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  1. I just realized that it's going to be 40 years since Darien Lake became the theme park we know today. Darien Lake started out as a just a campground in 1954. In 1981 Darien Lake got rides and became a theme park. As for Wahoo Wave, I doubt it will ever open. AFAIK Wahoo Wave is a cancelled attraction like the time that Six Flags had plans for a Justice League meet and greet at park in 2006.
  2. I say the following rides will gone this from Darien Lake: 1. Sleigh Ride 2. Pirate 3. Hook's Lagoon 4. Mind Eraser
  3. I got a request, how about robot based on the now defunct Drachen Fire coaster from BGW.
  4. Pandemic or no pandemic, there is not a snowball's chance in Heck that Darien Lake can host a Holiday in the Park for two reasons. A: WNY winters get super cold B: Snow!
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