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  1. Take over the world of amusement parks! And when that was finished, they decided to then take over the world of....
  2. Oh god, it's been a while. So, Atari learned from their mistakes huh? I'm pleased. Not many companies admit that they've messed up, this is one of the few companies who did. I am very happy for the game and for us. It looks like we'll be getting the game we've all been waiting for after all. (You should have all listened to me!...That's ok, no hard feelings. ) ...So......bye.
  3. The World of Amusement Parks. The biggest dictionary in the history of amusement parks, the world was finally at peace with itself. And they all lived happily ever after. THE END.....Or is it? >
  4. Guys, I got an update. Now I have been doing a bit of research in the RCT Forums and I asked on if the trailer was a alpha. This was the reply. I think there may be hope yet for this game. But I guess we'd best cross our fingers and hope for the best.
  5. Alright, I'll be the adult figure in the thread. First off, I saw the trailer and of course I was disappointed with it.....that being said; if you remember other times this has happened, developers seem to show the older footage first, then show the new footage. Also if you look at Stream and watch the trailer, you'll see it's thumbnail. And it may not be easy to see because it's a thumbnail but there is a UI in there and the graphics are much better compared to the trailer. And here's the thing i've realized about the trailer.....this really isn't about the graphics here, it's really about the crazy stuff you can do with the game that's the main focus. And besides, this is only the alpha trailer, the 2nd trailer will probably be MUCH better than the one we got here. In short: I'm not losing hope. Not by a long shot.
  6. Guys, I appreciate you all for posting in this thread....But, I canned this project a long time ago. If you guys wanna keep responding, Then do it at my new park. Wonder Mountain. Here's the link. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=69953
  7. Stardate: 3:27 PM-ish. Name: Steven Wardley System: Solar System Outside Temperature: 81 degrees of warmth. Job: Pilot Last Night: Heard that my childhood was being remade into an amusement park. That childhood being Wonder Mountain. If you don't know, Back when I was probably a young kid me and my dad climbed a mountain named aptly; Wonder Mountain. And when we reached the top, I saw a hella lot of wonders. Trees, clouds, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, You name it. So when I heard about this, I went to my airplane and went to take a look at the new park....and guess what I saw? ....I'd tell you, but I think i'd have better leave the pictures say it. Besides, pictures are like poets. They tell you in equivalent detail. Here it is, The entrance to the park I was telling you about! Not very exciting is it? And here is their Carousel; I've never liked carousels, they go around and around in circles. And here is the Carousel's brother, The Ferris Wheel! Or as they call it, Ezekiel's Wheel....Did they buy it from a guy named Ezekiel? In this photo, we see the aptly named Purple Monster. Finally, a Tilt-A-Whirl that is not named "Tilt-A-Whirl"! What do we have here? A Fire Breather? Well it had better not commit arson while i'm around. This is their only roller coaster. The Log Creak Mine Ride! Sorry, Johnny Thrillseeker; There's nothing big or over the top about this ride! This friends, is the sky ride!.....Yaaaay.....But where are the chairs going to? The crown jewel of course! The main attraction of Wonder Mountain....Wonder Mountain! Look at it, So majestic, So brilliant, So....perfect.... I took my plane to the top of Wonder Mountain, And the dang chair almost decked me! Does that chair not know a thing about manners? Now here's something that happened on that day, Remember the Log Creek Mine Ride? It crapped out on the first two tries, so I jumped in to give a helping hand; first we tried a faster chain lift and a bigger first drop. It started off pretty well.... And we all thought that it would make all the way.... But even so.... .....It crapped out.....again. Then I saw the problem, there was no chance that it would make it without a little help....so I decided to use another lift hill. So we tried it AGAIN! And this time...... It made it through! That was so exhilarating that I decided to get a drink of water, unfortunately; the scrubs didn't put up the drink stores yet. So I had to use a water shooter thingy, Akward yet refreshing. Eventually, they put them up. And there you have it! Wonder Mountain, and it's wonderfully small skyline. Trust me, things will get better with time. This is Steven Wardley, Signing off from the planet Earth.
  8. An informative coaster count with a funny joke in it. 7.5/10
  9. God himself came from Heaven above and zapped Godzilla and Herbert P. Smeck in nothing, realizing that Darien Lake and TGE were nothing but ashes; He decided not to fix the parks, but rather combine both parks with a third park (Lake Compounce) and then soon made a huge mega amuesment park called.......
  10. Then TOGO would still be in business. What if Chang hadn't been removed from SFKK?
  11. That may be true, but there's no reason to egg on him like that. If the stuff he thinks is what he thinks, then we should let him think it. Wouldn't kill anyone.
  12. Pros: Digging the Roar of Toro coaster; Sounds exotic. Great variety of rides. The park layout is great; makes you feel like you're really in a Six Flags park. Cons: Last I checked Captain America was a Marvel hero. Overall: Really good park you got there, I could see it being a major player in the forums if given the right treatment.
  13. Dragon Challenge- Sellout Dragons Kumba- Dumba X2- Where 2 X? Mind Eraser- Head Raper. Kingda Ka- Ka Is King Great American Scream Machine- Greatly Americanized Salami Machine Medusa- Wedusa
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