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  1. Probably not 100, but close. It's going higher than I ever remembering it going since it went backwards.
  2. I'm heading to the park tomorrow for my 10:45 reservation and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on places to sit in the park that are quiet and have wifi/cell service? I have a zoom class from 11:30-12:45 and would like to take advantage of the first hour of the park without needing to leave. I was thinking maybe by Green Lantern potentially? The DC area has been pretty dead but I would love some suggestions!
  3. I don't think anyone is surprised. In fact, I think the general consensus is this is still a very impressive start for Magic Mountain. Things could have gone significantly worse.
  4. SFMM Trip Report. Opening Day, April 1st, 2021. TLDR: I had a very six flags day (but it was awesome) After over four years, I finally returned to my home park and self-proclaimed "coaster capitol of the world", Six Flags Magic Mountain. This was my first ever trip to the park alone, and I was ready for anything and everything that could happen. My reservation was for 1:45pm but I arrived in Valencia at 11:30. I stopped at the Subway off The Old Road which I highly recommend doing if you don't have a meal plan. The lines looked long, though there is an app
  5. It's funny that's the reason I'm going the 1st. It will be very interesting to see how things go...I have pretty good hopes that things will run smoothly but I expect slow operations and some unexpected breakdowns. Tomorrow might be my best shot to get stuck on something lol. Got stuck on Lex Luthor last time I went four years ago and that pretty cool albeit a bit terrifying.
  6. Does anyone know how strict the park is going to be with the reservation system? I have a 1:45pm reservation but I should be arriving around 1 and wanted to get in if I could.
  7. Not sure if this is news or not but I passed by the park today on a run and California Screamin' was running test runs using what seemed like all trains. I've been passing for weeks now and it's the first time I have seen it go. EDIT: Incredicoaster*
  8. Amazing news and i'm happy to be going when it will still be at 15%. So can rides like Batman and Superman open now even with their indoor queues? I was also wondering about Apocalypse since there are sections that are fully indoors.
  9. It's such a shame that this world-class roller coaster has zero theming and a station that looks like it was made in a day. I know money is really tight so we probably won't see too much more done with it But I think it would be cool if they added some real theming to it down the line and they could even do a re-launch of the ride. It's a stretch but you never know...
  10. Just made about 7 reservations for the month of April...going to try and hit at least 4 or 5 of the dates depending on work. Anyone else going on opening day? I am already expecting it to be a colossal disaster in terms of operations but I could not care less.
  11. Before SV, SFMM. After SV, CP. Unless/until MM adds a coaster that outdoes SV, CP is king.
  12. While you make some fair points, these parks are bugging to open up and I think they will do so immediately. The massive losses in revenue become a little less massive the day they open up. As a socal resident im confident Disney, Knott's, Universal, Seaworld, and Six Flags will all be open April 1.
  13. I really hope he allows the park to open before summer, that would be the most ideal but it's far fetched. Anytime before June is going to be a huge victory
  14. Yeah I get that the intensity is the same. That first pop of airtime that is now gone looked pretty special but I want to ride this just as bad still.
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