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  1. I've been experiencing waits around 30-45 minutes for the big coasters. Banshee's line usually drops to 20 minutes or less on weekdays, but Beast and Diamondback tend to have consistently long lines until late into the evening. But it's July and everyone is on vacation, so it's expected that the weekday crowds will be heavy. Still much more tolerable than coming on a Saturday.
  2. It's been a few summers since I was a host at Mantis, but if I recall correctly it was added to give a bit more "breathing room" in that block to try and help with the inevitable stacking when running three trains. Of course, now it runs just two trains (and is still pretty difficult to avoid stacking on busy days). I think now the trim fires based on speed instead of always on/off, because it usually wouldn't grab on the first trains of the morning. Again, it's been a while since I ran the ride, so things have blurred a bit.
  3. Amazing photos! I love the long-exposure shots of the ferris wheel. I attempted to get some a couple of years ago, but with the long load/unload and short cycle times, there are very few opportunities to time the shots just right. They sure look impressive! I would love to get a copy of the nighttime Mantis shot to use as a desktop background. Would it be possible to get a larger copy of the image file from you?
  4. Yeah, the biergarten is still there. I haven't checked out all that they have but Cincinnati has been exploding with craft breweries recently so they probably have 50 West, Rhinegeist and Moerlein and other local Cincinnati beers.
  5. Saw it for $4.09 just south of Cincinnati today, in Erlanger. It's generally $3.67 and up around here right now.
  6. 7:15 update- PA announcement that they are in the process of getting rides open again.
  7. ^Do you mean Route 4? Route 2 connects Cleveland and Toledo and doesn't go to Dayton. That being said, as a country road, it's going to be 55mph or higher for most of the trip, except when it passes through town. Don't worry, there will be gas stations! It's not all farmland, only mostly farmland Your car should be able to make it all the way on a tank of gas, I regularly drive from Cincinnati to Cleveland with no issue. I like direct routes so I always take back roads when I get the chance. Keep in mind that there is a lot of construction along I-75 toward Lima right now, so you'd probably hit traffic if you took 90W to 75S.
  8. Thanks for the update! I love being able to keep up with all the little things going on at the park.
  9. A brief mini-update from yesterday: It's a little hard to see, but this monitor was showing which rides were currently up and running. I'd really like for KI to put a big video screen somewhere on International Street with current wait times like the Disney parks have. Nothing wrong with this view! Crowds were moderate to light for a Friday afternoon with 76 degree weather. Banshee was about a 15 minute wait around 4:00 and dwindled to a 5 minute wait for the rest of the day. Love this coaster so much. I agree the rattling is annoying, but hopefully the trains will keep breaking in. Welcome to Kings Island! Work was exceptionally boring on this Friday the 13, so I snuck out early to go ride some rides! I really don't get it. But I do like the "please do not climb on the big noodle" disclaimer! Banshee's crew has been doing an amazing job pumping out trains so far this season. Very impressed. Another pic of Banshee, but I want to comment on Diamondback's operations. They were trucking yesterday- A few weeks ago they were stacking all three trains, but it looks like they've gotten the seatbelts down to a science and were operating with speeds more in line with past years. Flight of Fear has reopened. I still recommend skipping it though.... this ride is painful. A final shot of Banshee. It's fun, fast, and relatively forceful. I'm all-around impressed with this ride. I haven't ridden Montu in 8 years, but I think I might like Banshee a tad more. You can't see it in this picture, but Drop Tower is up and running again. I try to get out the the park every week, if there is any interest I can post mini-updates in this thread every week or so if people would be interested.
  10. When I made the trip between KI and CP, I just took I-71 up to Mansfield and picked up Route 250 up to Sandusky. It takes almost the exact same time as it would to take I-75 to Toledo since most of 250 is 55mph, and you avoid the turnpike toll too. I think we were on the road for just under four hours.But obviously if you don't want to drive through random towns, there are other ways to get up to Sandusky. I just like travelling in as straight a line as possible when I go places.
  11. Wow, I completely missed that Festival of the Lion King was getting a new home! It looks spectacular!
  12. ^To be clearer, I don't think she was trying to hurt us and actually hit us, it was more of a "here, these are your problem now" gesture. Still not acceptable behavior, but again this happened years ago and I don't entirely recall how it got resolved. I'm certain it ended up being handled appropriately. The part that stood out in my mind was a woman who chucked her sunglasses towards us after making a huge deal about how special they were.
  13. ^Agreed. Plus there are always issues with people putting their iPhones in bins and someone spilling their souvenir cup all over and blaming the ride hosts. I remember one time (after we had been told that we weren't allowed to take items from guests and put them in the bins for them), a woman who was mad that we wouldn't take her $500 sunglasses and guard them for her threw the sunglasses at us as the train was leaving the station. Not fun.
  14. ^ I got one this season to try it out, and I can already see it paying for itself given how often I go. It's ultimately going to be cheaper to get Skyline in the park than drive over towards The Beach every time. I've also gotten the knockoff Raising Cane's a few times, and given that the four piece meal is normally around $13, it's a good deal. It would be nice if it included drinks, but I don't drink much pop anyway.
  15. I love Kennywood so much. But I also love Pittsburgh a lot too, it's such a scenic city. I didn't realize that Kennywood had metal detectors. I guess I didn't even notice them the last time I was there. Looks like you guys had a great time! I need to get back out there to get a ride on Phantom's Revenge. It's been too long.
  16. You can buy it online or at the park's ticket window. It's either $117 in a lump sum, or you pay $19.50 every month for six months. You need to get it processed at the park if you haven't had a gold pass in the pass. They take your picture and get all of your personal information into their database. Be aware, though - they stop selling gold passes this Monday (May 26) so hurry up and buy one if you're going to get one.
  17. I was at the library today thumbing through the June issue of Cincinnati Magazine, and there was a nice, lengthy article about the construction of The Beast with interviews from Kings Island's engineers and with a number of coaster enthusiasts. Robb got quoted a couple of times throughout the piece. Unfortunately I couldn't find it online, but it's a good read if you live in the Cincinnati area and have access to a hard copy of the magazine.
  18. I'm very excited to see how this finished product turns out. Getting more dark rides in Cedar Fair parks is a great thing.
  19. Another shoutout for the front. My first ride was in the row 8 and I was... underwhelmed. The ride in row 2 was significantly better. I have yet to get a front row ride.
  20. I used to work at Mantis and we would stay up in a light rain, but if there was any remote chance of lightning we would close.
  21. ^It's terrible. Just about everything will close with a drizzle.
  22. Animal Crossing keychains?!? That's awesome, and I want them all! When I was in Tokyo, I walked past a vending machine that had Super Mario 3D Land keychains in it, and I probably put 2000 yen into the thing trying to get them all. I love that country so much. Thanks for sharing! I think I'll go make some curry for dinner now...
  23. I got in line at 9:43 and it was about a 15 minute wait. The crew was absolutely eating people. Probably the most efficient crew in the park as of this point early in the season. The line for ERT was definitely obnoxious, but it is what it is, I guess. I still don't know where to put Banshee (mainly because I sort of stopped trying to rank coasters) but I definitely enjoyed it. I preferred the front to the back, and I'd actually like to ride it during the day to get a better idea of what's actually going on.
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