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  1. I remember when Test Track got its current overlay. It was only a couple years after Tron Legacy came out, so at the time, it seemed a lot like they were trying to make a Tron ride without actually making a Tron ride. Now that they have an actual Tron ride at WDW, I guess they feel they can rework Test Track again. And it sounds like they're going nostalgic with the references to World of Motion in the press release, so that's exciting!
  2. My friends and I were having trouble finding a pizza place open late at night in Green Bay last month, and we ended up going with Toppers Pizza, and omg, it was SO GOOD. We got one of their "Wisconsin Curds 'n' Bacon" pizzas, and omg, the idea of fried cheese curds with bacon on pizza was a freaking stroke of GENIUS.
  3. About a half a year after I posted this, I got myself a new phone. Now I'm on a Samsung Galaxy A51 (non-5g) and loving it! I'm on the ACP/Lifeline plan now through Life Wireless (Pure Talk); they use AT&T towers, so I've not had any kind of hiccups in moving myself over, which is good, because Straight Talk is now owned by Verizon and my mom and stepdad just had to upgrade their phones & move to a new service (US Cellular) because Verizon just does. not. work. here. They both got Samsung Galaxy A14 5g. They're still fumbling around with them, getting used to much newer phones, but I personally am impressed with them and the lady at Walmart said they were the best-selling model of phone all year so far.
  4. Most shows in Branson start at 7pm, so the park closes with the assumption that a big chunk of the crowd is going to be headed to shows.
  5. I had to look it up, but apparently "thoosie" is slang for "roller coaster enthusiast."
  6. Well, if they go with Intamin, it might not be so unreliable? I don't know how Infinity Falls is doing compared to Mystic River Falls. Mostly, I just thought it could be an interesting idea to convert FotN into a raft ride with a drop similar to MRF and IF.
  7. Omg, that Coca Cola marketplace is so cute! And I absolutely love all the new painting and palms and what-not by Mamba. Coasters was always SO out of place; I'm excited to hear they're giving it a makeover! Thanks, @RailBlazer for the report/pics. I sadly haven't had a chance to be at the park since 2014, when I was working at the airbrush stand. So much has been changed and updated since then; it's gonna feel like a whole new park next time I go! Oh, also... the closing of Monsoon is... interesting. Not surprising, 'cause it's been pretty rundown for years now. But what will be interesting is seeing what they decide to do with that area. Will they use it to put in a new slide(s) for Oceans of Fun? Or maybe they'll convert Fury of the Nile into a Mystic River Falls-type ride? I could see that happening someday.
  8. I'm pretty sure FITH is just too far gone structurally to be just refurbed. That building is a mess.
  9. I like the ride page they've made for FITH. Tells the story of the ride, has pics of it being built!, and offers wallpapers as well as audio files of the Red Flanders dialogue and of the theme song! Wish I had the money to get the refillable mug; my main focus with collecting SDC stuff has been mugs, so it'd go great with my collection.
  10. I know that satire is hard to identify nowadays, but this is definitely satire. It links to disneydining as the source, and disdining links to mousetrapnews, which on its About page clearly states it is a satirical news site.
  11. I live in the middle of nowhere right now, so no skyline, but Kansas City used to be my skyline and hopefully will be again soon. Here's a gorgeous photo from my favorite KC photographer on Flickr, KC Mike Day:
  12. Just watched a video of the new train ride... Thankfully, my feelings were wrong. I'm not sure who is voicing the Conductor, but it's a really friendly, kind voice.
  13. ....do you think it's possible they've used Respeecher and the Conductor is Walt Disney?
  14. Found a plat map site. Here are the areas SDC owns/leases. The park proper is in the outlined box; other SDC holdings in that area are shaded. And then here's the plot SDC owns where Celebration City was. Definitely a lot of land to work with!
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