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Here's a couple of the same shot I took today, one psyched up a touch....


6-11-14 ~ Coaster at Playland(PNE). Clear blue sky behind it. Then...


The same shot. Exposure-ized! (o:

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So I'm probably going to be getting a Canon T5i soon, and I can either get the kit 18-55mm and a 55-270mm lens or trade them in and get a Tamron 18-270 mm lens for essentially the same price. Seeing as the price is essentially the same in this situation, would it be worth the convenience of having the Tamron instead of the two Canon lenses? I don't know enough about this stuff yet and I'm looking to solicit some opinions from people who know more about it than me.

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I used to own a Tamron zoom lens that went from 17 to 200+mm, but eventually traded it in because my biggest peeve with it was that it didn't have any stabilization built into it, so a lot of my zoomed-in photos were sometimes blurry. I'd prefer any zoom lens with a stabilizer built in to reduce shakiness. I still have and use my kit and 55-250mm lens and they still shoot great photos, but if the Tamron lens you listed has any sort of vibration reduction or image stabilization in it, I'd think it's a good buy... just my two cents though.

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If money matters you can definitely get the Canon stuff for less, see this refurbished kit or this brand new one that includes a case and a memory card. That said the newer Tamron 18-270 VC is a strong lens for its class and definitely wins in portability but will most likely have more distortion and color fringing which could impact your photos, the image quality is only fair while the Canon 55-250 is optically one of the strongest lenses ever made at its price. Also worth adding might be a Canon 50 f/1.8 which would be great if you ever need to shoot in low light and costs just over $100.


In conclusion if price matters you can get a better deal on the Canon and the Canon will provide better image quality (not necessarily super important if you are just taking snapshots) while the Tamron is undeniably more convenient. If you really want to get the most for your money try browsing the used departments at both B&H and Adorama as well as KEH.

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^ and ^^, thanks for the feedback. The lens I'm looking at does have image stabilization which should be nice, but I'm going to check them out at the store before I purchase one way or the other. I primarily do architecture shots and around theme parks (obviously), and I think the convenience factor of the Tamron would be nice as long as there isn't a big drop in image quality. At any rate, it'll be better than my current point-and-shoot.

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Keep in mind... The bigger the zoom ratio, the worse the image quality generally is. This is why the high end zooms (Around $2,000 for example) only have a 2-3x zoom ratio. That is for a good reason. That Tamron 18-270mm is a 15x zoom... There will be big compromises in quality. I would not expect super sharp results, and reviews will confirm that.


For a cheap price, you can't go wrong with the 55-250 IS. Great little kit lens addition for the price.

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Some pics from a recent hotel stay... The hotel opened a few days before we arrived (Hilton's Homewood Suites). Was a really nice hotel nearby to Kings Island. I did not expect all the park photography in the room, cool touch!


14881114860_7afe9c93f1_b.jpg1B5A0268.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15064732541_805e6b9f5f_b.jpg1B5A0270.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15044757396_40fceae7cd_b.jpg1B5A0285.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


14881174608_4fb97bc395_b.jpg1B5A0282.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15067769145_7cea97aef4_b.jpg1B5A0278.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


14881214797_09fce08ca0_b.jpg1B5A0290.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr

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From last weekend @ Kentucky Kingdom. I promised myself earlier this year that I'd leave my 8mm lens at home more often... but decided to bust it out for this visit and ended up using it a lot. I know some photographers don't really care for them or hark-on about how much they dislike their effects, but it's just a really, really fun lens to use! It just puts a new perspective on areas you usually can't photograph very well or you're used to photographing. Plus it's a fully-manual prime lens, so I get a lot of control and the image quality on is super sharp!


15165982379_0c0cb1f662_c.jpgLightning Run by Midgetman82, on Flickr


15352428242_6b5ce6deb9_n.jpg 15349556211_d520140ff6_n.jpg


15352429162_1da1e89518_n.jpg 15165987219_2bbc47a92f_n.jpg


15166233267_f91bcb584c_c.jpgLightning Run by Midgetman82, on Flickr

^Here's a non-fisheye photo to save your sanity. I have another similar photo, only this one has a train in the shot and leaves on the tree.

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The iPhone's camera is actually pretty good! Here are some of my nicest photos.


I've heard that the Manhattan Express isn't a very good ride.


Some buildings in Honolulu, taken from the Ala Moana Hotel.


There was not one, but two SkyTeam aircraft at LAS! This is surprising, especially since LAS isn't one of Delta's hub. Taken from a Delta A320.


This was a relaxation area at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas.


This was one of the towers at the Halekulani in Honolulu. I actually took this picture by accident.


Here's the gate area at HNL. Old, but sufficient.


The great thing about Honolulu's airport is that it's open air. This was Alaska Airlines' Cars branded aircraft.

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Some images from a trip to Death Valley this past March, still slowly editing the photos from that and a few other trips.






Father Crowley's Ribbon - View from Father Crowley Point, overlooking the northern end of the Panamint Range and Panamint Valley






Deathly Furrows - The morning light on the ravines surrounding Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park






Death Valley Sunset - Sunset near the Painter's Palette in Death Valley National Park

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Have not taken much stuff recently, but here are a few from a model railroad exhibit at a museum here in Cleveland.


16031771685_7c4864a080_c.jpg1B5A5982.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15846031587_266fb6b32b_c.jpg1B5A6013.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


16006003106_a9bb050a56_c.jpg1B5A6018.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15412147713_b9eb2ae687_c.jpg1B5A6020.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15845739109_83ff554b31_c.jpg1B5A6011.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15844530430_fa2fb04396_c.jpg1B5A6027.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15409526714_cc9ae6bd20_c.jpg1B5A6014.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


16029838911_1c4e1b5ed6_c.jpg1B5A6029.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


15845745129_673d387497_c.jpg1B5A5999.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr


16029840371_4ec5813eba_c.jpg1B5A5997.jpg by invertalon, on Flickr

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