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  1. This. It's a roller coaster. I'm glad to that there are a HUGE variety of coasters. Everyone has DIFFERENT opinions and we MUST respect each other's opinions. Different people and different opinions make this hobby fun.
  2. I saw somewhere that Carowinds is not going to make Vortex a floorless. They like it the way it is. Plus, the costs vs ROI wouldn't be worth it since it is a shorter stand-up vs Mantis.
  3. Why are you assuming Wicked Cyclone will be open by then? It's a Six Flags project, expect delays. SFNE just out media day invites for May 20th, so I'd except it open by Memorial Day.
  4. It's probably best not to read any comments on TPR's Facebook or YouTube. (my honest opinion)
  5. At the North Carolina Welcome Center, they have these hotel coupon books. Whenever you get tried, get off an exit and see if you find a hotel off that exit. Works every time for me.
  6. I like the fact that all of the Six Flags parks are doing small improvements this year. Small things can make a visit go great!
  7. Verdict on this whole debate: Fury 325 > Millennium Force. Go ahead and hate me. Also, the park's baked pasta is the best park food I've ever had. I'm glad that Cedar Fair has begun placing an emphasis on food. EDIT: Also, I happened to see on Thunder Road a bunch of people marking stuff under Thunder Road and in the parking lot next to it. Let the rumors begin!
  8. At least this didn't turn into the NTAG incident again with all those fake reports. Thank god the park handled this professionally. Why has this weekend been a bad start for the parks? Emergency evacuations, ride closures, one train ops, etc.
  9. Rode Fury 325 today for the first time. The ride is THE BEST B&M built. Smooth, forceful, and filled with airtime. It's a coaster that can be re-ridden several times with no issues, and still is interesting. Carowinds asked for a giga, and this is what they got. The GP and coaster enthusiasts will love it at the same time. The airtime almost forces you against the lap bar, and I like that fact. The length, speed, height, drop in Fury 325 is what I want in a coaster. Fury 325 is my #1 coaster.
  10. From all my Facebook friends, the line's going out to the Scrambler, but it's going VERY fast. I'll see how Fury is Sunday with my GP coworkers.
  11. Dave Phillips (VP Marketing and Sales) tweeted out this picture of a steel part. Looks like Canada's Wonderland is adding a SlingShot for 2015. Source: Dave Phillips via Twitter
  12. Man, that just looks SWEET! The ride can be seen everywhere.
  13. Not to derail this into the Carowinds thread, it seems like it will happen even though Fury's media day crowds are way less. Tony actually posted a photo today showing a TON (including Matt Outimet) of Cedar Fair management riding Fury 325.
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