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  1. My Olympia Looping coasterbot Force team . I've also made all of these and converted it into Robots and so, I decided to pitch an idea about all five of them and have their own team. Think of the Transformers like the Dinobots are affiliated with the Autobots for example
  2. My 3D project: The Fraternal Twins. MB-80 and SW-116 giant robots made by a German manufacturer Schwartzkopf in the late 70's. You can see that both are very similar to Shockwave(SFOT) and Riddler Mindbender formerly Mindbender(SFOG). I'm open for any requests
  3. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate I'm willing to take requests. NOTE: please don't say anything offensive or harsh because the fact that I posted this topic I like I said I'm using my imagination because I'm diagnosed with asperger syndrome I'm just being myself in terms of using my imagination. I hope everyone takes the time to understand this message. You are welcome to say anything as long as it's not towards any offensive or displeasing comments. Enjoy
  4. Here's my other coaster bots I made. The red and black one is X2. The green is a Giant Inverted Boomerang Deja Vu. The white is Revolution. The other two is both Griffon and Apollo's Chariot. I've got more models in the making
  5. Just to let everyone know that I'm willing to take request. Let me know what coaster you want me to convert it into a giant robot
  6. Hey everybody so I have this idea for so many years but I have never showed it to the public. So basically I made 3D models of giant roller coasters portrayed as robots like Transformers,Voltron and Mecha franchises. So these two roller coaster robots our based off of their real life counterparts as you notice the images. And I know this idea seems very weird but I'm just using my imagination. So I decided to to use the hills from the roller coasters and use them as heads instead. So for example if I see a roller coaster that has a loop inversion I would use that as a head as well!! The pink and yellow roller coaster It's called X or now known as X2 at six flags magic mountain in Valencia California It's considered the world's first 4th dimension roller coaster made by Arrow Dynamics. The red blue and yellow roller coaster is called Superman:Escape from Krypton located in the same park as well manufactured by intamin of Switzerland. Please don't go crazy about anything I was board I didn't have anything else to do let me know what y'all think received_2660757510809446.mp4
  7. Microsoft Paint.I did these from Scratch
  8. I'm not done yet with my project. This is the Blue Hawk Roller Coaster Previously known as Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia. It took me about Two to three weeks to add the detail.
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