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Here's the first view we saw of the Millennium Falcon, when we toured through Black Spire Outpost, on our first day in Disneyland a couple of weeks ago. Really breathtaking to see it, truth! We later rode Smuggler's Run (twice) and just enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the place. And Oga's Cantina? Well.... yeah!



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Some pics uploaded from our trip to Germany this summer... The first sets I have completed are just Cologne and Phantasialand. Other sets coming soon.


48847501557_0af610c962_b.jpg20190602_205624.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48846948868_1b168e2853_b.jpg20190602_205900.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847316901_bf74960e27_b.jpg20190603_213918.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847511802_37f147aca2_b.jpg20190603_222153.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847514697_fcf4551eab_b.jpg20190604_231448.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847130868_714ff9cb59_b.jpg20190603_092317.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847131743_83c0f9b9ce_b.jpg20190603_092553.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847501741_212cd2b508_b.jpg20190603_134144.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847132693_230a7699bd_b.jpg20190603_095945.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48846952508_707dc7585a_b.jpg20190603_192819.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48847308551_27933acf21_b.jpg20190602_210114.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr


48846948608_b06679f37b_b.jpg20190602_205850.jpg by Steven Franczek, on Flickr

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I posted this one in the Cirque du Soleil thread. But I like how somehow, I got the focus right, on the tent, instead of (usually with this camera) the foreground trees, etc. Good on me!


By the way, that large imposing stadium behind the Cirque tent, stands in for S.T.A.R. Labs in the tv series The Flash. As does the rest of the city, especially it's non-descript alleyways. Also for the soon-to-be-ending ARROW, too.


Their production of LUZIA is here in Vancouver, until mid-December.

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Took a photo of our light "display" on the front porch, a few evenings ago. A mish-mash of lights,

but surrounded by all the darkness, it looks like a cool little Holiday Oasis to stop at and enjoy. IMhO.



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I just took this shot, and was surprised how detailed I got the focus on the moon, there! I didn't downsize the photo, so you can zoom in and see how detailed that moon is, lol!


Taken at 3:50pm, Feb.03/20. Using my Canon PowerShot camera.

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^ Almost. It was for a roast chicken. Actually it was for

a "slow cooked" chicken in the slow cooker. Turned out really good.


The Jelly Belly jar and the bowl of mini mandarin oranges, were not part of this recipe, LOL!

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And now, fast forward to ..... 2022!

A few shots I took, from our hotel room back at the beginning of April, during our annual "StayCation".

I did this after several cocktails, so pardon the fuzziness of the first one.


Yeah. Fuzziness. The long row of white lights there, is where our home bar is. The PumpJack.


What we saw, beyond the balcony. Funny, didn't take any daytime shots. Having more fun, than taking pix. 😋


Same night. Shot #2.


Great shot ..... of the balcony itself. <sighs> Well, I tried.

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