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Favorite Pro Sport  

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  1. 1. Favorite Pro Sport

    • Football (american)
    • Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Hockey
    • Nascar (any auto racing)
    • Soccer
    • Golf
    • Tennis

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Curious to see what pro sports you guys like.


I Love Football...I follow everything about it

Hockey and Baseball I only find interesting during the playoff push and postseason.

I like certain races in Nascar and follow occasionally

I also enjoy watching Tennis

I hate Basketball, Soccer and Golf



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I love hockey. I play an awful lot of it. But sadly, Hockey Season is over now, and I have to wait until start of September until it starts, but I will have a Brand New Voodoo Hockey Stick!! (This is field Hockey, not Ice Hockey)

I also like playing Basketball, Tennis, Soccer and especially Cricket.

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More of a pro football fan than anything else, Jeff. Go Niners! Hey . . . anyone . . . go Niners? Please . . .


Well, when ya picks a team, ya sticks by 'em, sez I.

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I love football I follow EVERYTHING in college football and a lot in the pros. I kinda follow baseball... and I usually follow NASCAR.


My teams

College: University of Georgia

Pro Football: Indianapolis Colts

Baseball: St. Louis Cardinals

NASCAR: Bobby LaBonte


I also watch pro bowling (which isn't even up there )

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I'm a HUGE Indycar fan. It's the main reason why I don't make it to more parks every year. I generally spend a lot more money going to races than I do parks. I'll be at Indianapolis Motor Speedway during a great deal of this upcoming month for all the track activities that lead up to (and including) the Indy 500.


I'm also a fairy big hockey fan and a little bit of a baseball fan. For the most part though, I don't really care for pro sports and will take college sports any day.

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Pretty sure football will win this poll. Even though I can't stand to watch it unless it's the Super Bowl.


Baseball has always been my sport of choice to watch. Tennis to play.


Go Cardinals!

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In order...


- Basketball (Playing and watching) - Phoenix Suns

- College Football (Playing and watching) - Notre Dame Fighting Irish

- Baseball (Playing and watching) - Chicago Cubs

- Indoor Lacross (Watching) - Arizona Sting

- Pro Football (Playing and Watching) - Arizona Cardnals/Chicago Bears


That's it.

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I watch football the most. I don't really have a favorite team, so I'll watch just about any game. Baseball comes into a close second. My home team is the Royals, but since they play to the equivalent of an 8 year old girls machine pitch team, I'm a die-hard Yankees fan!

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In order from most to least favorite


Football - Love watching high school, college, NFL and Arena.

Baseball - The "Great American" game.

Hockey - Not as passionate about it as I once was, but I sure do enjoy seeing the NHL when I can.

Basketball - I'm more into the college and high school games. I've never been to an NBA game.

Soccer - It might seem slow and boring to us, but people in other nations seem to love it, and I'm starting to like it even more.

Auto Racing - Mother's an Indiana native, so I have a little preference for IndyCar



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