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  1. Just FYI for those going soon, the walkway opens and closes throughout the day, as I have seen it closed it the morning, open in afternoon, closed again, and opened again in the same day. all depends if they are going back to finish the top of the lift or not.
  2. Awesome. Xcelerator is going through a refurbishment that is why there is only one train, for most of the season it has been running two trains (prior to the re-paint).
  3. Revenge of the Mummy is now closed until at least February 4th for refurbishment.
  4. Yeah, it was closed a lot before the rain. On my last visit a little over a month ago it was running both sides and was operating how I wished it would for years. Hope it gets back to that soon.
  5. Wonder what the source is...but if true that is very unfortunate. Sad to hear, however I am sure lots of people visiting MM this month will be more than pleased. Might have to make my way down there to experience a partially re-painted Tatsu lmao
  6. yeah an addition like that would be perfect apart from it's similarity to firechaser in terms of look and launches. However, I do think a family-friendly version of time traveler is likely.
  7. Wow...this has been an intensely busy season for Knott's...I miss the first few weeks of re-opening when you could just ride coasters all day with no worries. I'm going tonight from 6-10pm hoping the crowds will be much less than yesterday.
  8. Pretty sure Dollywood said this was going to be a family-oriented attraction as opposed to a straight thrill coaster.
  9. My expectations were extremely low for theming, but in that regard I just wanted to discuss the station...is there anything more Six Flags than slapping "Embassy" on a white box and calling it a day? haha. Made me actually laugh when I was watching the video. Not a fan of the station at all but again, I had low expectations. Anyhow, I am so excited for this addition and I think it's a great coaster to round out the 20 coasters in the park. That area of the park desperately needed another people muncher, and it will add a whole new kinetic energy to the back. Not a big fan of the name but that does not actually matter to me. Lastly, it seems like the views from the lift hill are going to be truly special, especially climbing over the lift hill into the first drop. I'm very excited for some sunset rides on this beast.
  10. Lol it was shared on reddit so long ago. You can see at the top it says "speculation map". Here it is:
  11. Just to clarify, that lineup is completely fake. This was originally posted as a fan theory map. Nothing more.
  12. I think it's a few things. First, the fact that it runs 2 trains. Second, it takes a second for the train on the brake run to actually enter the station as the first one departs. This does not add a ton of time but over the course of a day it certainly adds up. Last, there are no lockers and so loose articles, seatbelts and restraints at a family oriented park can really just take awhile. The ride is also long and could truly benefit from 3 train operations (though i'm not sure if it ever has/could)
  13. Talked to a ride operator for Superman on Thursday morning about the forward facing side. I asked if it would be open that day to which he responded "No, sometime next month". So hopefully we start seeing some test runs soon! I'm curious to see if the OTSRs hold the forward facing side from reaching its past potential. Regardless, very excited things are coming along so quickly for the unexpectedly awesome Superman upgrade.
  14. The heat can deter crowds and will for sure empty the park out a bit more as the day goes on (so late day lines should be shorter than if it was not extremely hot). I cannot stress enough how important it is to be there at opening. You can get on 5-9 main coasters in the first two hours if you get there at opening and it also won't be nearly as hot yet. Just another suggestion, I would recommend using the skip the line on full throttle (unless you ride it first) as the line seems to be the longest/slowest aside from Superman (which I believe you can't use any fast pass stuff on).
  15. As of this morning the fire is back on for X2. Got a last row ride and felt engulfed in the flame. hope they can get the audio back soon.
  16. Tidal Wave is missing most of its first drop now. The station looks ready for another coaster to just plop in. All of the Green Lantern city facades are gone. It's probably a matter of days/weeks before the Green Lantern signage is finally removed. If you go to the park and want a nice view of what's going on, the best views are from Riddler's and Batman lifts, both of which have walk on waits during the last hour of the day.
  17. Lucky...waited 80 minutes for Batman. Plus, they need to figure out what to do for Batman's line. I was stuck in a tiny tunnel for over half an hour in between maskless guests. I personally was not bothered, but others around me were quite upset by the situation. Even one of the employees working the line got frustrated at the whole ordeal. On a brighter note, I had the smoothest ride on Scream in my life today so that's something.
  18. Not the greatest photo ever but this was Batman testing yesterday! Also, so many more construction walls were up/going up yesterday and from the Riddler's lift hill I was able to see some people walking around the new coaster site. Very exciting!
  19. I got a few but they are not great. I will get some better ones next week. It's a fresh paint of blue and it looks amazing. It's unclear if they are going to paint/have been painting the supports. Also, CraZanity opened up finally at about 3pm yesterday. I was able to get on the last cycle of the night after waiting about an hour. Additionally, Apocalypse is back open, making every major ride in the park operational except for Batman.
  20. One more thing worth mentioning, if you are trying to hit the park without reserving far in advance, good reservation times are opening up as it gets closer to the date if you check every hour or so. I was just able to reserve an 11:30 slot for tomorrow about 2 minutes ago. Tomorrow's slots have been full for over a day now and this 11:30 slot had been gone for over a week.
  21. Quick park update: I went to the park yesterday and unlike just two days prior, there were construction walls around what used to be Green Lantern: First Flight. If you walk towards Batman you can still see into the area where there are some wood panels laying down and some broken concrete. Again, these things did not exist just a few days ago so progress is going forward now. Additionally, Batman's paint job is moving along quickly and it is looking great. CraZanity has been testing each of my last few visits to the park. Apocalypse is now closed for refurb, and the X2 train that now had audio working is playing just static. Twisted Colossus also has really hard working ride ops this year which is making it duel more than I have ever seen since it opened. I would say about 70% of my rides this year have been dueling. Another interesting thing I noticed is that X2 has had literally no line whatsoever at certain points in the day while rides like Ninja, Goliath, Tatsu, Riddler's TC, Scream, Superman, WCR, Lex Luthor, Jet Stream, and Revolution each posting lines out the entrance. I plan on going back to the park this weekend so if anyone would like pictures of specific construction/progress let me know!
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