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  1. First Coaster - ??? First Steel Coaster - ??? First Wooden Coaster - GhostRider First coaster with height requirement over 48'' - Jaguar! First inverting coaster - Montezooma's Revenge First coaster with multiple inversions - Boomerang (Knott's Berry Farm) First launched coaster - Montezooma's Revenge (???) First inverted coaster - Silver Bullet First Arrow Dynamics - Matterhorn Bobsleds First Vekoma - that kiddie coaster in Disneyland First Intamin - Xcelerator First B&M - Silver Bullet First S&S - El Loco (Adventuredome) First Mack - Sierra Sidewinder First Zamperla - Pony Express First Zierer - Jaguar! Favorite Steel - Xcelerator Favorite Wood - GhostRider Favorite inverting coaster - El Loco (Adventuredome)
  2. After finally making a visit to this park, here are some of my critiques on some of the rides. Disk'o - It's a fun flat that allows for some moments of air. I liked it, and it was my sister's favorite ride at the dome. SlingShot (or whatever the drop tower is called) - I think that an S&S drop tower would be better. This was just too peaceful. Miner Mike - It's a standard kiddie coaster that's also a bit rough. If you are still short enough to ride, by all means, get the credit! Chaos - Wow. This flat was just insane, and I'm glad I rode one of these rare rides. However, not all of the cars were running. El Loco - This was my first ever S&S coaster, and it was a great one. It's a really fun ride, and while it's not the smoothest coaster ever, El Loco at the Adventuredome is worth the wait. The first drop was excellent, and everything else was twisted and fun. I loved it. Canyon Blaster - From one good coaster to a horrible one. Although there were new trains, the headbanging was very prominent. I was exclaiming "ouch", and my head was in pain after riding this coaster. It's a shame too, because Canyon Blaster looks quite beautiful. Canyon Cars - You call this "bumper cars"? The arena was quite small, and there was controlled traffic. Plus, operations could have been better. Did I enjoy my visit? Absolutely. Would I force my parents to come here again? Maybe not in a few years. Although there is a pretty decent selection of rides, there's really nothing that makes me want to come back. I'll post a more in-depth report later on.
  3. Favorite flat? I would say that my favorite flat ride is the S&S Turbo Drop (is that what you call the drop tower that forcefully drops riders down?). It's incredibly forceful during the initial drop, and the rest of the ride is tame, but still quite fun.
  4. Favorite (and only) B&M - Silver Bullet Favorite (and only) Intamin - Xcelerator
  5. I think I started loving coasters at 10. We were at our Knott's summer vacation. I really wanted to ride GhostRider, but it was closed for maintenance. However, I took my first ride on Montezooma's Revenge and my first (and last) ride on Perilous Plunge. Oh, it was good fun. Now, I just wanted to ride more coasters!
  6. Years ago. When was the last time you went to an airport?
  7. Ah, it's one of those older parks, which is something I don't see often here on TPR. Although the monochrome colors don't really give much detail, I can say that this park has lots of great potential. Keep it up!
  8. A few days ago, I guess? When was the last time you did something productive?
  9. You know, this should probably be moved to the "Random" area. Okay, now for the facts on top of my head. -Opened in the mid-1980's. -Manufactured by TOGO. -Only operating TOGO stand-up coaster left operating in the US. Next, Canyon Blaster at The Adventuredome
  10. That's an easy one for me. Boomerang at Knott's Sure, GhostRider is rough, but it gives a fairly enjoyable ride. Boomerang, on the other hand, is not enjoyable and I just cannot explain the headbanging. This may change later, as I ride my first Arrow corkscrew-style coaster this Saturday.
  11. Me: Chromecast Seagate 5 TB external hard drive A burger from a food truck Family: Jackets Crocs A variety of Costco items Pretzels from Auntie Anne's
  12. Oh, and how about the Miner Mike credit? I'm still short enough to ride that kiddie coaster, so is it worth it?
  13. All right! My family will be going to the Adventuredome this Saturday, and I need a little bit of help. Here's the schedule. I believe that we will arrive at the park at around three, and we have a reservation at a restaurant at the Fashion Show Mall at 7 PM. This will give me around three hours. Is this sufficient? I want to ride El Loco, Canyon Blaster, and some of the flats, so what rides should I prioritize? How should I spend my time? Now, I'm just going to give a few more details. -Although this is my home park, I probably will not be able to come back in a few years. For some reason, my family really loves to go to Knott's every summer (which is totally fine), and they don't want my sister and I to "waste" money. -The main reason for this visit is to experience some new rides, like El Loco. I will be taking some pictures and try to "embrace" the park, but it's rides first, environment second. -My sister and I will have a full day wristband, while my parents will just do nothing. -Keep in mind that this is my first time visiting this park in years, and I barely remember a thing about this park. Any help is appreciated, even the useless advice.
  14. It's amazing that the sea serpent shuttle coaster in RCT3 actually existed. Who knew?
  15. Almost never. My home park is the Adventuredome in Vegas, and I have never been there in around five or six years. However, now that El Loco opened up, I will be taking a visit with my sister before the year ends.
  16. False. The person below me has made a visit to Vegas for whatever reason.
  17. I believe around Sunday? When was the last time you went to a school for any reason?
  18. ^ What? < Is procrastinating right now. V Is a noobish gamer.
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