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  1. I welcome you back to Springfield park, where I showed off the main entrance area and the Corkscrew. But it's time to showcase the other great attractions that dot the landscape in opening year 1976. Here is the station that houses the mine train roller coaster Gold Digger. The majority of the roller coaster takes place in the woods, where riders encounter airtime hills, and a western town. It's the perfect roller coaster for guests not brave enough to ride Corkscrew. A look towards the many trees from the exit. Lots of room to expand in the future. Like you saw before, the parachu
  2. The most popular ride of Springfield Park is the Corkscrew made by Arrow Dynamics. Guests walk under the bridge where the train passes to reach Corkscrew. Corkscrew is the largest attraction in the park, and undeniably the most popular one, featuring 3 inversions. A picture of Corkscrew's station taken from the queue. Both corkscrews are over path. One for the main, and the other over the exit. Riders on corkscrew first take a U turn out of the station into the lift hill which takes riders to a height of 80ft. The train makes its first drop into the loop. The most unique as
  3. Hello everyone, you might remember me for creating Appleton Amusement Park a few years ago. I've returned to the world of RCT3 making with a new park, Springfield Park. I've really stepped up my abilities in the game and I'm excited to show everyone what I'll be working on for a while. The catch is that, unlike my last park, I'm not going to include a story line. Personally I'd rather have anyone viewing the park to appreciate it by itself without any kind of characters or plot. With that said, enjoy the opening year of 1976. The park entrance and guest relations. Looking down on main
  4. Wooden roller coasters were very dominant back in their day, and still remain a strong prevalence among today's ACE (American Coasters Enthusiasts). Most roller coasters from the early 20th century had a "twisted" layout to them, similar to Appleton Amusement Park's "The Rocket." Starting in the early 60's however, a new layout was becoming popular, the "Out-and-back" type. These roller coasters would go through a series of hills in a straight line. Then the coaster would make a turnaround and head in the opposite direction back to the station. Appleton Amusement Park would pioneer this concep
  5. The 1950's were a mixed era for amusement parks. Some grew (Knott's Berry Farm) others opened (Disneyland) and most still faced low attendance. Appleton Amusement Park fixes this by continuing the trend of opening up new rides for the public. Appleton Amusement Park-1957 I came back here again after my first visit last year, hoping for anything new in the park since it re-opened. What I found there I'm sure shocked everybody! Myself included! The Wonderwheel is the new ride of 1957! The Wonderwheel replaces the parachute tower that was SBNO last year. The Wonderwheel stands a
  6. As mentioned before, amusement parks went into a serious period of decline. Due to the effects of the great depression and WWII, many amusement parks didn't see the crowds they once had in the past. Fortunately that changed in the mid-50's, when Disneyland opened in 1955. Because of the huge success of the park, it created a revived interest in the industry. Many imitation "Disneyland's" spread. Other amusement parks struggling from the previous decades would see how Disneyland worked and adapted to the model it was using. While other amusement parks were changing the way they were, amusement
  7. The Great Depression. The end to the old-fashioned amusement park. After the crash many amusement park owners found themselves with no more money to continue running the park, and thus, many of them across the country shut down and became abandoned. Some amusement parks still survive today, such as Kennywood and Hershey Park. While others like SteepleChase Park faced the wrecking ball due to the effects of the depression and WWII. Appleton Amusement Park might get lucky, maybe not. We'll have to see. Appleton Amusement Park-1933 Well it's been a while hasn't it? I know that I haven't g
  8. During this time investment in amusement parks was still high, despite some cracks showing in the U.S. economy. To be fair it's understandable if no one could expect a crash during a time of prosperity and endless fortunes. Sadly however, it did crash. This would conclude the golden age of theme parks (1920-1929) and signal tough times. Appleton Amusement Park-1929 This season we decided that after the success of The Rocket, we would invest in improvements in the park. Why don't we take a look and see what management added in 1929? The brand new Parking Lot of 1929! The Parking L
  9. Hello once again! Let me explain the times as of now. The wooden roller coaster became a staple in the amusement park industry at this time period. Roller coasters like the Thunderbolt (1925) and Cyclone (1927) Made crowds roar with excitement at these new thrill rides. Soon after the success of these 2 roller coasters at Coney Island, other amusement parks saw how profitable the rides were to them and began to build wooden roller coasters of their own, trying to replicate the wily popular rides at Coney Island. Appleton Amusement Park-1928 When I got to the park today, I expected
  10. I was at the park today and saw this: The Giant Slide is gone! This wooden fence now blocks guests from the former entrance to The Giant Slide. I wonder what will take its spot?
  11. 1926-Appleton Amusement Park Hello once again! Let me bring you up to date here at Appleton Amusement Park. Since the opening of The Dodgers 3 years ago our profits have shot through the roof! Because of our sudden growth we have prepared and expanded for the 1926 season, giving the public not 1, but 2 rides! Let's see whats in store! Here we are for the 1926 season! This is our newest attraction, "The Towering Parachutes". This is another first-of-its-kind ride. It cost a fortune, but luckily we estimate that we'll be able to pay back the bank for the loan we took out for this thing
  12. 1923-Appleton Amusement Park Hello once again! I know it's been a while but like I said before; not much happens here in Appleton. But that changes today, for management has finally installed a new ride! I for one however have no idea what it is, nor does the public, for this is a first of its kind. I've heard management calls this new ride "bumper cars". They decided to call this ride "The Dodgers". Apparently the ride works like this: Riders get inside of these "bumper cars" and drive it around the floor to "bump" other people in the cars. I can imagine this being a fun ride for familie
  13. Thanks! The Carousel itself is in-game. The tent Is from Shy Guy's Circus Center 2
  14. Hello everybody! I've been playing RCT3 for a long time now and I figured that I should join TPR and post a theme park here. Believe it or not this is part of my Theme Park project at my high school, and because of that whenever I post here there may be a few cases where I put Parenthetical Documentation (PD). This is because I need to show that I am using historical context in my project. *Edit* I've decided that to put more historical context into the thread, I'm going to talk about the history of the amusement park industry before I get into the story line, and explain how the changes in Ap
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