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  1. Darien Lake still has theirs, and Geneva-on-the-Lake, a small resort town in Ohio, has one as well.
  2. Going all the way into the city and back out again would be a huge waste of time, IMO, unless you're looking to kill some time exploring downtown (which there is actually a bunch of cool stuff to see). If one is dead-set on avoiding all tolls, you can OH-237 NB right from the airport to McKinley Avenue and pick up I-90 from there. But I personally think this is silly since tolls are just 50 cents if you just follow Bill's route and switch over to OH-2 in Elyria.
  3. This thread hasn't had any new listings in a while, but I thought since park season is in full swing I figured I'd give it a bump. I've previously listed a couple of spots near Kings Island, but a relative newcomer to the area is Two Cities Pizza, which is probably my favorite pizza spot in southwestern Ohio. As the name suggests, they've got both Chicago and NY style pizzas on the menu, and both are delicious, if not truly "authentic". They're at 202 W. Main Street, Mason OH, about 10 minutes from the park. Oh, and make sure you check out the bathrooms! The famous bathroom is inside of a subway train!
  4. One final random Ohio thing that anyone who's been on TPR for long enough probably remembers: THE SANTA CLAW!!! Although it's no longer an online thing, you can still play it in person at the Proto BuildBar in downtown Dayton, which also has a bunch of 3D printers and other cool things to play with.
  5. We are going in the opposite order. Flying into Cleveland and staying at Hotel Breakers. Full day at CP then next day sightseeing and drive down to a hotel near KI. Full day there then leave out from Cincinnati the next day. I'm just getting the 3hr drive out the way once! What sightseeing is there? Serious question, never been but am thinking of doing a weekend sometime Columbus is definitely worth a stop if you're into checking out cities. The Short North is very vibrant with miles of shops and restaurants all the way from downtown up to OSU's campus, and German Village is really cool if you're into historical neighborhoods. If you're into airplanes, taking a detour over to the Air Force Museum in Dayton is 150% worth it, since it's probably the only place in the world where you can see things like the B-2, SR-71, F-22 and F-117 all in the same building, plus they have a large collection of old Air Force One planes that you can actually go inside and check out, which is really cool. Or take a detour into Cincinnati for the day before heading back up to Kings Island and check out the observation deck downtown or the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Ohio does have a ton of really cool stuff, but practically none of it is accessible on the drive between CP and KI. German Village, Columbus 1/4 of the Air Force Museum Cincinnati
  6. If you're planning on hitting up Cincinnati, I would recommend heading down to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, which is the main "hipstery" Brooklyn-esque neighborhood in the city. Lots of cool old historic buildings if you're into that sort of thing, and an unbelievable number of food and beer options. I tell everyone to go to Rhinegeist Brewery, they have good beer and an awesome rooftop deck. Other good bars include Sundry and Vice, Low Spark, Queen City Radio, and Japps. 16-Bit is the barcade in Cincinnati. There's also a streetcar that goes between Over-the-Rhine and downtown; it's $2 for an all-day pass. You can go to the Carew Tower, which has an observation deck and the Cincinnati riverfront is incredibly nice. You can walk across the suspension bridge into Covington Kentucky too. Also over the river in Kentucky is Party Source, which is the country's largest liquor store if you're into that. Food-wise, my favorite restaurants in OTR and downtown are The Eagle (fried chicken), Nation Kitchen and Bar (burgers), Senate (fancy hot dogs), Harvest Pizzeria, and Eli's BBQ. Moerlein Lager House is also a great option if you want to eat near the waterfront. There's plenty more options that I won't link depending on your price range, from Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse to Nada (modern Mexican food) to the Court Street Lobster Bar. If you want to actually stay in the city itself, 21c Museum Hotel and Hilton Netherland Plaza are the nicest by far. But since it sounds like this is mostly a Kings Island trip, you might want to stay closer to the park. I'd look around the Blue Ash area, which is about 15 miles from downtown Cincinnati and 7 or so miles from KI. Feel free to ask more questions if you want other suggestions! Over The Rhine Rhinegeist Brewery
  7. Damn, that's pretty cool. How long does that take? Probably only 20 minutes, it's not far from downtown to the park when you cut across the bay. And if you're traveling solo or with just one other person, it's cheaper than parking at the park! They have free parking at the pier. Since you're from NYC and not totally uncomfortable with... alternative modes of transit, you could theoretically take the Red Line (Cleveland's subway) to downtown Cleveland and either catch the Amtrak or Greyhound to Sandusky. Probably more hassle than it's worth, but it might be cheaper than a cab if you're looking to pinch pennies. But yeah... I have a feeling it might just end up being cheaper to rent a car than to deal with a taxi service.
  8. Don't forget, if you find a reliable way to get to downtown Sandusky, you can always take the Jet Express ferry across the bay to the park for I think $10 round-trip.
  9. ^To elaborate a bit more, if you don't hit interval on Magnum, the ride "sets up"; i.e. The train hard-stops on the brake run after the tunnel. That's not considered "normal operation" by the manufacturer so as an emergency safety measure it essentially shuts off the ride so that you can't dispatch a train and have it crash into the train on that block brake. It was considered an "operational" by the front office so the ride ops have to call it in every time it happens because the ride has effectively "gone down". It's a weird quirk of how Arrow designed their coasters- Iron Dragon does it too. Problem was, in the old days (pre 2012 I think), you had to physically run over to that brake run and push a button to start the ride back up and then get back to the platform in time to do your duties so you wouldn't set the ride up again! I think when they redid the control booth around 2013 they added a button so you don't have to run over there any more.
  10. ^Cleveland's is next weekend I think, but Columbus' was this weekend, which draws people from every corner of the state.
  11. Ah, Cedar Point vomit stories... they always bring back the best memories for me from my time working there. You haven't truly lived until you've had to use your hands to scoop up someone else's regurgitated Panda Express and Cinnabon out of a train because the chunks were too big to wash down the drain holes in the floor of the car.
  12. Yeah the park has been remarkably dead today. Not crowded at all. Everyone must be at the water park.
  13. Blue Streak? Raptor? Lower than the Mine Ride and Iron Dragon?
  14. ^Wow, I'm kind of surprised that CGA is below even Dorney Park... but I guess it probably has stiffer competition perhaps?
  15. Speaking of Sunday, I'm going to be there on Sunday and was wondering if anyone has gotten familiar with the Mystic Timbers crowd patterns. Does it stay pretty steady all day long or does it tend to drop off later in the day like Banshee does? I've been to KI so many times that I'm not really concerned about prioritizing what order I hit things up, but I'd rather not wait in a huge line at 10:00 if it gets quieter later in the day.
  16. Speaking of other weird Ohio-related NASA stuff that's tangentially related to theme parks, NASA Glenn over in Cleveland has a 510 foot deep hole in the ground that they throw stuff into to study weightlessness. Imagine if they put a seat and a shoulder harness on THAT! It's usually possible for the public to see it and some other parts of the facility once a year.
  17. Sandusky's what you'd call a "town with potential" - they've got the location, they've got a good sized core with some neat historic buildings and homes, and they have the potential to be a way bigger tourist magnet than they are, but so many of these small Ohio towns just really fail to capitalize on their natural gifts to lift them into a true national tourist destination unto themselves. That said, downtown has been making a pretty nice comeback recently, and it might be worth checking out while you're in town and supporting a local restaurant or business!
  18. As bluestreak noted, it was never officially confirmed, though this tweet by Melt hints pretty strongly at it. Interestingly, King's Island opened a Tom+Chee location late in the 2016 season, which is a sort-of competitor to Melt (though Melt is full-service and Tom+Chee is fast-casual). Melt is based in Cleveland and Tom+Chee is based in Cincinnati, so it makes some sense to let each one serve their nearest local park. Cincinnati, interestingly enough, also has its own Melt, but it's completely unrelated to the Cleveland Melt, and there's only one of them, in Northside. I'm just happy Dayton's getting a Cleveland Melt in the very near future!
  19. I think they changed this when Magnum got its new control booth, but you used to have to run out to that brake run to reset the ride if the ride "set up" from the crew not hitting interval.
  20. The plot thickens! I have to be honest, I haven't kept up on a lot of the new projects out there in 2017 so I just sort of assumed it was the Happy Valley dive machine. It's far more interesting if this is some secret new ride! I would have snagged a few more photos while I was there but it was getting dark and I didn't want to push my luck.
  21. I happened to be out near the Ohio B&M plant the other day and spotted track for what appears to be Happy Valley's dive machine...
  22. CP hires people from all over the place. I've worked with people from Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Jamaica. And that was just one crew in one season!
  23. As a former Mantis ride op, I'm still sad to see my baby turned into a floorless, but I totally get why they did it and Rougarou was running incredibly smooth the last time I rode it. CP is really looking nice after the past few seasons of upgrades.
  24. I heard they're expanding the Midwest to include West Virginia, actually! That's old news. They added WV to the Big12 a long time ago. (Skipped right over Ohio and Indiana) Hey now, there's a good chance Cincinnati will be added to the Big 12 in this next expansion! Great TR, Password! As you obviously know, you picked three great parks to visit. I really love all of these parks for very different reasons.
  25. Those are some bizarre-looking restraints on T3... glad to hear that they improve the experience though!
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