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  1. The Washington Post (March) by John Philip Sousa (yes, I'm watching the Inauguration, lol)
  2. My friends and I really enjoyed the Rocklusions show at SFGA last year. The magic was definitely aimed at a younger audience than us, but we really loved the music portions and the costumes and sets were really cool!
  3. Mamba at Worlds of Fun. Yeah, it's thrilling to go down the 200-foot drop, but for me, the bunny hills in the last section are the best part of the coaster 'cause that's when you get all the airtime!
  4. I lost all the progress I'd made doing keto and a couple weeks ago I was at the heaviest I've ever been - 283lbs. Then a week ago I started on Wellbutrin. After a week, I finally weighed yesterday and I'm down to 279.2! I'm glad my doctor was willing to let me try this med. I think my mentioning that an off-label use of Wellbutrin is to help ADHD, and since my Medicaid rejected covering Adderall without further "evidence" (despite my doctor and I filling out all the required forms), I thought maybe this could help and my doctor agreed. It can take 4-6 weeks for improvement to show re
  5. Hmmm. Starting from top left going clockwise... Lion King, Cursed Child, Wicked, not sure, Aladdin, not sure, not sure, Legally Blonde?, not sure, Hamilton, not sure. My Broadway knowledge is sadly limited beyond Disney... I've been waiting for a Wicked movie for years because I've never gotten to see it live; I loved the Phantom of the Opera movie, partly because I was finally able to see a version of the musical that way!
  6. Yeah, hopefully the lack of Festival of Nations is just because it's not clear when international travel is gonna be a thing again. SDC got rid of World Fest, so Dollywood's fest has been the only way to experience it the last few years.
  7. Love 'em! I think I like the Playland one best; I love bright, neon colors!
  8. Oooo, watching that movie in 3D sounds amazing! My latest recommendations on Netflix would be The Christmas Chronicles (both; in fact, I kinda liked the second one more than the first, if only because of all the lore and backstory presented). AND.... JINGLE JANGLE. That movie is AMAZING. If you like the aesthetic and musical style of Greatest Showman, then you should like Jingle Jangle. I'm definitely gonna be making it one of my annual Christmas watches now.
  9. Found a Picrew that allowed me to make what is quite possibly the most accurate avatar I've ever made of myself. So, it's me with my Pride colors in the back.
  10. Ah, see, you can tell how long it's been since I was last at MK (2012)! Thanks for the correction!
  11. I'm thinking one of my best friends is gonna be very happy about this, although Scary Adventures is still there in WDW. When we went to MK a decade ago (OH MY GOD I can't believe it's been that long!), we made a deal that if she had to go on Scary Adventures, I had to go on It's a Small World. It was a good deal. As much as I am not fond of IASW, I've always loved its façade at DL and was super sad to see how puny the ride looks at MK.
  12. To prepare for the second season, I finally got around to bingeing both Clone Wars and Rebels. Then I re-watched season 1 of Mandalorian. OMG, the re-watch was so much better than my first time watching it because now I could see things referenced that I didn't know before. And I was definitely right that I was gonna need to have watched the animated shows before Mandalorian season 2 in order to appreciate it more.
  13. THE MANDALORIAN, y'all. Y'ALL. It's so good and the second season finale was amazing and I'm just so happy with this show.
  14. It's interesting to read this thread; things have changed so much in 15 years when it comes to phone prices and data charges!
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