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  1. Whenever I watch a video on YouTube and they use a bluegrass-type background music (usually on the TRY Channel when they try American stuff), it immediately makes me long to be at Dollywood. Bluegrass is one of the great unique things about Herschend's two main parks. You hear it all around you as you walk around under the trees and along the babbling brooks. Those parks wouldn't feel right with modern music. For example, at SDC, they do the whole "Moonlight Madness" thing... When they do, they switch over the modern music, and the level of jarring that is to hear is BEYOND. I was in line
  2. It's May now, so updated with a different frame. This last Wednesday was my two-week mark from my second dose, so I'm fully protected now! Whoo!
  3. Dolly is what makes Dollywood so unique! But I also respect that she's not getting any younger and probably doesn't want to have to deal with promotional stuff as much and what-not. But what will happen with her museum? That thing HAS to be rebuilt elsewhere if they want to get rid of it at the park. I could've spent the entire day in there! People need to know what an amazing woman Dolly is!
  4. If Six Flags or any amusement place near/in St. Louis doesn't get one of these and theme it to the Gateway Arch, that's a huge missed opportunity.
  5. I am so buying that. And they're donating $3 for every box sold, so at $3.99 a pop, that's 3/4 of the MSRP donated! That's great! And I hope the taste is Froot Loops. I love Froot Loops.
  6. Showing off some new clothing (it's a big deal for me 'cause I tend to wear my favorites until they are so worn out that I'd be cited for indecency if I went out in public in them...) First up is one of my new shirts as well as a new mask (which I've gotta get one of those behind-the-head hook things for because it's too big on me) And from yesterday, another new shirt (same design as the mask, different background color chosen), as well as my new Grogu Loungefly purse, new capri leggings with pockets, and a hat that I got from my grandma who passed away last month.
  7. I read the new Cast Member lookbook and I'm so happy Disney is loosening their strict guidelines on what Cast Members can wear/etc. My favorite look in the book was the Haunted Mansion Cast Member. The beard, the earrings, and the black nail polish... It's the perfect look!
  8. Crocs - Classic Clog in black. That's it for casual shoes. I have a cute pair of black wedge Mary Janes for special occasions. But even then, I often end up just slipping on my Crocs instead. They're SO comfortable.
  9. I got mine (Moderna) three weeks ago this Wednesday; my second is in a week!
  10. New avatar featuring the real life me, celebrating Autism Acceptance Month!
  11. Oh, yikes. Didn't realize how big those photos are, sorry. New phone; still getting the hang of it. EDIT: DANGIT. Sorry for the double post. I didn't realize I did that until I'd hit "save" and there's no way to delete this message it seems.
  12. Does Dollywood have an online store or anything? Somewhere I'd be able to get a ride souvenir? I have this really great purse/bag with the Outlaw Run logo that I bought opening day back in 2013. I've been using it ever since. Well, it's nearing 8 years of heavy usage, and while it's still surprisingly in great shape, the zipper on it is starting to wear out on one end and I'm having difficulties moving the zipper along the teeth. I was hoping to find a similar bag online on Amazon or elsewhere, but for some reason, it's very difficult to find a bag in the exact structure as mine is.
  13. In the comments on the vid, someone said Heidi confirmed on Instagram that she wrote it. Also, omg, that was great! Didn't know someone from KC was on the show now! PS: Viking Voyager is probably my least favorite ride at the park, lol.
  14. Got an e-mail from SDC today about them now having a Gold Pass. It's got some very tantalizing benefits. Unlimited Visits To Silver Dollar City Unlimited Visits To White Water FIRST TIME EVER: 1 BONUS Free Any Date Bring-A-Friend Ticket To Silver Dollar City One 2021 Refill Mug Good For Reduced Price Drinks FIRST TIME EVER: 20% Off Full-Price Food & Beverage 50% Off 1 Full-Price Ticket Per Day At Silver Dollar City or White Water 25% Off Silver Dollar City Preferred Parking Pass (Limited Qty. Available) 25% Off Premium On-Park Experie
  15. I wonder if some of the tree-chopping is to make sure there's a wide enough berth around the park in case they end up with bad wildfires again. Also, Herschend is well known for its conservation efforts, particularly when it comes to replanting trees. Mary Herschend was very adamant that no trees be harmed, and if they needed to be taken down, then two trees for every one cut down had to be planted somewhere else to make up for it. As such, her son Jack Herschend was raised to cherish trees and in 1992 created the Gift of Green tree farm which grows and donates trees. Also, a funny anecdo
  16. Well, I know here in the US, the virus has disproportionately affected Black people. Maybe there's a disproportionate rate of Indigenous deaths over the age of 65 from it?
  17. Another earworm... I made the mistake of re-watching episode 7 of WandaVision. LMFAO (not posting the name of the song to avoid spoilers, but those who have watched the show will absolutely know what I'm referencing)
  18. You're so right. I can't see a good reason why the studios couldn't "re-release" their movies to the big screen. I mean, Avatar just re-released in China and made so much it took back its box office record from Avengers: Endgame. I would absolutely pay to see some 2020 movies on the big screen. I was so thrilled when Dune got re-scheduled, because I have to see that one on the big screen.
  19. Actually, it's very good advice because they base your repayments each month on your income. I haven't deliberately not had a job; I'm autistic and have had difficulties finding and maintaining work. I wasn't saying that people should just not get a job. I was just using my firsthand experience with income-based repayment as an example.
  20. Agreed! I personally loved Little Dipper. I wonder... are there enough coasters where the poll could do a "best kiddie coaster" category?
  21. Daft Punk has broken up, y'all. https://pitchfork.com/news/daft-punk-call-it-quits/
  22. And read out victims of AIDS on public radio to celebrate their deaths. Good riddance. Still mad that they put a bust of him in a gallery that features greats like Mark Twain, Sacajawea, and Scott Joplin. Someone needs to go smash his.
  23. My trouble with the restraints were from me being too short. My friend who is 6-ish feet had no problem, but my 5'2" frame had my head banging on the restraints the whole ride.
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