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  1. Lol it was shared on reddit so long ago. You can see at the top it says "speculation map". Here it is:
  2. Just to clarify, that lineup is completely fake. This was originally posted as a fan theory map. Nothing more.
  3. I think it's a few things. First, the fact that it runs 2 trains. Second, it takes a second for the train on the brake run to actually enter the station as the first one departs. This does not add a ton of time but over the course of a day it certainly adds up. Last, there are no lockers and so loose articles, seatbelts and restraints at a family oriented park can really just take awhile. The ride is also long and could truly benefit from 3 train operations (though i'm not sure if it ever has/could)
  4. Talked to a ride operator for Superman on Thursday morning about the forward facing side. I asked if it would be open that day to which he responded "No, sometime next month". So hopefully we start seeing some test runs soon! I'm curious to see if the OTSRs hold the forward facing side from reaching its past potential. Regardless, very excited things are coming along so quickly for the unexpectedly awesome Superman upgrade.
  5. The heat can deter crowds and will for sure empty the park out a bit more as the day goes on (so late day lines should be shorter than if it was not extremely hot). I cannot stress enough how important it is to be there at opening. You can get on 5-9 main coasters in the first two hours if you get there at opening and it also won't be nearly as hot yet. Just another suggestion, I would recommend using the skip the line on full throttle (unless you ride it first) as the line seems to be the longest/slowest aside from Superman (which I believe you can't use any fast pass stuff on).
  6. As of this morning the fire is back on for X2. Got a last row ride and felt engulfed in the flame. hope they can get the audio back soon.
  7. Tidal Wave is missing most of its first drop now. The station looks ready for another coaster to just plop in. All of the Green Lantern city facades are gone. It's probably a matter of days/weeks before the Green Lantern signage is finally removed. If you go to the park and want a nice view of what's going on, the best views are from Riddler's and Batman lifts, both of which have walk on waits during the last hour of the day.
  8. Lucky...waited 80 minutes for Batman. Plus, they need to figure out what to do for Batman's line. I was stuck in a tiny tunnel for over half an hour in between maskless guests. I personally was not bothered, but others around me were quite upset by the situation. Even one of the employees working the line got frustrated at the whole ordeal. On a brighter note, I had the smoothest ride on Scream in my life today so that's something.
  9. Not the greatest photo ever but this was Batman testing yesterday! Also, so many more construction walls were up/going up yesterday and from the Riddler's lift hill I was able to see some people walking around the new coaster site. Very exciting!
  10. I got a few but they are not great. I will get some better ones next week. It's a fresh paint of blue and it looks amazing. It's unclear if they are going to paint/have been painting the supports. Also, CraZanity opened up finally at about 3pm yesterday. I was able to get on the last cycle of the night after waiting about an hour. Additionally, Apocalypse is back open, making every major ride in the park operational except for Batman.
  11. One more thing worth mentioning, if you are trying to hit the park without reserving far in advance, good reservation times are opening up as it gets closer to the date if you check every hour or so. I was just able to reserve an 11:30 slot for tomorrow about 2 minutes ago. Tomorrow's slots have been full for over a day now and this 11:30 slot had been gone for over a week.
  12. Quick park update: I went to the park yesterday and unlike just two days prior, there were construction walls around what used to be Green Lantern: First Flight. If you walk towards Batman you can still see into the area where there are some wood panels laying down and some broken concrete. Again, these things did not exist just a few days ago so progress is going forward now. Additionally, Batman's paint job is moving along quickly and it is looking great. CraZanity has been testing each of my last few visits to the park. Apocalypse is now closed for refurb, and the X2 train that now had audio working is playing just static. Twisted Colossus also has really hard working ride ops this year which is making it duel more than I have ever seen since it opened. I would say about 70% of my rides this year have been dueling. Another interesting thing I noticed is that X2 has had literally no line whatsoever at certain points in the day while rides like Ninja, Goliath, Tatsu, Riddler's TC, Scream, Superman, WCR, Lex Luthor, Jet Stream, and Revolution each posting lines out the entrance. I plan on going back to the park this weekend so if anyone would like pictures of specific construction/progress let me know!
  13. Waited from 10:05am until 11:55am and I was still able to successfully reserve opening day at 10am. Phew. Also it should be noted that it lets you reserve multiple days but I HIGHLY suggest you don't as their policy says only one reservation.
  14. So the reservation system was supposed to open at 10 PDT. Anyone know where or when this is going to actually happen? The site has not changed at all. EDIT: of course as I post this it opens. Entering at 10:05, which is seemingly when it opened for me, I am 10,532nd in line! How is that even possible haha
  15. Woah...okay first of all you just grouped all magic mountain employees as "not giving a fuck" which is not true at all. Even just this season I have encountered many amazing ride ops and employees at the park. And he is not bootlicking anyone, he is giving them some leeway for mistake...like this can't be perfect. Magic Mountain is trying it's crazy to pretend like they aren't at least trying to do their best given their resources and the rules.
  16. Probably not 100, but close. It's going higher than I ever remembering it going since it went backwards.
  17. I'm heading to the park tomorrow for my 10:45 reservation and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on places to sit in the park that are quiet and have wifi/cell service? I have a zoom class from 11:30-12:45 and would like to take advantage of the first hour of the park without needing to leave. I was thinking maybe by Green Lantern potentially? The DC area has been pretty dead but I would love some suggestions!
  18. I don't think anyone is surprised. In fact, I think the general consensus is this is still a very impressive start for Magic Mountain. Things could have gone significantly worse.
  19. SFMM Trip Report. Opening Day, April 1st, 2021. TLDR: I had a very six flags day (but it was awesome) After over four years, I finally returned to my home park and self-proclaimed "coaster capitol of the world", Six Flags Magic Mountain. This was my first ever trip to the park alone, and I was ready for anything and everything that could happen. My reservation was for 1:45pm but I arrived in Valencia at 11:30. I stopped at the Subway off The Old Road which I highly recommend doing if you don't have a meal plan. The lines looked long, though there is an app ordering system. I was finishing class via Zoom on my phone so that killed some time and then I decided to head over to the park. I got in the parking lot line at 12:00 on the dot. The line took just under 10 minutes which was not too bad. The parking attendant was very nice about it being the first day and did not make me pay for parking (thank you if you see this!!!) He said next time I would either need to pay standard fee or upgrade my pass and I was on my way. Parking was super fast and easy. I was guided into the first section of parking and got a pretty amazing spot. As I walked towards the entrance anticipation was quickly building. Seeing Twisted Colossus, Scream, Goliath, Superman, and even the waterslides for the first time gain got me so excited and grateful to be back at magic mountain. I walked through the covid screening which was super easy, walked through security without even stopping, and walked through the gates in a matter of minutes. For the first time I had no plan. I had about 13 roller coasters I wanted to ride first. Ultimately, I decided to head to X2, even though it was stuck when I entered the park. To no surprise, it’s gate was locked and the bridge was closed. I past above Revolution next and that was also broken down. A train was stuck on the break run with riders. So I decided to head up to Tatsu, and that was broken down as well with a very long line. But like destiny had it written, I headed to WCR for my first ride back and my first ride ever on the park’s latest attraction. I got in line for West Coast Racers at 12:40. The outdoor queue was filled and the line stretched decently far back. The indoor queue was not being used for idle standing like all the other rides (until it strikes 6…but more on that later) As you can see, not a whole lot of distancing here. At 1:10, just as I hit the entrance for the shaded outdoor switchback, the ride breaks down. 5 minutes later it was testing. Five more minutes the ride was back to full operation. This awful photo does not do this area justice. the ride has an enormous presence here and it's the center of attention at all times, even when it's not cycling it's just a piece of art. It’s worth noting however the capacity on WCR is terrible right now. Only rows 1,3,5 are open and it’s low capacity ride as is. Finally, after 90 minutes of waiting I got to ride the brand new West Coast Racers. First off, the theme was much better executed than I expected. The West Coast Customs collab is a huge success in my opinion. The coaster itself is just pure fun. That first high five element on the white side is absolutely nuts. Best element on the ride for sure. I preferred the white side a lot more on first ride but they were both excellent. It’s a family thrill coaster for sure but that’s exactly what the park needed. I thought these trains were stunning in person. The red one (not pictured) was especially cool. You absolutely fly out of your seat when you hit the break run on the yellow side. Hello old friend...another time (did not make today's priority list) First time seeing the new paint job and it looks great. I headed to TC and it’s line was full and out the queue. 3 train ops with major stackage. Got in line at 2:25. Waited for about 10 minutes until the ride broke down. Yep, that’s 4 straight (but we’re not done yet!) I was the last person in line they allowed to stay so that was great. Bought a blue Powerade and took a seat in the shade. A much needed break on this nearly 90 degree day outdoors. After about 15ish minutes the ride was fully operational. After another 30 minutes, I was on the ride. They let you choose your row now (which I feel like is not always the case?) and of course I went to the back seat. Like most the other rides, it was every other row. That was one of the most insane rides I have ever had on TC. It was absolutely hauling and I was literally screaming over the airtime hills and first drop. Headed to Full Throttle next. 2 train ops. It looked to have a much shorter wait than when I entered so I got line at 3:25. A few trains before I get on, someone throws up off the train just as the train hit the brake run, but the employees didn’t see and I guess there was no mess (I hope?) well as luck would have it I did have that train but like TC, the employee as nice and let me choose my row, so I went for the back, far far away from the yak. Only waited 30 minutes for this one which was by far the fastest of the day for the major coasters. No break down either! shoutout to the ride op on here too he was very entertaining. Next, X2. The beast was re-opened and it was my top priority. 1 Train operation. Got in line at 4:00 and the ride broke down at 4:20. It was a short line for X2 but the breakdown took a pretty long time. Even with most people leaving, I waited another 40 minutes before boarding. I opted for the front row since im just not ready for the back again yet lol. The speakers are on!!!! And it is glorious. Ah yes, ketchup and mustard the ride! 2! Another angle of the yellow lift stairs from FT. I personally think it is gross, but up close it's kind of cool and on the ride it's grey since it's only on the edge of each stair. So it's really not too bad but it's gross long distance and I will die on that mountain. Almost like X is trying to peek it's head out. Also this screen is in very desperate need of an upgrade. Notice the big black L in the top right corner One train ops woot woot! much better. It's very cool having Viper so close to the X2 line. Arrow heaven. After an exhilarating ride on X2, I headed to Viper for a quick walk on ride since I had time. Opted for the back row and it was extremely forceful. Greyed out a little bit on the turn after the first loop…people hate on this beast too much it has its moments. Idc what coaster i'm riding, if this is the wait i'm smiling. Update: still smiling but shoulders have been shattered. also employees cleaning the train In the station. Finally, I got in line for my beloved Tatsu at 530. 1 train operation. Neither Tatsu nor X2 alternated rows since the design allowed for it, but it was still one part per row. When 6 hit and the park “closed”, the employee enforcing the distancing (stopping people from going to station and letting people go in very small batches so there is no station wait)…yeah he just packed his bags and dipped so the entire line became a literal mosh. After SUCH a good day of covid precautions it was sad to see. First day though. Got on Tatsu at 6:25. Back row ride and it was fantastic. God I missed that pretzel loop. Tatsu really taunts you as you approach the station. Always hear people contemplating backing out here. Getting out of the park was also incredibly easy, and it took literally seconds to leave once I got in my car. Overall, it was a 9/10 day at the park. I had realistic expectations and it payed off. Other notables: Batman was closed. Lines can be deceiving. DO NOT LEAVE THE QUEUE when a ride breaks. Pretty much all the breakdowns were quick and the line shrunk a ton so all in all the wait for TC and X2 was *maybe* shorter with the breakdown...maybe. Also what is up with the new six flags coaster safety videos?? they played in a lot of the queues. so strange if you ask me. Anyway, this is my first real trip report on here, at least in many many years, and I hope it was not too terrible. If you have any questions ask away!
  20. It's funny that's the reason I'm going the 1st. It will be very interesting to see how things go...I have pretty good hopes that things will run smoothly but I expect slow operations and some unexpected breakdowns. Tomorrow might be my best shot to get stuck on something lol. Got stuck on Lex Luthor last time I went four years ago and that pretty cool albeit a bit terrifying.
  21. Does anyone know how strict the park is going to be with the reservation system? I have a 1:45pm reservation but I should be arriving around 1 and wanted to get in if I could.
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