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  1. Price is now $25 dollars per person so I'd assume it is going over great which is good for them. If I were anywhere close I'd totally do this. When we lived in the Midwest we did drive-thru displays all the time. (Not so common here in Colorado.) If this goes good hope to see it return in the future and at other parks. Six Flags might be on to something...
  2. Taking some getting use to but way better then other forum style out there that doesn't do pages at all. The clicking on the topic title taking you to the first unread post feature is fantastic as well.
  3. Don't worry, our local valley bus service has Veloci taken care of. The BRT service is called VelociRFTA. (RFTA being pronounced rafta.) That's all I could think of when I heard the coasters name.
  4. These are memberships... Not passes... If you had only read the message three above mine... ..you would of realized that was what I was referencing to. All I ask is read carefully, I didn't ask for no reason. Thanks coneyislandchris! I plugged in overtexas in the URL to confirm it's there as well and sure enough. Though I am curious if they will ever send out an email. Probably in December once everyone has renewed.
  5. Where you seeing this at? I have a Season Pass and no email. Granted I no longer see a expiration date on the app like it used to show so I am hopeful.
  6. Sorry for the belated reply, hadn't ventured out onto the main board for a couple weeks. Message has disappeared now. Thanks!
  7. Interesting, a few years ago (back when Valrvn opened) it was less then that. We rode it as two (I weigh about 150 and while I can't speak for the other person, he was less then 300) and it was a wild ride.
  8. Not surprising, WaterWorld didn't open either. Only park that is open in the state is Glenwood Caverns.
  9. I'll join in on the ranking fun. First and only time there was Valravn opening year (long live the boat) but will make it back again eventually. 1.) Maverick - By far the best. Everything I like in a coaster. 5.) Magnum XL-200 - Arrow pyramid hills for the win. 6.) Millennium Force - I'm on the over hyped train but considering what else I rode this is where it lives. 7.) Iron Dragon - I'm a sucker for these and while most is lackluster, the ending is redeeming. 8.) Valravn - In the back is where it's at. 9.) Rougarou - It packs a little more punch I feel then the standard sit downs, it helped the the trim was off on the first drop and brake run. 10.) Top Thrill Dragster - It's a one trick pony more then anything else but I didn't care for the front at the time. My mistake. Kinda Ka changed my mind. 11.) Corkscrew - I didn't find it terrible, the back car off the first drop is actually some seriously good ejector airtime other then that it's vanilla. 12.) Gemini - It would of been great if it was racing. But just felt drawn out. The jerk in the helix didn't help. 13.) Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Long live the Arrow mine train! I still need to write up my trip report from long ago but overall thoughts is that I found the park to be over hyped. Of all the parks I went to on that trip it would fall on the lower section for me.
  10. I mean New Zealand doesn't require nor recommend mask so maybe remove that from your rant if your trying to make a point. Anyway, this argument could go on and on and even so less political. (Especially when you post the same thing in other threads. That gets annoying.) Back on topic I was glad to see this park saved. It' s place I want to get to someday so I was glad to see it make a comeback. Sounds like they are being supported fairly well so I hope the can continue to make it until I can get out there though that doesn't appear to be an issue.
  11. Well, it's something at least. I'm still sad the Spongebob tour ended per-maturally.
  12. That's totally up to you. You knew going in that mask weren't mandatory so what did you think was going to happen? I've said this elsewhere but if you are truly worried about catching the virus, it's probably best not to go to an amusement park right now, even one with a mask requirement. I do agree if they have one they should be enforcing it but that isn't the case here. Anyway, it sounds people are really getting into the virtual queuing thing. I hope one of the positives that comes out of this is that it becomes more common place. If some park out in the middle of nowhere can do it, then others can too! (Still a regular standby line would be nice to have too.)
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