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  1. First off, thank you guys so much for reading Topaz Park. It was a pleasure reading all of your comments, and I had fun in the process. However, I'm afraid to say that Topaz Park is on indefinite hold. This project has lost my appeal after all these months, and you guys seem to be bored as well. There were so many plans I had, but things were falling apart pretty quickly. Craig and Mike, The Elk, Twisted Beehive, The Gull, I won't forget them. However, it's time for me to move on and find new games and activities. Thank you so much for your support after all these months.
  2. Selfie sticks? That's a thing now? Wow. What's wrong with asking another person to take a picture for you? What's wrong with normal selfies? Oh, and why are people bringing these contraptions on rides? Normal cameras can and will fly off, and selfie sticks are the same, maybe even worse. I agree that this needs to stop. Are there any cases of this in the west coast, amusement parks or not?
  3. Granted, and it's a trashcan. Prteey vague wish. I wish that there was a major amusement park in Vegas, like a Cedar Fair park or something.
  4. Honolulu Cookie Company. Delicious, bite-sized pieces of goodness.
  5. I don't count the amount of times I've rode a certain coaster. It has to be Sierra Sidewinder at Knott's, though. Every time our family went to Knott's, even before I reached that magical 48 inch mark, I've rode that coaster the first thing we enter. Maybe it was because of its convenient location in Camp Snoopy. Since then, I've had a liking with Sierra Sidewinder, and I continue to love this coaster.
  6. Smooth and forceless. Those are more fun than rough and forceful ones. Would you rather grow older or become young again?
  7. To me, it's coasters first, park second, although these two factors are a bit even. I don't ride coasters that often, so I'm a credit whore. Go to the park, ride all of the coasters at the park, and repeat. However, if I'm not having fun while riding, there's no point to get the credit. If you're a credit whore like me, at least have fun doing it. The coasters I like the best are launched coasters, with only one inversion or maybe even none. Launched coasters are fast, smooth, and they simply provide great fun. Knott's Berry Farm has a good collection of launched coasters. There's Xcelerator, an awesome Intamin accelerator, Montezooma's Revenge, a forceful and fun shuttle loop, and Pony Express, a sub-par, but still fun coaster. For me, the parks need to be inviting and clean. Knott's is a good example here. The Ghost Town is classic, Camp Snoopy is very forest-y, the Fiesta Village really sticks to its theme, and the Boardwalk, while being a bit generic, is also themed nicely. Even on a warm summer day, I have not encountered much trash at the park, and the restrooms seemed quite clean. While the coasters are fun, the park itself is really what makes a place special. Lastly, I want a good balance between theming and the actual rides. While Disneyland looked nice, I hated it because of the bad ride selection. The Adventuredome, while a good park, seemed cramped with all of those coasters and flats stuffed into the park. Again, Knott's is a great example. The theming is excellent and the coasters are just as good. There. That's my philosophy behind coasters.
  8. Steel - Xcelerator at Knott's Wood - GhostRider at Knott's
  9. 6/10. Pretty bland overall, but I'm not laughing at your coaster count. I have less credits!
  10. The addition of the bobsled coaster seems, well, odd, and I'm not sure if it will be a big success. It is a surprise, though. Hopefully, there will be more updates during this time of year. Great work!
  11. It's possible that there can be more staff than guests at any given time? Wow. I never actually thought about the operating schedules, so this is some interesting information. Of course it's in the middle of autumn, but the amount of guests at the park still surprise me. I guess the only guests are the locals, basically.
  12. Granted, but Bugs Bunny comes around and reverts it back to the off season. I wish that GhostRider was reverted back to its glory days. It's fine now, but what if...
  13. Well, at the moment, the graphics look very The Sims 4. It has that cartoonish style, and if you compare it to vanilla RCT3, it's actually a nice improvement. If this "thing" is actually a flat, I'm guessing that it's some kind of train wreck dark ride.
  14. From my own personal experience, my sister and I were still able to identify the Looney Tunes characters back in the 2000's at a certain extent. However, I honestly don't know about some of the more "minor" characters. I'm also pretty certain that some little kids can at least identify Bugs Bunny or something. It's kind of like the same thing with the Peanuts characters, but if the long line in the meet-and-greet area at Knott's says anything, I'm not sure what does. Plus, there's the Peanuts movie coming soon, so that should introduce more youngsters to the universe of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and all the other characters.
  15. I wish I was at a dead Knott's. More rides on Xcelerator for me! These are some pretty nice photos of an empty Knott's. I'm not familiar with amusement park crowds during certain times of the year, so can someone fill me up on why this park was so quiet?
  16. That's incredibly false. The person below me is sick of all of these people who post back to back to back. Ugh.
  17. Right. Social media is actually a great way to communicate with friends. I use Google+ to chat with my real friends, as well as post a post every now and then if I feel like it. However, if used improperly, I can see why parents are saying that social media is "dangerous".
  18. False. The person below is at somewhere besides their house right now.
  19. "Attention guests waiting in line, the park will be closed in five minutes," says the Pony Express ride operator on August 16, 2014. At Knott's, when the park was about to close for the night, my sister and I decide on what last ride we should ride on. One time, it was Linus Launcher, and the next time, we took a ride on the bumper cars before getting a ride on Pony. After this, we take the hike back to the entrance, seeing the lights of Camp Snoopy being shut off, and all of those guests flooding the exit. Then, we just go to sleep at the hotel.
  20. -Opened in 2000 -Was the world's tallest coaster until 2010 when Intimidator 305 opened. -The original Morgan trains were replaced by B&M ones in 2012(?) Next, Corkscrew (Cedar Point).
  21. Green Lantern at Magic Mountain. Premier Rides shuttle coaster
  22. Why would Knott's get rid of Pony Express? There's nothing wrong with the coaster, it's compact, and it's actually quite fun. The fact that I could "ride" a horse speeding down the track seems pretty cool. Plus, Pony is still quite popular. Oh, and get rid of that piece of junk called Boomerang. Please.
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