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  1. If this is true, it kind of surprises me there isn't a secondary safety system in place to prevent this type of harness failure. I know many enthusiast feel seat belts are not needed on harnessed rides, but the simple truth is they help prevent a full failure. And in this case it may have prevented the additional victims from falling out of their seats after the carriage fell from the ride. A "crotch belt" that would run from the restraint to the seat would probably be sufficient for this but who knows why they decided not to install them. Pretty sure that KMG pendulums do not come with belts… At least the ones I've been on. Maybe we will be seeing them added after this incident? Wasn't this a problem a few years ago with the move-it/spin-out rides? I seem to remember hearing about a similar incident on one of those a few years ago
  2. It does suck that hard… That's the sad truth. However, the B&M Invert makes the trip worth it, if you haven't been on one before. The coaster is easily one of the better rides in the country.
  3. It sucks. ...Who am I kidding? This looks absolutely incredible! Good to see other manufacturers besides intamin making great stuff lately. More chances to see something of this calibre built in North America, seeing as intamin hasn't been too active here lately.
  4. Any more word on land clearing/activity in the back of the park near whitewater canyon/sky rider's old spot?
  5. My thoughts exactly. However, I could also see Canada's Wonderland getting the prototype ride. The park removed their TOGO stand-up a few years ago, announcing that they were making room for a "large construction project", and there's been more land clearing/activity in that area of the park. Combine that with the fact Wonderland's been used as a "test park" for Cedar Fair, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the RMC raptor/T-Rex head to Knott's or Canada's Wonderland.
  6. I mean, it was a Giovanola design and some of those employees split to create B&M, so the designs are pretty similar. So I'm sure they could convert it if they really wanted to. But I see them replacing it with a new coaster of sorts. Maybe a new woodie or an S&S Freefly coaster. I could totally see them using the Total Mayhem name and paint scheme. I think it would look good next to Titan. Would love to see a freefly at the park.
  7. Yeah I highly doubt Cedar Fair will build a $20+ million wing coaster in the same year as two RMCs and a possible Intamin impulse (CGA). #ZizIsNothingMoreThanARumor Its not cedar fair that decides, its the individual parks! How do we know the impulse isn't used/cheap?
  8. Don't quote me on this being fact, but the urban legend I always hear is that Disney always lists themselves as the manufacturer of their rides. If that's the case, they can make their own rules. Other parks are bound by what the manufacturers themselves say has to be done. If that were the case, then we'd see the same alterations across all rides instead of on a park-to-park or chain basis and the same exact safety procedures everywhere in the world. See also: Cedar Fair & Seat belts, European parks use of "self restraint check". On the topic of. Cedar fair... Why did they add seat belts i their htpera while SF (the one who had the accident that likely caused it) does not?
  9. Much better. The hard truth is fun. My point exactly. Guests won't care. Shockwave is likely here to stay.
  10. Most guests probably won't care. This is the park with a B&M hyper and giga after all. There's also la ronde a few hours away, with both an SLC and B&M invert. Speaking of the new ride, has any testing footage/photos of Soaring Timbers surfaced yet?
  11. Fluffy Fluffy Snakes Since fluffy, fluffy bunnies are stuffed with medicine and goo, what are fluffy fluffy snakes stuffed with? Lockers
  12. I still don't understand why this is such a popular guess. Verbolten pulls into the drop track quickly, drops, then launches. It fits perfectly in the ride. What would be the point of going through an entire brake run, going into the shed, dropping 10 feet only to be slowly raised back up, then slowly roll into the station? I've heard that instead of a drop track, it'll be a rocking/rotating track. I don't know how credible this information is (heard it on a coaster podcast), but if it's true, that would definitely be unique.
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