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  1. Oh geez. I hadn't even heard of Eisenstadt. Just did a quick read up on it and... oh my GOD. If that was overturned, so many women with PCOS (myself included; I get the depo shot to help manage it) would be left in the lurch because of being unmarried. Mother of god.
  2. Warning: if you go counter-clockwise, be prepared to huff and puff up Hugo's Hill Street (aka "Cardiac Hill" as many like to call it). You can avoid the worst of the hill by going past American Plunge and next to the Knife and Leather shops.
  3. Hmmm. Basically Bamboozler indoors with lights and music. I dunno... I gotta go with Cyclone Sams.
  4. Wait. What is Tom's Twister? ...do you mean Cyclone Sams? Because if so, I totally agree.
  5. Rebecca Black is she of "Friday" fame, but she's actually grown into a really good artist and I'm glad she's managed to make it through the shit that everyone put her poor young soul through when that video went viral.
  6. I can't really say anything about this massacre without getting angry, so just gonna nod and point at Bert's post. All I can say is that I am NOT happy right now. AT ALL.
  7. I think it has something to do with "removing temptation", but IMHO, all that does is imply that men have zero self-control. It's basically like an extreme religious version of school dress codes and the way they're enforced boys vs girls.
  8. I was at my first con since Feb 2020 this weekend, soooo.... yeah, definitely not weighing this week. I actually had breakfast 3 mornings in a row (I don't normally eat breakfast), and we had Imo's Pizza, Five Guys, and a couple trips to Gingham's (basically a more local Denny's with better food). I do not want to know what I weigh right now, LOL.
  9. Some stupid unexperienced medical network bought out all the local hospitals and clinics, and a year later, our hospitals and clinics are now closed. With no heads up whatsoever. I have got to get out of this hellhole.
  10. Oh that sounds like an interesting series. Too bad it doesn't seem it's on streaming...
  11. My mom and I watched a quick news clip just a while ago on YouTube about that. Doesn't look like there's a spoiler tag/code on here, so will just link to THIS ARTICLE and say that it could possibly be considered spoiler-y depending on an individual's personal line for what they consider spoilers.
  12. I still need to get around to Umbrella Academy. And the cast for Doom Patrol definitely makes me curious to watch that one, despite not really being into any of the DC stuff.
  14. It's better for a guest to get angry about being turned away than for an operator to cave and let them on and them end up dying. I myself am obese, but I understand how important following the safety requirements for rides is, and I have no problem being told "Sorry, you just wouldn't be safe on this ride." Also, can't believe the news is showing it all... Did they at least give a warning beforehand? I'm okay as long as stuff is warned for so I know what's coming and whether or not I want to witness it (which I did not in the case of this death, but the post I saw it on didn't specify that the video was of the incident rather than just a "here's what the ride looks like in normal operation").
  15. At the very least, having a buckle between the harness and the seat would have made it more clear that he wasn't going to fit properly because the buckle would never have latched. I had to walk off Batman: The Ride in STL because the OTSR wouldn't come down far enough over my large bosom to buckle to the seat; they wouldn't have turned me away at this drop ride.
  16. Quote from a video of Free Fall's media day taken by one of the vloggers I follow: "Another interesting thing that they mentioned is there is no weight limit on either one of these attractions; there is, however, a height limit, so long as the harness is safely closed around the rider, you can ride it. No matter what weight you are, no matter what age you are." I can't find any raw footage of the opening ceremony, so can't confirm the above quote except that Orlando Sentinel's article about opening day also mentions "no weight restrictions." (CLICK HERE) So despite the operator's manual stating there's a limit, it seems Slingshot Group was not advertising to the public that there was a limit, and was, in fact, telling the public there isn't a limit.
  17. Maybe there should be a requirement for rides to have surveillance cams in the stations. It'd catch any operator errors and could be used for an investigation, but it'd be private video, so less like to make the rounds on Twitter. And, yeah, Twitter is a nightmare. I posted a warning so that people who can't handle stuff like this don't accidentally see this video like I did, and while most of the responses were people thanking me, there are a few people who were... ugh. I woke up today to messages from some dude berating me for "putting attention on this tragic accident" and then another guy sending me a link to the video. Like, wow, y'all have no empathy whatsoever for others.
  18. Apparently there was video being taken by someone in the queue, because a screenshot is now circulating that clearly shows how the victim looked sitting in the seat before the ride started. I don't know how they got a green light on that.
  19. I cannot fathom the idea that this ride has zero belts. Like... not even a buckle to secure the harness to the seat, much less a seatbelt for redundancy? I'd thought someday I'd ride this whenever I make it back to Orlando, but knowing the way the restraints are... I wouldn't feel safe! But, yeah, to me he looks like he's a bigger-chested person, but also possibly has longer legs? I just can't tell from that angle. If this ride had had the restraints that Batman: The Ride at Six Flags STL, I'd have been doing the Walk of Shame like I did at the coaster because the harness wouldn't buckle over my large chest. I have absolutely zero problems accepting when I'm not gonna fit a ride and I'm just trying to get my head around how this poor kid (only 14!) would probably be alive if a buckle and/or belt had been part of the restraint system.
  20. WARNING: Be careful looking up this news. There's video and it's... Just, don't watch it.
  21. Agreed! My mom and I managed to get eps 9 & 10 of Season 1 done early enough last night that we went on to ep 1 of Season 2. So good and the trailer showing what's coming in the new season looks amazing!
  22. My mom and I are almost done watching Picard season 1; she'd already watched it, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet. We've made it through ep 8. We'll probably do eps 9 and 10 on Monday and the season 2 first ep then, too. I am LOVING the show so far. All the little nods from previous shows and familiar faces popping up. EDIT: Also, it's hard to believe Guinan was only in 28 eps total out of the 170+ eps of TNG. Really says a lot about just how impactful and memorable her character is!
  23. Oh, seeing the Christmas shop gone is a real bummer. Do they have plans to relocate it or anything? I enjoyed meeting the ornament artist, Victoria Rose, in her little nook at the cottage store back in 2018.
  24. Space Force. Season 1 is good, though sometimes wobbly like any first season, but Season 2 is SO GOOD and omg I hope we get a season 3!
  25. A basic summary is that the raptors in Jurassic Park are actually based on Utahraptors, not velociraptors. But I just found an article that does a deep-dive into the raptors of JP and it's really fascinating! https://www.inverse.com/culture/spielberg-raptor-jurassic-park Thanks for the report! Sadly, the only way my sister would be able to afford taking my nephew to see this would be if they did a "mommy/son" or "daddy/son" day (they've got 4 kids, so def out of price range to take the whole fam). Also, I love Griffin's shirt.
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