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  1. Mine is @bigdipper80. Lots of coaster stuff, but also lots of architecture and "artsy" shots, if that's your thing.
  2. Saturdays at Kings Island are almost always packed across the board. It's the busiest seasonal theme park in the country. If there's the off chance of rain, though, the park will be dead, and most of the rides will still run.
  3. KD really did a nice job refreshing the park this season. When I went there the for the first time a number of years ago, I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. Operations weren't the best but the park and it's thick tree canopy were just wonderful. These little refresher projects have done a great job at breathing a little bit of life and quirky charm back into the place. Thanks!
  4. I definitely prefer Primanti's roast beef and cheese (or the pastrami and cheese like your friend got) sandwich over the Pitts-burger. I feel like the fries-slaw-meat combo works better with sliced deli meat over a ground beef patty. The one in the Strip District dowtown is better quality than the suburban outposts too, usually.
  5. On the topic of Beast, I came across this neat article about the ride's history and design sensibilities a while back: LINK It's an endless debate on this site and others if Beast is a good ride, but honestly, to each his own. I appreciate the ride for what it is and for being so different from other coasters, even if those differences are considered positives or negatives by different people. After all, Charlie Dinn did go on to found his own company, which essentially led to the creation of Custom Coasters, GCII, AND Gravity Group down the road. Beast is basically the granddaddy of nearly all modern wood coasters.
  6. Your wildlife close-ups always floor me. It's amazing how much detail your camera picks up.
  7. If I have to eat on Point, I usually go to Friday's. I really enjoy Famous Dave's, but I haven't eaten their CP location. I'll often just bring my own lunch and go eat at my car instead of wasting my money on CP's food.
  8. Cedar Fair has used renderings on their park maps for years now with the exception of the years where a park might have gotten a low-key addition. I don't mind the renderings.
  9. Gorgeous photos as always! I love the across-the-bay shots at the end.
  10. ^ and ^^ was there ever an actual announcement for this? I haven't been following CP's offseason too closely this year. That article was the first I heard about it.
  11. So what's this all about? The full article is available at: www.wkyc.com/story/news/features/2014/02/12/secret-ride-coming-to-cedar-point/5420463/
  12. ^If you're considering the Reformatory, you might as well stop at the Carousel in downtown Mansfield as well. I don't know if Carousel Works does tours of their factory, but if they do that's something else to look into if that sort of thing interests you. (While I'm on carousels, downtown Sandusky also has a nice Merry-go-Round Museum) And Mansfield has easy access to I-71, so it would be relatively easy for you to drive from CP to Mansfield, and then take I-71 from Mansfield to Kings Island. That's a much more direct route and it would would be more convenient than taking I-80 from Sandusky to Toledo and then taking I-75 to Cincinnati/KI.
  13. I greyed out on I305 multiple times. I've greyed-out on Mantis before as well, but I mostly blame that on riding at noon on a hot day with an empty stomach.
  14. Currently: Kings Island - 25 minutes Strickers Grove - 25 minutes Holiday World - 2 hr 35 minutes Technically Kentucky Kingdom is closer by an hour than Holiday World, but since it doesn't re-open until this upcoming season, I didn't put it on the list.
  15. Your best bet is probably by looking at the supports. Arrows usually have lattice supports for the higher-up track sections and on their older inversions, and the lower sections of track are typically vertical pylons. Arrow stuck by this for much of its existence, and there are exceptions, but generally that's what I've found is the easiest. Of course, there's Ninja at SFOG, which was built by both Arrow AND Vekoma... Mostly it's a matter of intuition and just plain research, and then it's easy to pick them apart. Just don't fall for the Chinese knockoff lookalikes!
  16. I've had plenty of terrifying weather experiences at Cedar Point. It's not a trip to Sandusky without surviving a monsoon or two! The two biggest storms I experienced there were so bad that we had to evacuate guests into the Disaster Transport and Mantis electrical rooms, respectively. It's actually a surprisingly nice experience when you get to really chat with the guests in such a situation. Gotta make the best of a bad situation somehow!
  17. I'm pretty sure Cedar Creek Mine Ride was my very first Arrow, but my first "big" Arrow was Python at BGT. That was 8 years ago, and I can still say that I don't miss it very much!
  18. I'm so happy that this side of the park is getting all this love this year. I wonder if there will be any other small landscaping improvements to that corridor between Banshee and Bat? It would be a nice additional touch.
  19. Cincinnati is my home right now. It's a gorgeous city, but most people don't realize that when they're up in the northern suburbs near Kings Island or passing through the airport. I took this photo last year. This is a view looking east toward downtown Cincinnati. Cleveland is my birthplace and I still consider it "home". The skyline looks best looking west, or from on the lake. Much more "full" than most other angles. Not my picture, but it does a very nice job of making the Cleveland skyline look very impressive!
  20. Having never actually experienced either Apocalypse or Psyclone firsthand, I made the mistake of parroting back what some members had brought up in the past about those two particular rides. Cedar Point of all places would probably figure out a proper way to market it, and I haven't heard of many cases of people confusing Texas Giant and NTAG, or Rattler and iRat. That being said, when I worked at Cedar Point, I had plenty of guests point up at Mantis and ask if it was part of Millennium Force, so mixing up two wooden coasters wouldn't be too far out of the question. I kid, I kid. Most folks don't go to parks to nerd out, and as long as everyone is having fun and not doing anything idiotic or dangerous, I have fun too.
  21. Blue Streak is my avatar, so I clearly enjoy that ride . It's very underrated because everyone is so tuned to assume that at CP, the taller the ride the better at is (at least amongst my GP friends), so many blow it off as a "kiddie" ride. Which is a shame, considering how great it is! Going back to MS being torn down for a second, I agree that CP needs a good large wooden coaster, but I don't know if building one in the same spot as Mean Streak would be the best idea. Aren't there some GP folks who still think that Psyclone and Apocalypse are the same coaster? That doesn't have to be the case, but the park would need to make the new woodie pretty different.
  22. I do have to hand it to CF for doing some great retracking work on their big wooden coasters. Beast ran phenomenally this past season, and Mean Streak has been a lot smoother over the past couple of seasons. But to echo everyone else, MS isn't a good ride. It's got a gorgeous structure, certainly, but it meanders in and around itself without really doing anything exciting. I'd be fine if they tore it down and expanded Camper Village or expanded Frontiertown further out and added a Splash Battle or some other family rides.
  23. I don't like really tight, snappy cobra rolls. The change in direction through the upper corkscrew part is jarring, and it always hurts my neck. The non-inverted ones usually aren't quite as bad.
  24. Shockwave at KD has one of the most extreme moments of airtime that I can remember on a coaster (stand-up or otherwise), but everything immediately after that hill is painful garbage. Other than that, I've only ridden Mantis, but I'm a Mantis fanboy and rather like its intensity. Although riding it on a hot day around noon on an empty stomach is a recipe for greyouts.
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