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  1. Holiday pay isn't a thing? Maybe I'm wrong but I could swear I got time and a half when I worked on Thanksgiving. Then again it has been like 15 years since I worked at the park, so it's completely possible I'm wrong.
  2. Watching that video, I'm not really all that convinced this is going to be a tame coaster. Sure there are no big drops, but there are several points where I can see the potential for some ejector airtime.
  3. Was at Disneyland a few weeks ago with my whole family and seen kids scribe their names into the rock work on Indiana Jones. I let my mother handle that because she is a B*&^%. and let me tell you. Those kids felt like crap after her verbal beat down. One kid try to talk back but my 6'4 260 pound brother got in his face. If I had been in line with my wife and kids (or honestly, even by myself) and saw this encounter it would have made me deeply uncomfortable. I would probably report everybody involved to security. An easy rule of thumb, don't vandalize stuff. If you see something
  4. Racing, west coast themed roller-coaster? I'm putting my money on a launched version of Windjammer.
  5. I really don't think there is anything the park could realistically add that would be able to compete with Star Wars at Disney. SFMM is dealing with a regional crowd base. Disney is working with a global crowd base. You add something as iconic as Star Wars into the mix and the competition is over before it begins.
  6. I don't agree with this, Flashback just wasn't that good of a ride as it stood. Like I said, even had they replaced the awful trains, and moved it to a spot in the park where it could operate, it wouldn't have changed the fact that the ride was redundant with a complete lack of elements. I've never been on a roller coaster and found myself saying "Gee this ride could use more straight sections." That was what Flashback was, interesting drops and long stretches of straight track. And sure the hairpin drop was cool the first time, after that it just became repetitive. If they had wanted to save
  7. It has always been interesting to me that Flashback, a ride which bearly operated in the last several years of its actual operating life is at the center of so many myths and legends. When it was open there was the popular rumor that once upon a time it had been an enclosed ride or that it was at least meant to be enclosed. While I can't comment what the original intentions of Intamin were, the ride never spent a single day operating inside an enclosed building. The other popular rumor was that there was a second space diver roller coaster out there just waiting to be built. If it exists, I ne
  8. What department did you work in? I was working in the Entertainment department 15 years ago.
  9. I wonder what condition their other parks are in. I would imagine that we are looking at a systemic failure here. I could be wrong, but I struggle to see one park in a chain with so many critical deficiencies, and the other parks being steller examples of safety.
  10. Fun fact, Roaring Rapids has the highest power consumption of any ride in the park.
  11. Articles posted online show 13 injuries in 182 days of operation. That's an injury once every 2 weeks. Not a number that really fills me with confidence. I spent two days this Summer at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels. I loved the park, but admittedly with eveything here I would be at least hesitant to go back. I'm curious what the correct actions are for the chain in this situation.
  12. I would caution anybody from reading too much into an indictment. There is an old saying that a good prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich. I can also tell you that in my experience, indictments are always going to sound pretty awful, they are after all a list of charges. There are a few things to keep in mind when reading it. Now before I start, I should point out that my area of expertise is criminal law in Texas, however, these things tend to be pretty universal throughout the Country (with some exceptions). The first thing to understand is the very basics of how the grand jury works.
  13. I love podcasts, though admittedly I don't really ever leave my comfort bubble. All of the ones I listen to are history related. Always: The History of Rome: One of my favorites. Mike Duncan covers both the Republic and the Empire phase of Rome and goes out to 476. This is such a well-done job that it has actually lead to a book deal. The History of Byzantium: Picks up the story of the Eastern Roman Empire and takes it out through 1453 (though to this point we are only through 1000). It's a great podcast if you're looking to see the entire journey of the Romans. Revolutions: Anot
  14. Renovated bumper cars? Does that spell the end for the last remaining sign of the troll mascot in the park?
  15. This one might be a little outside of what people are thinking of, but I'll share it because it is fascinating and located in Florida. If time permits take a tour of Amelia Island. There is a lot of awesome history there about how Florida was very briefly kind of (but not really) a sovereign nation called the Republic of Florida. The "nation" was founded by Gregor MacGregor who seized a fort on Amelia island and then basically named himself the ruler of his now sovereign kingdom. Nobody, other then the 75 or so men at his command, really supported MacGregor in this endeavor, however he was lik
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