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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and share my group on the University of Michigan's campus, Theme Park Engineering Group (TPEG). We are a voluntary student organization with a goal to introduce students to the theme park and roller coaster design industries, emphasizing engineering and professional relationships. TPEG’s aforementioned goals are accomplished through weekly meetings, hosted speakers, networking opportunities, group trips, and design projects that encourage open conversation, idea sharing, and cross-disciplinary collaboration as necessary preparation for relevant careers in amusement engineering. We are currently entering our third year on campus as a registered organization, and have a multitude of projects this fall including regional competitions, open house Q&As, and a campus haunted house. To learn more, we have all of these social media accounts to make it easy to keep up! Go Blue! website Facebook Instagram Twitter TPEG at Michigan!
  2. I went to Adventureland this past summer and took these pictures of Monster. It's definitely the best rollercoaster I've ever been on, if I'm honest. Idk, they're pretty good pictures, I think. The park blew every expectation I had out the window.
  3. Why does it look like a roller coaster track is on the current bottom right piece, next to the person?
  4. Is there a reason why nobody thinks a ride will go where scrambler was? With a new entrance it's a nice location, I'm genuinely curious
  5. I wonder if it just depends on the day, because there have been two different times I've been at the park where the cave tours are cancelled because of rain. Perhaps they base the calls off of how much rain is expected from the system? From a safety standpoint, I'm surprised the park has the cave open when more than an inch or so of rain is forecasted. If something goes wrong, there isn't much to do when you are underground in a flood.
  6. A girl did fall off of the Timberwolf as it was ascending the hill, and it happened because she was trying to change seats. The park then added lap bars AND seat belts. That one's true. Sad, but true.
  7. As tasty as I'm sure that Troikas are, I doubt maintenance would enjoy anyone going omnomnom on it.
  8. That wasn't actually their twitter. In all honesty if it is a tempesto clone i will be PISSED. Like high key pissed. With SDC and Adventureland building completely unique rides, I really don't think WoF will be building a clone.
  9. On a side note I know we aren't supposed to like boomerangs, but they pack a hell of a punch when you sit in the back and go through the loop backwards.
  10. Regardless of what ends up happening, this is all very exciting. For years, many of the theme parks in the midwest have been able to scrape by with minimal additions because nobody added anything necessitating competition. Profit for many of the theme parks around here have been steady, so the companies managing them haven't needed large additions to keep public interest. As much as we like to think otherwise, theme parks are around to make money. If money is still coming in, it doesn't make financial sense to spend a bunch for an addition. Now things changed when SDC built Outlaw Run, as it is the first time in quite a few years we have seen something exciting. Shiny and new, this ride probably spooked the surrounding parks in Mo. It is unlike anything ever built in the area, and it brought SDC some serious publicity. They also have added fireman's landing, which is a substantial family addition. Today we are anticipating the Monster, a first of its kind in the country. Again, we are seeing lots of excitement and media coverage. It is also coming to light that SDC is in the final stages of developing another roller coaster, further strengthening their already-exceptional lineup. For comparison, WoF has remodeled parts of Ocean's of Fun (MUCH needed), added dinosaurs, brought in a used Windseeker, and more kids' rides. Six Flags St. Louis has added a Boomerang coaster, a Mac Twist'n'Splash, a dark ride, and a Larson Looper. When we look at all four theme parks' additions in the past 3 years and take into account size, WoF has slacked. For such a small park, Adventureland's announcement is a wake-up-call for the theme parks here in Missouri. In particular, WoF and SFStL need to add something to compete with these other top-notch additions. For WOF in particular, Kansas City is literally booming. One Power and Light just opened, there are 3 more skyscrapers and an 800-room hotel coming, and the streetcars are starting this next Friday. The suburbs surrounding the city are building things all over the place. Cedar Fair has been systematically investing in "growth zones" across the country, and I think we are at the forefront of an expansion for WoF. They aren't going to stop pouring money into their cash cows (CP KI, CW, KD, and now Carowinds) and yes, they've stated that Valleyfair and California's Great America are on the list for expansion. However, there isn't a timeline for that and money isn't going to stop moving. Smart (and expensive) business decisions often come when competition flys out of left field, and that's what we are seeing right now. WOF needs something new and shiny, because right now they (and SFStL, honestly) are the only ones without a significant -and relevant- attraction. No relevant attraction = less profit = sad Cedar Fair. I'm not by any means trying to insinuate that we are about to see an aggressive Carowinds-esque expansion project, because we won't. I'm saying the acquisition of two new flat rides is a good start, and the next few years across the entire state are going to be more than thrilling. I think CF is realizing something needs to be done, and I definitely think we have a coaster coming in the near future. And I really don't think it's gonna be a clone. A new entrance, new flat rides, TW retracking, and a large addition are coming. What will it be? I honestly don't care. WOF is finally looking to get some love and I'm sure we are all more than ready for it.
  11. Well that's not very nice! Worlds of fun has a small-park charm to it with the added bonus of some big rides. It's to the point where anything we get as an addition will be much appreciated. While WOF is no Busch Gardens, it's leaps and bounds more attractive than any Six Flags park! I'll be happy with any additions, and I honestly only see two flats coming. I want to be wrong, but you know we will see. #longlivethenewride2k17
  12. Does anyone see the zip line references in a lot of these photos? Interesting!
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