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  1. Granted, but it's a One Direction concert. Or whatever they're called now. I wish that I had a Chromebook for note taking.
  2. All right. Adventuredome, predictions. 2016 - Nothing 2017 - Nothing 2018 - Nothing 2019 - Nothing 2020 - Nothing, probably refurbish Canyon Blaster though. Ugh. And no, this is not a joke.
  3. Ah, good old Delta. But that's only because my dad is a flight attendant. Other than the pain of being on standby all the time, it's quite an enjoyable airline. Otherwise, the only other airline I've ever flown was Southwest, and that was only between LAS and LAX.
  4. Probably on New Year's Day. But that was on television. When was the last time you repaired something?
  5. Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies n' Cream Delicious goodness.
  6. History homework. 'Nuff said. It's probably worse than taking Algebra 1 in 7th grade.
  7. Granted, but you're not getting it now. Just sayin'. I wish that RCTW is bad! (sarcasm)
  8. ^^But think this through a little. Why would Atari release older footage in the first place? Just, why? The purpose of a trailer is to get consumers excited about a game, and all this does is pretty much destroy all hope for RCTW. The trailer is basically expectation vs. reality. They show some beautiful POV footage of Goliath at Magic Mountain, and then some strange, crappy TOGO track or something. Oh, and the system requirements for this game? At least four gigs of ram, ten gigs of storage, an Intel i5 processor, and Windows 7, all for a game that looks like it came from 2004. And those are just minimum specs. Want the "best graphics"? Eight gigs of ram! An Intel i7 processor! Wow! Unless some new gameplay footage is released, there's no hope. RCTW will be released in a few months, and if this keeps up, it will be the worst game in the franchise. This is a simulator, which should have at lest decent graphics, but this is crap. EDIT: Found this image on the Atari forums. Why is there such a shift between then and now? Just, why?
  9. Holy crap. This looks like some kind of test demo, not a finished product. Atari keeps on saying that "Oh, this game will be GREAT!", but judging from this, I don't know what to say. Even RCT3 looks better, and that game was released a decade ago! Let's just hope that this is NOT the final product.
  10. The most disappointing coaster for me was Canyon Blaster at the Adventuredome. Sure, I didn't expect very much, but it looked beautiful and there were new trains. Plus, it was my first ever Arrow loopscrew coaster. What could possibly go wrong? The headbanging was horrible because of my short height, the inversions were not enjoyable, and if there's headbanging before the train reaches the first drop, there's obviously something wrong. Canyon Blaster was memorable for all the wrong reasons. (Dis)honorable Mention Silver Bullet - Fun, but not memorable.
  11. Granted? I'm not sure if any enthusiast would be scared of coasters anyways. But for now, you're now scared of even the most basic rides, if being scared of rides is really a thing. I wish that my school would burn to the ground, forcing the CCSD to rebuild it! Seriously, it's an old and outdated school that's more than half a decade old.
  12. ^Oh! For the trailer, let's hope that Atari uses actual gameplay footage this time.
  13. Here's the blog post itself: RollerCoaster Tycoon World Production Blog #4 Basically, they are saying, "Oh, this game will be GREAT! It will be just as good as the previous ones, trust us!"
  14. I'd recommend actually putting in a little bit of effort before posting an RCT3 park to the public. Making parks is no easy job, and you'll find out that it's too time consuming. That's why Topaz Park is now on a hiatus that will probably never end. The "mountain" really sticks out like a sore thumb. It's just way too distracting compared to the mostly level terrain. Scenery is lacking, there's barely any plants, and the only plants that are here are close to your pathways. The three of the same food stall makes less sense than one of those wacky food stalls, there's too many trashcans and benches in your central area, and holy crap, that chairlift. Unless you really want to dedicate your time to developing an entire park in RCT3, I'd suggest trying something else. There's plenty of other parks on the forum, and maybe you can take inspiration from those. Right now, Wonder Mountain isn't a really great park.
  15. Fluctuating warm and cool weather. Before, there was 70 degree temperatures. No need for any of that snow. Then, just a day later, the high is 40. It's warm now, but by tomorrow, 40 degree temperatures! It's like winter is coming back and forth, back and forth.
  16. I'd say the Krispy Kreme original glaze, or maybe even their chocolate donuts. So soft, so sugary, so warm. Much better than the bready Dunkin Donuts kind. And they give out free donuts during certain times of the day! Only downfall? They are kind of expensive. Bottom line, get the free donut and head home.
  17. Not relevant to me, either way is fine. Would you rather deal with DarienLaker or Asian parents?
  18. No entertainment. What's worse than spam on the TPR forums? *cough*
  19. B: Boomerang (Knott's, unfortunately) C: Coast Rider E: El Loco (Adventuredome) G: GhostRider J: Jaguar! (unfortunately) M: Montezooma's Revenge P: Pony Express S: Silver Buller T: Timberline Twister (unfortunately) X: Xcelerator Is that really it? Perhaps there's a few credits that I may have missed. Not sure though...
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