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  1. We spent at least an hour just in Dolly's museum on my first and so far only trip. I could've spent all DAY. Shoot, I told my mom that I wanna plan a trip to stay in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for a whole two weeks so I could spend an entire day just sitting in front of the eagle habitat at Dollywood.
  2. It's me with two important messages represented.
  3. I like the feature that gives you a little "three months later" or whatever when there's a bunch of time between posts in a thread... Kinda gives you an interesting view into how COVID has affected the amount of posting in individual park threads.
  4. I think the word/phrase censor might be messing up? Here's a message from my inbox showing that the l**ker censor is happening with the combo of l and s together (the image has been edited to take out the meat/content of the message). Test for outside the inbox: e-mails tinaalsgirl EDIT: Ok, the test shows it isn't happening. So maybe it was a glitch that was happening when I sent the message back in April 2017 (and I just realized it was on April 1, so maybe the censor was changed for April Fools? I honestly cannot remember)
  5. From context, I believe no icon means no new posts, circle icon means new posts, and star means new posts in a thread you have posted in at some point.
  6. Exclusively everywhere. I have a lot of pain I deal with from fibromyalgia, and the Crocs support my feet better than any other shoes I've worn. I couldn't even tell you the last time I wore a pair of sneakers.
  7. I know people joke about wearing Crocs, but if you like to ride water rides at theme parks as well as like your feet to feel relatively painless after a 12hr day of walking around a park... I very, very highly recommend Crocs. I actually started wearing them after looking for suggestions for footwear to wear to SDC so I can ride the water rides but not have squishy feet afterward. Several different Disney boards came up with everyone raving about Crocs. I got myself a pair and now I've been wearing Crocs nearly exclusively for over a decade now. I did open-to-close, seven days in a row of
  8. That's definitely a good way to describe it. And you can tell that video will never do the ride full justice; it's definitely one of those rides that you need to *feel* as well as see.
  9. Yeah, I hadn't mentioned it yet 'cause I saw a lot of people on Twitter talking about how video was allowed to be taken but was not supposed to be uploaded until official opening day on the 28th, so I wasn't sure I should mention it. But, yeah, I watched it and WOW. Can't wait for the professional and low-light POVs to come out later!
  10. Oh, another new favorite show: Psych. As soon as Peacock debuted, I started bingeing the show. I've watched all 8 seasons and both movies, and I am SO glad the creators want to make more movies because I can't get enough of these characters!
  11. It's so beautiful. Thanks for posting those pics! And just in general for keeping us updated on TDLR!
  12. Omg, I am so excited to see the animatronics in full gear!!!
  13. Meh. It's a black bear; they're, like, the least dangerous bear you could encounter here in the US. Make yourself big and make lots of noise and a black bear will nope out. I'd love to see a bear and its babies this close up in person! So cute!
  14. No, sadly I've never seen it with any kind of water feature. I think it was planned, as the concept art showed, but I guess the idea got axed for some reason.
  15. About the concrete on Powder Keg: you are correct. The ride previously on that land was Buzzsaw Falls, which was a prototype water-coaster hybrid thing. It started in the water then the back half was coaster. Next time you ride PK, take note of the two different types of track on the coaster. The track that has a "zig zag" pattern is the original track; the rest is what was put in when building Powder Keg. You can see one of the old Buzzsaw Falls boats as decoration on the roof of the PK queue building. Glad you found a good resort to stay at! If you come to Branson again, a resort I'd lik
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