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  1. As an Architecture student, my biggest passions are related to Theme Parks and how these become projects that develop themselves with strategic planning. Amusement / Theme Parks, Roller Coasters and Flat Rides can be interesting bodies of work made by engineers and architects: Parks are like puzzles, and their blueprints reveal the conflict between the rides, green spaces, mantainance buildings, offices and the whole terrain. I'm making this thread hoping we can all share blueprints and plans Here I'll post some of the new Fantasilandia (my home park) relocation project for 2022 - 2023
  2. Whoa , how come I never knew about this?! It's awesome! By far the best topic I've seen in a while. I love this!
  3. Mhmm well there's a Vekoma SLC, Boomerang and MIne Train (same model as Calamity Mine, not as much themed). Honestly I don't know which one is better I think I'll have to stay with the Mine Train. Fantasilandia: 1.- Tren Minero (Mine Train) 2.- Boomerang 3.- Raptor (SLC) 4.- Wild Mouse (Zamperla) 5.- Dragon (Zamperla Double Helix Powered) Kinda sad.
  4. YES! It think that Electric Love is my favorite track for 2016! Electric Love, American Money and The Emotion are my favorite tracks from him. His debut album Dopamine is pretty good btw
  5. ^^^Yes! I've been waiting for a long time to see a new Vekoma Looper, don't know why. I hope it'll get in construction soon
  6. Does anyone know BØRNS? He's amazing!
  7. Well, I'm going to talk about Lana Del Rey, maybe you've heard her before (maybe her Born To Die album, which was a big hit on the web, or her terrible SNL performace, etc.), I don't know how much airplay or recognition is getting worldwide now. Obviously I started listening to her popular songs of the Born To Die, and thought her music was depressive. But last year I listened to her other works and now I consider myself as a fan. Her lyrics talk about broken relationships, drugs, sex, and the American Dream. Yes, most of her music is sad, but I don't find it depressive at all. Well, her
  8. ^^That guy is awesome, you should see his RCT3 videos. He has a lot of creativity, on Coaster Planet he built an Alpine Village and a Mainstreet made entirely of Pirate scenery. He really shows how easily you can blend scenery and create new things.
  9. Totally agree. Lift hills suck on this game, it'd be nice to see like a pre-formed lift hill that you can adjust the angle of it and the length
  10. The new coaster is finished and it'll be opened to public on December/January. It's already been tested with people and seems like a fun coaster for the family The boomerang coaster opened on Halloween with brand new vekoma cars. Here there are some videos [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Looks like a nice addition for the park. I know it's not completely finished yet but they could have put more theming on it, they just kept the theming of Ratanga Junction. We don't have big coasters here so you shouldn't be surprised if you think they're screaming a lot in the video [youtu_be] [/
  11. The last car detached when they where going into the loop backwards but the rest of the train stopped suddenly with the Emergency Brakes, it wast weird because the last car made the whole ride backwards with no problem
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