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  1. Gee, I haven't been caught up with this park in a while. It seems like Cedar Fair added some new rides and other stuff, which makes the park seem new yet stay the same. On a side note, I wonder why they decided to install the Valley Scream when VertiGo, a similar ride at Cedar Point, collapsed. Maybe it's because the towers are shorter?
  2. It appears that Sarah had a nice trip! The park looks wonderful as usual. I like the work that you did with Coasters restaurant. Not the best, but still very good. Keep it up!
  3. Thanks for the nice comments! Topaz Whip was experiencing some minor technical issues. Beehive and the go-karts were closed because, well, you'll see. This park is intended for the locals, which explains the small size at the moment. However, the Boardwalk is far from over. Topaz Park will no longer be for the locals in the coming years. I'm glad that you like my park. The paddle boats sound like a great idea. It would compliment the area nicely. However, this might come at a later date. ---- October 1978 Craig Spencer, Park Manager Hello. This is Craig Spencer, manager of Topaz Park. As some of you may know, Beehive, our wooden coaster, was closed down at the beginning of August of this year. The go-karts were also closed down. These rides won't go anywhere anytime soon. I have hired John Walks, a person that specializes in "thrills". John wanted Beehive to have its track layout changed, even though the coaster was only nine years old. He said that this new layout will attract more people. A sketch of the re-designed coaster is below. This new track layout includes a higher drop, more hills, and a re-designed helix. I think the GP will love the re-designed coaster, now known as Twisted Beehive. Also coming next year is the Boardwalk Eats restaurant, where our guests can munch on a delicious meal of burgers and fries. I cannot wait for the public's reaction to Twisted Beehive. It's going to be great. ---- Notes I would like to give credit of Twisted Beehive to JonnyRCT3, creator of Valley Hills. He managed to re-design the ride while still keeping the same general layout. Do check the topic out, because the park is great and the story is good.
  4. The video had tons of lag. However, it is nice to be able to see your park in video format. Maybe you can make more of these if you really want to.
  5. The Boardwalk will be quite amazing. I have received the track file. Thanks! ---- August 1978 Sandra Stevens, Mother I have been working at the Salt Lake Nursery for about two years. This year, they entered a partnership with this place called "Topaz Park". There is a ticket lying on my desk that's about to expire. I grabbed my 10 year old son, Jack, and told him about it. Apparently, Jack knew about this place. His classmates were talking about the park all the time. Jack was eager to go to the park. I agreed to spend part of my Saturday at Topaz Park. The day before, I purchased a child's ticket from the park. When I showed my ticket to the lady, she was questioning the authenticity of my ticket. This was a free admission ticket, so I understood. However, the park gave the ticket to me. The lady decided to call the park manager. He said that the ticket was real and allowed us to pass through. Once we passed the gates, I was amazed on how nice this park looked! The Salt Lake Nursery must have done a fine job. Just after I took this photo, however, Jack tugged me. He wanted to ride on the go-karts. Unfortunately for him, the go-karts were closed. No reason was given. Jack then wanted to ride the wooden coaster. Well, what do you know? The roller coaster is also closed. Again, no reason was given. This is a bad start. As we were walking, I found this little cafe. I ordered a frappe drink while Jack ordered a chocolate chip cookie. The frappe was delicious! There's just the right amount of coffee and chocolate. Jack noticed this ride as we walked by. It was the rotor. We both had no idea what it was, so we just got on. It was a bad idea. This ride spins you around and the floor drops. You're sticking on the wall! Jack said that it was awesome, while I became dizzy. This ride was broken. Once again, no reason was specified. Why doesn't this park tell us any reasons? As we walked to the end, Jack noticed this roller coaster. He said that there was a loop. Since I don't want to be any more dizzy, I just passed. This ride was Skydive. You basically ride on a basket to the top. Beautiful views, but I'm concerned about my safety. As day turned into night, Jack wanted to go to the boardwalk. These were the games. He wanted to play them so badly, but I didn't allow him to. Those things make you waste money. The other thing in the boardwalk was the trampoline. We both passed. In the end, this area was disappointing and was a waste of time. This was one final shot of Skydive. Overall, this park was a disappointment. Some rides were closed and others just sucked. However, as we walked through, a man approached us. He was the park manager. He apologized about the ticket fiasco situation. I then started to complain about things, like the closed rides. The manager was very calm and explained everything. After this, he gave me this postcard. It wasn't just a postcard, though. There were coupons for park tickets. That was nice. I might give this place another try, but I won't guaranteed it.
  6. Thank you! The boardwalk is far from complete. I will add a restaurant, more flats, and more games.
  7. This park looks decent. I especially love the wooden coaster. However, I would recommend that you rename a peep "David Walsh" and then press Ctrl-U on your keyboard. The GUI should be removed. Your pictures will look nicer. Press Ctrl-U again to make the GUI re-appear. Great start!
  8. The boardwalk area should be quite nice. And yes, I replied to your message. ---- May 1978 Craig Spencer, Park Manager Hello. This is Craig Spencer, manager of Topaz Park. During the off-season, our park has partnered up with Salt Lake Nursery, the same nursery that provided us with the foliage upgrade last year. With this partnership, the Salt Lake Nursery will provide us with a variety of plants. In turn, we now provide free park tickets to those who work at the nursery. We also worked on the boardwalk during the off-season. Our construction crews are proud of their effort. I am quite excited to see the reactions from our guests. The Boardwalk won't open until June, but I have provided a sneak peek of the area. At the moment, the Boardwalk contains some midway games and a trampoline. The area is covered with wooden planks and nicely appointed with palm trees. These are the midway games. Some of them are the ring toss and bucket ball. If you win a game, you can earn a cool prize. This is the Topaz Trampoline. Kids and adults can bounce around and have fun. Some may even have a view of Lake Topaz. Here is the boardwalk itself. Guests can look over Lake Topaz and relax. Although this is a family park, some couples might find the boardwalk a romantic place. Once again, the Boardwalk will open next month. It can be accessed by entering the paths that were once blocked off. I will definitely be looking for guest feedback, since that is the only way your park can improve.
  9. Although I would want to replace the supports on the Schwarzkopf, I don't think that they will be any nicer than the Old Spice Support Replacer. Every time I try to apply custom supports, I fail. They just look ugly. As for the foliage, I think it looks acceptable. Your opinion is your opinion. The path fences, however, sounds like a great idea. They will add a touch of salt in the path and make things look nice and realistic. I will definitely add them in the next update.
  10. Ah, it's part of the story. When you think the park is doomed, Cedar Fair saved the day! What an excellent twist. Hopefully, the park will be less mainstream and more traditional. I'm loving this park!
  11. Wow, lots of feedback this time. At the moment, there are no food vendors that serve traditional amusement park foods. However, expect to see the Boardwalk Eats food court in a few years. I have added a variety of flowers and trees for this update, so there you go. As for Beehive, I could use some advice on how to remodel it. It was just a thoughtless coaster that came into my mind. I do appreciate the positive feedback for the Schwarzkopf coaster. Some trees have been added around The Rocky Mountain Elk. I'm sorry if you think that the foliage is monotonous and boring. However, I like to make things organized, hence the perfect lines. In this update, I tried to introduce some variety. ---- June 1977 Craig Spencer, Park Manager Hello. This is Craig Spencer, manager of Topaz Park. During the off-season, I hired the Salt Lake Nursery to improve the looks of our park. They added some new plants and trees. They also added park edges around the path, which makes them a little nicer. When our guests first walk in, they see the giant oak tree. The nursery added some bushes around the tree and stone borders. We added benches. The oak tree is now the perfect place for our guests to relax. As you can probably tell, the nursery has removed some of the pine trees and replaced them with bushes and flowers. It really adds some variety. We added benches and trash cans. Outside of our merry-go-round and Rotor, we added flowers and bushes. The flowers match with the paint job of the ride. Even though the rides look better, the merry-go-round is still unreliable. Some of our guests complained that our ferris wheel didn't give much of a view. To solve this, the nursery got rid of the trees and added bushes. This will hopefully improve views. For Skydive, the nursery removed the pine trees and added flowers, bushes, and even a pond. They also added some different trees around the area. Skydive is the first ride our guests will see, so we wanted it to look appealing. For the go-karts, I wanted some kind of checkerboard near the entrance. The nursery added some black and white tulips. It creates a nice checkerboard that I really like. Since we spend a lot of money on landscaping, we didn't add any new rides or attractions. Next year, however, the first phase of the Boardwalk project will open (hopefully). For now, we have created a new path.
  12. Thanks guys for the positive feedback! I will try to address the path issue in the 1977 update. ---- September 1976 Craig Spencer, Park Manager My name is Craig Spencer. I have been the manager here at Topaz Park since 1971. Since then, I have tried to make this small amusement park more noticeable by adding new rides and facilities. It's my day off today, so I decided to just walk around the park. This section of the park is where the restaurants and the souvenir shop is located. We plan to add path borders during the off-season in order to make things more appealing. This is the Alpine Cafe. It opened along with the park in 1961. I'm not trying to be biased, but the coffee here is excellent. It's too bad that there's not much of a crowd. This is Buffet U.S.A., a buffet restaurant serving typical American cuisine. Unfortunately, almost no one seems to be interested. It might be because it's a buffet and the food is mediocre at best. Hopefully, the buffet will serve better food in the future. It's a shame that there's not much people in the buffet. This was one of our park's big investments for this year, along with The Rocky Mountain Elk. The cashier at the deli counter said, "The only good thing about this job is being paid for doing nothing." Over here is the souvenir shop. It sells t-shirts, postcards, and other knick knacks. Moving on, this is an image of the path where most of the rides are. Again, path edges will be added during the off-season. This is our Rotor, one of Topaz Park's most popular rides. The tube inside the ride spins so fast that the riders stick to the wall because of the g-forces. It was built by Anglo Rotor Corporation and opened in 1973. Another popular ride here is the Topaz Whip. Riders are "whipped" around the shed in cars. It's a tame ride, but people seem to like it a lot. This ride was donated to us from another park. It opened here in 1974. This is our Merry-Go-Round. It's a pain in the butt for our maintenance personnel to service. The ride was built by our park and opened in 1961. It's been unreliable since then. This is our ferris wheel. It gives you some okay views of the park, but the pine trees block your view. This ride was built by the Eli Bridge Company and opened in 1965. After all of that walking, I went to a nearby airport. One of my partners was there. We were going to have a helicopter ride around the park. As we approached the park, we saw the Beehive roller coaster. It's a fun ride filled with twists and turns. It was built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and opened in 1969. There's also a go-kart ride, which opened at around the same time. This is The Rocky Mountain Elk, our new coaster for 1976. It's a new, state-of-the-art looping coaster. This ride was designed by both our ride manager and Anton Schwarzkopf. Although the Revolution at Magic Mountain opened first, we still have one of the first looping coasters in the west.\ As day turned into night, it started to rain. I snapped a picture of Skydive, our Vekoma parachute drop. It opened in 1974 and is one of our more popular rides. This is an old boardwalk. It was originally part of the old Lake Topaz facility. We plan to do something with this area over the next couple of years.
  13. This was a great park with a great story. Sad ending, though. Hope your next park is just as good!
  14. Hi there! My name is Kevin, aka YoshiCraft2011. This here is Topaz Park, a family park I have been working on using RCT3. Here's a quick navigation page, which acts as a great summary and, well, quick navigation. 1976 Russ Ewart's Trip Report (see below) Craig Spencer's Tour 1977 Foliage for '77 1978 Craig Spencer's Boardwalk Preview Sandra Stevens' Trip Report Twisted Beehive, Boardwalk Eats Announced 1979 Craig Spencer's New Additions Update Article from The Salt Lake Times 1980 Ride Teaser Another 1980 Ride Teaser Ocean: The Ride Announced, Buffet USA To Close 1980 Herbert Jere's Trip Report Craig Spencer's 1980 Tour Forest Market Announced, Ferris Wheel To Be Re-Located 1981 Mike Spencer's 1981 Preview Deven Ackerman's Trip Report 1982 Mike Spencer's 1982 Tour New Ride Details Leaked Sink!, Annual Pass Announced 1983 A Souvenir Booklet 1984 Ride Teaser Bumper Boats, Lake Topaz Twister, The Gull Announced 1984 Jack Stevens' Trip Report original first page contents ---- June 1976 Russ Ewart, Visitor I remember going to Topaz Park back when it opened in 1961. It was part of a day trip. I haven't been to the park ever since. After graduating college, one of my friends wanted me to go to Utah and visit the park once again. I was going to that area during a business trip, so I decided to spend a few hours there. I arrived at the park at around 4:30 P.M., noticing a different skyline. There were several rides I don't remember seeing. After parking my car, I paid the $14.99 admission fee. This is new to me. An information center is now here after you pass through the gates. There's information booths and an ATM. I find it very useful because I got a park map right after entering the park. However, it could be more attractive. The first ride I rode on was the Beehive. It's the big, wooden roller coaster. My friend said that it was the best ride in the park. Overall, it's a really great ride! Although it's a bit rough in some areas, the coaster had some great hills and banked turns. These were the go-karts. Now that I'm a grown man, these go-karts don't really appeal to me. I passed on this one. Soon, it started to become dark. Even though the park closes at midnight, I didn't want to stay for too long. This was the path that lead to most of the rides. The path was just concrete, but there were plenty of trees surrounding it. My map had an advertisement on the front advertising The Rocky Mountain Elk, which was their looping coaster. It sounded insane, so I had to ride it. This was the best thing I have ever rode on. It has lots of twists and turns, plenty of hills, and a loop. On top of that, one section goes through the loop. Definitely give it a try. After surviving that coaster, I decided to ride the Topaz Whip. It was an enjoyable ride! The ride was rather tame, but the cars were swinging around everywhere. It also seemed quite fast. Finally, I rode on Skydive. It's an excellent way to have a nice view of the park. Very nice indeed. This is the Alpine Cafe. I remember having some hot chocolate here back in '61. The interior is very relaxed. I ordered a cookie and some coffee. Both were very, very tasty. After a few hours of enjoying the park, it was time for me to get back to my hotel. Before I left, though, I grabbed this postcard from the souvenir shop.
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