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  1. Are there any updates for Voyage to the Iron Reef? The last thing I remembered is the old Roaring 20's sign being removed, and that's it.
  2. True, not that I know what those are... The person below me is in a mid-life crisis.
  3. If I'm a single rider, I wait. If I'm with my sister, I talk about the coaster or flat we were about to ride on and try to make her stay in line. If I'm with my dad, I tell him lies about the coaster we were about to ride. For example, I said that GhostRider was a "smooth" coaster, but the placebo effect didn't really work out.
  4. Unless you're in a magnet middle school that teaches Algebra 1 and has a teacher that assigns project after project, I don't see a problem. One hour is nothing, really. I really hate those people on TRP who post just for the sake of posting. I'm sure all of you are guilty of this, but there are just these some users that clog those forum games and such.
  5. Although some argue that this is one of the smoother Arrow coasters, Canyon Blaster was a nightmare. Maybe it was because I was a bit short. Maybe it was because I sat at the wrong seat. It doesn't matter. I hated the headbanging on this thing, and if this starts a trend, I don't want it to continue.
  6. Well, that's pretty disappointing, especially considering that this park was actually quite good. However, I do understand that people have to deal with personal issues. What I will say about the park is that you gave out some pretty big spoilers there. Maybe we'll see a CCI woodie, or maybe we'll see an innovative coaster. There's lots of potential!
  7. Right now, gas is quite "cheap" in Las Vegas. It's around $2.50 a gallon, and that can actually save drivers dozens of dollars if you think about it. The last time I posted on this thread, it was around $3.25.
  8. Perhaps there is a "magic" seat? Maybe the back rows are the sweet spots...
  9. Well, RCT3 is a pretty old game, so it doesn't require much resources. However, when you use tons of CS sets, it can start to get sluggish and eventually. I think there are apps that allow older applications to use more RAM, so that the game can use more resources to load all of those sets. Don't quote me, however, as I have never experienced this problem before.
  10. Both are owned by American companies. Knott's biscuits and oatmeal
  11. There's supposed to be onboard sound on El Loco? I recall seeing what looked like speakers, but I didn't think much about them.
  12. Unpleasant Surprise - Canyon Blaster (Adventuredome) I was looking forward to adding three brand new credits to my coaster count, and one of them was this Arrow loop-screw. It seemed innocent enough. TPR's POV video made the ride look fun, and the coaster itself looked beautiful. What could go wrong? Everything. I was on the front row, and even before the train reached the lift hill, my head banged the restraints. It's all a headbanging fest from there, and it's not fun at all. At the end, my head was hurting, and I think I recalled someone sitting behind me say, "This was awesome!" If this says something about the real Arrow coasters, I can't imagine what the Chinese knockoffs would be like.
  13. -Opened in 1996 (?), closed 2014. -Was Cedar Point's second B&M coaster. -Currently being converted to Rougarou floorless coaster. Next, Montezooma's Revenge
  14. First of all, I apologize for the lack of updates during the month of November. However, Topaz Park is now back for now. It is now 1987, and 4est 4 Kidz just opened up. Here's how this new area is like from one person's perspective! ----- June 1987 Julia Stewart, General Public While driving down the I-80 on my way to Vegas, I saw a few signs advertising Topaz Park. It seemed like a nice place to visit, so I left the freeway and entered the small town of Topaz, Utah. I had my brand new camera with me, so it was a perfect opportunity to test it out! Once I entered the park, I noticed this tower thingy. There's no way I would ride that thing! It looked quite dangerous, and the tower could fall at any moment. This Rotor thing was closed. Why? Is it because someone died on that thing? I started to have some bad feelings. This was the brown roller coaster, and it was horrible. There's only a lap bar, with no seatbelts. Plus, there's a loop! What if someone just flew off! This was a worm coaster. Lame. I'm not sure what this building was, and I didn't want to know. Why are there so many kiddie rides at this park? There needs to be more for adults to do! I didn't ride this swing thing. The chain could just snap off and kill someone! This was my first time going to any rides park, and it will be my last. The rides looked horribly dangerous! I had to leave the park early because I was so disgusted. Oh, and did I mention the $20 admission! What a ripoff! Topaz Park, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  15. There was some pretty thick fog in Vegas a few days ago. Visibility was very low, and even on the I-15, some of the hotels were unrecognizable. Other than that, Vegas will continue to have some average weather.
  16. -Opened in 2002 -Was the first ever hydraulically launched coaster, ever. -Located at Knott's Berry Farm. Next: Son of Beast
  17. I like it! While the coaster itself looks quite nice, the surroundings really make it stand out. The terrain work is gorgeous, the landscaping is beautiful, and I love the rustic look of the buildings. Keep it up!
  18. After reading through this park and looking at the pictures, I would like to say this. meh I know that you only started playing RCT3 in August, but this park needs some work. The paths and such are lacking borders and fences. These two things are minor details, but they really make a park pop out. I see that you have path borders for the grand fountain, but that's really not enough. Second, there are some problems with the path covers. Why are some of the queue lines not covered, while all of the main paths are? If you are going to use path covers, use them in all paths, no matter what. Finally, there are several places that just look "ugly". For example, Windseeker. Why is there a fence surrounding the ride, yet there's still the asphalt sticking beyond the perimeter. However, I would like to say that the custom rides are pretty nice. The log flume has a nice layout, and the woodie looks quite fun. However, why is there a launched wing coaster in 2012? Wing coasters from B&M were not that common back then, nevertheless a launched one. I'm guessing that this is a Cedar Fair park, due to the presence of Windseeker. This park has plenty of potential, but it could be better. If you fix some of these issues, I'm sure that your park will look a whole lot better. Try to make some touchups to the park, and I'm sure that this will be the "next big thing". Oh, and I'm wondering why these images are so tiny. Images with an 800x600 resolution works best, and anything smaller will really make looking at them a struggle.
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