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  1. Yep, the top is the only way to get out, and they are pretty well recessed as well.
  2. Agree 120% Elissa, when I worked there I would never force a child on and would recommend quite the opposite if they were very scared. I would always explain the ride and we'd go from there. Park did open back up today. Something I find very interesting is that all evidence of the Mine Drop has been completely removed from the website. As well on Facebook nothing has been said. I get there isn't much to say but the radio silence really isn't the best PR move. A simple message both on Facebook say something like, "The park has reopened, at this time the Haunted Mine Drop will remain closed until further notice." Just flat out removing it from the site is just showing people you are trying to hide something and doesn't look good.
  3. Might of missed the post I talked about this in, but yes, there are cameras monitoring the ride including the top. (I want to say four in total if I remember right.) The argument then becomes when do you shut it down? There is plenty of squirming going on a regular basis so what's the line here? I would agree at some point you would see they are breaking free but it might be too late. The floor retracts within about five-ish seconds after the show sequence begins. At this point if you break free it's a straight fall. The ops can hit the emergency stop but it won't bring the floor back. That will have to be another button press and time. I can't see a requirement requiring the floor to be called immediately on the e-stop as that could lead to other serious consequences. I'm not sure the ops could of caught her in time, at least one person should have eyes on the cameras at all time. But trying to pick her out and seeing if she is really escaping would be hard to tell. Like I said, people get squirmy all the time. It also might have happened right at the drop in which case it would be impossible for ops to prevent. In this case they would watch in horror. In regards to Soaring Eagle's liability the waiver isn't a 100% clear and they could capitalize on that possibly. The full waiver is online FYI on the site so read up if you'd like. It will almost certainly clear the Caverns. (Read the seat belt especially.) Am I saying this is all alright if the park is found negligent? No, and I would like to think they would help pay but that opens a whole can of legal worms. One other thing that annoys me about some of these articles that are now popping up with this attorney is this: “What is the incentive for them to make sure you as a patron is going to be safe?” he said. “The answer is none. They have no incentive.” What an absolute load of B.S., at least for amusement parks. The incentive is that you don't have a park with a body count. Of course they want to be safe, who would go to a park that reported five deaths in a week? That statement is just a bunch of saltiness.
  4. Yes, this has been a thing since the first attractions opened in the mid 2000's. It was really mainly because of the Alpine Coaster but it makes logical sense to continue it to all future attractions. Waivers like this wouldn't be necessary if people could behave like descent humans and not sue someone because they ran around in laser tag (against the rules). It was funny because we'd get lawyers say occasionally it wouldn't hold up in court which it has. I do want to mention the waiver is only needed for the rides. You can ride the gondola and do the cave tours without a waiver. Anyway, people have started harassing the park of course despite the fact we have no conclusion reached. However evidence is starting to mount that she was trying to wiggle out. The family (whether they were told by a lawyer or know what happened and won't lie) haven't made a statement against the park. They do have a verified GoFundMe which is linked in the article I'm posting. https://www.postindependent.com/news/gofundme-set-up-for-family-of-child-who-died-at-glenwood-caverns-adventure-park/?__vfz=medium%3Dstandalone_top_pages
  5. More details here as well: https://www.postindependent.com/news/glenwood-caverns-haunted-mine-drop-passed-regulations-inspection-less-than-three-months-before-death-of-6-year-old/ So indeed they either climbed down the ladder or jogged the carriage down. Absolutely devastating for all parties involved. Based on preliminary findings would not be surprised to see the other Soaring Eagle drop towers closed until the investigation wraps. @SharkTums unfortunately this is a very real probability if the child was thin and short enough. With the plastic seating if enough struggle is given even with the belts super tight, it could happen in my opinion. If the ride operators did their due diligence checking both height (when I worked there that was a high priority obviously especially with all the families) and seat-belts then it will fall under Soaring Eagle and not having an appropriate height restriction. In the end this is all speculation of course. There is a camera feed that monitors the top and bottom so a conclusion will probably come quick. (And yes, the ops have this feed in-case something happens so they saw the event sadly as well.) Edit: Should also mention the ride has verification if the seat-belts are locked. This won't tell you if they are tight enough obviously but the ride sequence will not go if not buckled.
  6. How about we post the actual article? https://www.postindependent.com/news/fatality-reported-at-glenwood-caverns-adventure-park/ Based on the information the article provided saying employees rendered aid, she didn't fall out as they would have to do this from the top. There is difficult access from the top but one would figure this would be mentioned but who knows. Very possible medical condition. Either way this is horrible for everyone involved. Huge respect to the park for closing completely down for a couple days. This will be tough to process for everyone.
  7. Yep, my thoughts exactly. The real question is will they make the connection? I could see next year when people realize they don't work at other parks they back track and allow it but not willing to take the risk.
  8. I don't get that, at least at that price point. Sure they'd rather you pay monthly but I think they could turn this into a better thing and make MORE money if they reduced it into the 100's, say around $150. (I guess the idea still is people will forget and they'll get free money.) I'm sure me and Bert aren't the only ones who like to pay all up front for things like this. I do appreciate that it is at least an online option now, guessing they had people complain and thought this would solve it at least in their minds. Coming back to the LaRonde thing I spent over an hour on a chat trying to get an answer an their deal last week. We were about to figure it out then it disconnected me for inactivity while I was waiting, go figure. Going to try again later today.
  9. So has anyone verified then if you can buy the pass at La Ronde and not have to activate it there? Website has conflicting information.
  10. Can we give this man a cookie? Yes, this has been in the planning since I left the company five years ago. Originally planned for the cliff but it's just about impossible to shoehorn something off it like this. For anyone that can't really pick out where it is going to go pretty much right below the main building below the 4D Theater. The record claim is well, a much click baity sadly though it is an excellent addition regardless. Listen to people like coasterbill and get out here. Early June is a great time or if you want to hold off till after Labor Day the park is pretty quite. You might not want to come right now though unless you like a 6-7 hour drive. (Hopefully that mess will be cleaned up by Winter.)
  11. Price is now $25 dollars per person so I'd assume it is going over great which is good for them. If I were anywhere close I'd totally do this. When we lived in the Midwest we did drive-thru displays all the time. (Not so common here in Colorado.) If this goes good hope to see it return in the future and at other parks. Six Flags might be on to something...
  12. Taking some getting use to but way better then other forum style out there that doesn't do pages at all. The clicking on the topic title taking you to the first unread post feature is fantastic as well.
  13. Don't worry, our local valley bus service has Veloci taken care of. The BRT service is called VelociRFTA. (RFTA being pronounced rafta.) That's all I could think of when I heard the coasters name.
  14. These are memberships... Not passes... If you had only read the message three above mine... ..you would of realized that was what I was referencing to. All I ask is read carefully, I didn't ask for no reason. Thanks coneyislandchris! I plugged in overtexas in the URL to confirm it's there as well and sure enough. Though I am curious if they will ever send out an email. Probably in December once everyone has renewed.
  15. Where you seeing this at? I have a Season Pass and no email. Granted I no longer see a expiration date on the app like it used to show so I am hopeful.
  16. Sorry for the belated reply, hadn't ventured out onto the main board for a couple weeks. Message has disappeared now. Thanks!
  17. Interesting, a few years ago (back when Valrvn opened) it was less then that. We rode it as two (I weigh about 150 and while I can't speak for the other person, he was less then 300) and it was a wild ride.
  18. Not surprising, WaterWorld didn't open either. Only park that is open in the state is Glenwood Caverns.
  19. I'll join in on the ranking fun. First and only time there was Valravn opening year (long live the boat) but will make it back again eventually. 1.) Maverick - By far the best. Everything I like in a coaster. 5.) Magnum XL-200 - Arrow pyramid hills for the win. 6.) Millennium Force - I'm on the over hyped train but considering what else I rode this is where it lives. 7.) Iron Dragon - I'm a sucker for these and while most is lackluster, the ending is redeeming. 8.) Valravn - In the back is where it's at. 9.) Rougarou - It packs a little more punch I feel then the standard sit downs, it helped the the trim was off on the first drop and brake run. 10.) Top Thrill Dragster - It's a one trick pony more then anything else but I didn't care for the front at the time. My mistake. Kinda Ka changed my mind. 11.) Corkscrew - I didn't find it terrible, the back car off the first drop is actually some seriously good ejector airtime other then that it's vanilla. 12.) Gemini - It would of been great if it was racing. But just felt drawn out. The jerk in the helix didn't help. 13.) Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Long live the Arrow mine train! I still need to write up my trip report from long ago but overall thoughts is that I found the park to be over hyped. Of all the parks I went to on that trip it would fall on the lower section for me.
  20. I mean New Zealand doesn't require nor recommend mask so maybe remove that from your rant if your trying to make a point. Anyway, this argument could go on and on and even so less political. (Especially when you post the same thing in other threads. That gets annoying.) Back on topic I was glad to see this park saved. It' s place I want to get to someday so I was glad to see it make a comeback. Sounds like they are being supported fairly well so I hope the can continue to make it until I can get out there though that doesn't appear to be an issue.
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