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  1. Trip Report 7.17.22. First Impressions of WW:FOC Got into the park at 5:30pm yesterday. Headed straight to WW:FOC and the inside queue was full but that's it. Took about 17 minutes to get on. After this I got rides in on TC, Scream!, Tatsu, Ninja, and strolled around the park at sunset before returning to WW at 7:30, where I got on 7 times in just one hour. The wait was never more than half of the inside during this and the line was constantly moving. I was big dizzy after my 7th straight, so I headed back to TC to re-calibrate my senses. In total, I got 8 rides on WW. Rows 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and twice in the back. My back row rides were my favorite for sure. The drop was insane and the whole ride was just so fun. Loved being whipped over all the elements. I will say there is more of a rattle in the back than the front, but we are talking about a super minimal rattle, certainly nothing to take away from the awesomeness. Something interesting to note here. On my last ride (row 1), they ride-stopped us on the lift hill. A team member ran up the lift, told this kid to put his phone away, ran back down, and restarted the lift. Whole thing took no longer than 3-4 minutes. It was interesting to see them paying such close attention to loose articles on this ride. I appreciate it, although I can see it being a little frustrating if you are in line and it is slowing things down. Of course, this is not the park's fault anyway. They do a good job at reminding you no loose articles. My thoughts: Wonder Woman is the perfect addition to the park. A fast-moving line, smooth, super fun experience that appeals to just about everybody, and a ride that feels unlike any other in the park. I was worried about it feeling slow, or too much like TC, but alas I was pleasantly surprised in pretty much every way. The pacing on this thing is exceptional. Thankfully that MCBR is not on as that would really damper the experience. I am so happy to have this high capacity attraction at the park and will be going on this multiple times a visit. 9.5/10 addition for the park. Would be a 10, but... RIP Green Lantern! My only gripe: The queue. I do not care that they opened the ride in an unfinished area (DC). I am happy it is open. But, the floor in the queue was a complete mess, people were peeling the paint off the walls, and that room is a literal hot box. The locker situation is not *terrible*, just pretty bad, and is also very ugly IMO. The slight attempt at theming is fine, but again the rest of the mess is a bad look. The locker situation is also set up for people to easily cut back to the front of the line after getting off which is a shame. The loading platform itself is pretty cool though with the moving trains. Thank you RMC for bringing two world-class coasters to Magic Mountain in the last 7 years. I can't rank it above TC or X2, but it might be giving Tatsu a run for its money. Time will tell.
  2. Just FYI for those going soon, the walkway opens and closes throughout the day, as I have seen it closed it the morning, open in afternoon, closed again, and opened again in the same day. all depends if they are going back to finish the top of the lift or not.
  3. Awesome. Xcelerator is going through a refurbishment that is why there is only one train, for most of the season it has been running two trains (prior to the re-paint).
  4. Revenge of the Mummy is now closed until at least February 4th for refurbishment.
  5. Yeah, it was closed a lot before the rain. On my last visit a little over a month ago it was running both sides and was operating how I wished it would for years. Hope it gets back to that soon.
  6. Wonder what the source is...but if true that is very unfortunate. Sad to hear, however I am sure lots of people visiting MM this month will be more than pleased. Might have to make my way down there to experience a partially re-painted Tatsu lmao
  7. yeah an addition like that would be perfect apart from it's similarity to firechaser in terms of look and launches. However, I do think a family-friendly version of time traveler is likely.
  8. Wow...this has been an intensely busy season for Knott's...I miss the first few weeks of re-opening when you could just ride coasters all day with no worries. I'm going tonight from 6-10pm hoping the crowds will be much less than yesterday.
  9. Pretty sure Dollywood said this was going to be a family-oriented attraction as opposed to a straight thrill coaster.
  10. My expectations were extremely low for theming, but in that regard I just wanted to discuss the station...is there anything more Six Flags than slapping "Embassy" on a white box and calling it a day? haha. Made me actually laugh when I was watching the video. Not a fan of the station at all but again, I had low expectations. Anyhow, I am so excited for this addition and I think it's a great coaster to round out the 20 coasters in the park. That area of the park desperately needed another people muncher, and it will add a whole new kinetic energy to the back. Not a big fan of the name but that does not actually matter to me. Lastly, it seems like the views from the lift hill are going to be truly special, especially climbing over the lift hill into the first drop. I'm very excited for some sunset rides on this beast.
  11. Lol it was shared on reddit so long ago. You can see at the top it says "speculation map". Here it is:
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