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  1. I'm not sure if this counts or not, but I'll just post it here. At the Hilton Hawaiian Village, there's a pool that has a few basic water slides. Two of them do not work, but the two that do are decently thrilling. There's one slide that "transports" guests from one area of the pool to the other, and it is awful. The slide doesn't work. There's just water from the pool that is flowing down the tube. Second, I really don't see why a slide like this is necessary. Sure, the whole property is absolutely fantastic, but this small, minuscule, and useless waterslide should not exist. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the slide, but if you look it up, you might be able to find it.
  2. Last year at Knott's. They were the morning ride ops for La Revolucion, and they were simply great. When was the last time you checked any social network?
  3. Wow, this water park actually seems pretty cool. I really want to check it out someday.
  4. True, and I didn't like it. The person below me has been to all Cedar Fair parks that are currently operating.
  5. Please don't bump threads. Most of the parks here in the "Roller Coaster Games, Models, and Other Randomness" forum are new parks. These parks are completely original, and are not affiliated with any amusement park company whatsoever. There are a few recreations, but otherwise, all of these parks are just files on a user's hard drive.
  6. Maybe they will be serving Starbucks coffee along with Knott's own pastries? Anything could happen.
  7. Well, classics for a new decade? I like that. It's nice that the good ol' Rotor is back, and The Whip seems like a great addition, and it should really be popular for the families. This is one of the best RCT3 parks started in 2014, and that's an achievement.
  8. Great, Valley Hills is back in business. Can't wait for the next one!
  9. If the Starbucks will be coming to Knott's, I'll take a green tea frappuccino, please. I'm sure that this location would be popular during the long, hot days at Knott's. If there were no jacked up prices, it would be even better.
  10. *cough* The Sims 4 *cough* Anyways, RCTW looks cool. I'm probably going to stick with RCT3, though. I mean, some of the things look cool so far, but I can have a very similar experience with RCT3. There's no need to update unless a few expansion packs are released.
  11. Wow. This coaster looks stunning. There's so many elements, and that curved lift hill should really build up the anticipation. However, there's just a very long wait. I know that it's the first of its kind, but 2017 is a long time. I wish that the Polercoaster in Vegas wasn't canceled, but Florida can have all they want.
  12. I can't explain how stupid this comment is. Really? It's still going to be the tallest in the world.
  13. Starbucks? This seems, well, uninteresting. At least it's not Panda Express at the Ghost Town area.
  14. No. Have you ever been on a plane this year?
  15. I really don't know how you think that the good old vertical loop is going away just because one manufacturer has yet to include them on their coasters. Like someone else said on this topic, there was YOLOcoaster which was built last year, and it has a gigantic vertical loop along with a top hat! Plus, the GP still loves loops very much (with the exception of kids who think it's "unsafe"), and I do too. Montezooma's Revenge has aged beautifully, and the vertical loop on Silver Bullet ended a period of boringness. So, no. Vertical loops aren't going anywhere. They will most likely to remain an integral part of many coasters for many, many years to come.
  16. Those are some great points there. This is a new Knott's, and I've loved this park ever since my first visit back in '09. It's a wonderful family style park, and it's better than Disney in my opinion. The new Calico Mine Ride looks gorgeous, and the Timber Mountain Log Ride is just plain fun. And, while I wish I was able to visit the old Knott's, today's version is probably just as great.
  17. GhostRider. Sure, it's pretty rough, but the ride is good as is. Perhaps some Toppler Track would help.
  18. I looked at your age and lol'd. It needed to go. The Roaring 20's has been dead since they ripped out the soap box racers. This will make theme and show more consistant (hopefully) I've heard that Knott's was an excellent family park back before Cedar Fair purchased the property, which is why I liked that old sign back in my last visit. The Boardwalk right now is a nice area. Xcelerator is just plain awesome, Coast Rider is fun, and the flats are all pretty great. However, I do have to agree that the area near the bumper cars was a bit strange. Pavement? That doesn't really scream "boardwalk". The only thing that needs to go is Boomerang. Get rid of that piece of junk, and I'll be happy!
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