, i most say Don Cheadle was perfect as Paul Rusesenbingda.

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I have to agree about Shaun of the Dead, that rocks. And to all of you who liked it, try to find an Aussie movie called "Undead". I promise that you will not stop laughing all the way through, even if they went over budget on the blood by a little.....not much difference between 60Litres and 600Litres is there now???


As far as my personnal collection goes, it is somewhere in the range of 200+ DVD's with over 2000 movies on VHS tape to be copied to DVD in the future.


One to watch out for is Electra, as the half an hour of footage that I have seen is great and I only hope that the rest of the film continues on also.


Enjoy all.

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I recently saw Shaun of the Dead and Garfield the movie.

Shaun of the dead was funny at some parts but not that good overall, (i didn't payed attention to much because i was sick when i saw it)

Garfield the movie on the other hand, had very funny parts that kept me laughing through the dull moments where they tried to set a plot (so i would advise not to see it for the story because that's very,very lame)

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Saturday night I saw the new CGI film from the same studio that brought 2002's Ice Age called "Robots".


Robots was about a Robot named Rodney Copperbottom that was a young and aspiring inventor. Moving from his small town to Robot City to see his idol, Bigweld, to see if he would like his invention. Sadly, Rodney did not hear that Bigweld vanished two years before Rodney arrived at Robot City to hear that Bigweld Industries was taken over by Ratchet. Ratchet was evil and greedy, like any bad guy. He wanted all of the robot's to get upgrades since he stopped making parts for older robots such as many of the characters in the film.


The movie had me laugh so many times because of the cheap jokes that occurred every 3 seconds. Some of them included that Fender dancing bit, cheap fart joke, and (seen in preview) the dog when Rodney says "Who wants to get fixed!?" It turned out to be great, like something Pixar would churn out with cheap humor. A bit short too, but I liked it, I give a 8/10.


Also, there was another Ice Age teaser before Robots involving another scene with the Squirrel and acorn. Except halfway through the scene it said "TO BE CONTINUED", thats it, no "Ice Age 2, coming..." So we stayed after the credits to see if something would happen, nope, Im pissed off since we sat through 6 minutes of credits and saw nothing of what would happen to the squirrel.

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OMFG!!! This is hands down the most disturbing movie I have seen. EVER!!! I was shaking by the end of it, not because it was scary, which it wasn't, but because it was so breathtakingly visually disturbing.


Now, that's not a bad thing if you like that sort of thing. You know, Torture, gore, children in jeopardy, self mutilation, etc, etc.


If you like plain old F**ked up movies, see Saw. If not, don't see it.

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^ Yeah, Saw is great! One of my favorite top 10 movies.


I just saw these two movies.


Taxi~ OMG! So dissapointing. Very terrible! Bad acting, predictable, and just too fake from start to finish.

Final Grade: D-


Ladder 49~ Excellent! Very good! Great acting, great special effects, great story, famous/fun actors!


Final Grade: A-

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I just got back from The Ring Two and I must say that this was the biggest dissapointment of the year. I enjoyed the first Ring and from the trailers I thought this one looked just as good if not better. However, I was wrong. I found this movie very boring, unscary, and predictable. Also the CGI deers were hilarious. I would give it a 5/10.

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Saw is still one of my favorites of all time. I can't wait to see it again! Probably scarier in theaters though. Where is my sequel?!


I saw Ring 2 yesterday. For the most part, I enjoyed it. I found the story went by too quickly. The first ring was very in depth. I still enjoyed the movie though, but wasn't as good as the first one.


Robots was HILARIOUS. From previews, I thought it looked stupid. I decided to see it just to go out, but I ended up LOVING it. So great!

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