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  1. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Kiddie Kingdom get shuffled around a bit - move the Carousel to Frontiertown and then move the kiddie rides to the east side of the Coliseum where Chaos used to be. It would open up a nice chunk of land along the main midway to be re-landscaped.
  2. I'm so happy that this carousel has finally opened... what a beautiful restoration. I've followed this project for years and I can't wait to go check it out in person when I head home to Cleveland for winter break. Such a great piece of local history, and it's nice to see it on display now.
  3. ^ Seconded. Honestly, even though Cedars is pretty nasty, not having to deal with the Commons dorms was a relief. You can't beat a five minute walk to work, and you hardly spend any time in your room anyway if you work at the park. Commons was genuinely scary after dark, so I usually made my friends hang out on point instead of venturing down there.
  4. Some pictures from a recent trip to Chicago...
  5. I was thinking about this thread a bit last night, and I started to wonder about specific rides that are so photogenic that they've essentially become icons. The two that lept to my mind both happen to be at Kings Island: If the view from the top of The Beast's lift hill isn't one of the most famous views from a roller coaster, I don't know what is. This picture is literally everywhere. It must have been even more incredible back in its early days when no one had ever seen such a sprawling ride. I honestly feel that Racer's "look" did more for starting the Coaster Renaissance than the actual ride experience itself. Racer was exactly what roller coasters were supposed to look like. The ribbons of symmetrical track were just gorgeous, and I suspect other parks wanted to have a ride that could make as much of a visual impact. It's not the most thrilling these days, but the track split before the turnaround is beautiful.
  6. From what I understand with the non-WDW towers, there's just the three shafts, but each one has two separate cars that operate independently in each shaft. When it's loaded, the car backs up into the shaft (like an Intamin 1st-gen tower) and then is taken through the ride sequence. After the drops, the car moves forward out of the shaft as the other car backs into it and begins the ride sequence again. I think the load areas for each shaft are stacked vertically on top of each other inside a two-story boiler room instead of next to each other, but I haven't been on any of the Bad Towers.
  7. Thanks for all these updates... It's making me miss all my Area 2 buddies from a couple of years ago! Working at CP is a really rewarding experience when you put your heart into it.
  8. I had Mantis all to myself quite a few times. I think The Bat is probably the most recent ride I've ridden with just myself and a friend.
  9. My vote goes to Mean Streak. Most wood coasters look gorgeous, and MS is just a very impressive, sculptural ride. I'm also partial to Millennium, especially all lit up at night. The first drop is just perfectly shaped.
  10. I've just started learning how to use my T5i. It's my first DSLR so it's going to take a while to really master how to get the best shots out of it, but so far I've been pleased. Some sample shots are below.
  11. For all of you paintjob conspiracy theorists, the trim's been painted.
  12. Everything is open till 1:00, including the rides. Except for The Bat I believe- I was there on Sunday and they had taken the sign down. As for Fastlane, I'd say go for it if you want to get lots of rides in. Beast usually has a full queue until late at night during Halloween, and the park stays fairly busy. Not Saturday busy by any means (I think the football games keep people away), but probably weekday-in-July busy.
  13. It takes a lot of work to hit interval on Mantis, and it can vary wildly from train to train depending on how many seats need to be re-adjusted. I'd think floorless coasters have a similar dispatch time to inverts, which also have their floors drop.
  14. When they still tried to run 3 trains, the trim allowed a little more space in that block to try to cut back on stacking.
  15. Change of pace from the current conversation, but I came across this old B-roll footage from the 1980s today. There's some cool shots of Demon Drop, White Water Landing, and Blue Streak before they made all the modifications to it. LINK
  16. If there was a park devoted to craft beer, it would definitely be in Cleveland. Maybe have Michael Symon open up a B-Spot or something at the park too while we're at it . I wish that there were more photos floating around of the Wildlife side. Geauga Guide used to have a bunch but that site's been dead for years.
  17. ^ I beg to differ:RCDB LINK Not saying that it's going to happen (in fact I HIGHLY doubt anything like this idea would happen), but anything's possible if a park really wants it.
  18. The park was insanely massive when it was SFWoA. The park maps were amazing though... I still have a few of them from 2003. I was lucky enough to visit the place at least once when it was "originally" Geauga Lake and SeaWorld, SF Ohio, SFWoA, and then back to GL. It just got too big for its own good when Premier combined the two parks, and the Cedar Fair downsizing didn't help the perception that the place was doing too well. I remember slogging over to the south gate in 2004 before WildWater Kingdom was back there, and it was sad to see the marine section boarded over there. All that was back there that season was the 3D movie, the simulator, and a handful of flats. I really miss SeaWorld the most - it was probably the nicest theme park in the state and it was always a big deal when Shamu would come back into town after the winter. If there hadn't been the "no rides" clause that prevented it from directly competing with Geauga Lake, it probably could have made its way through 2000, but Mission Bermuda Triangle had no hope of drawing the crowds of Millennium Force or *four* new coasters across the lake.
  19. Ah, Dover Lake... I still remember the tube slide with the pools at the bottom of the little drops and how it nearly sucked off my trunks every time. Little 8-year-old me was not terribly happy about that. I wonder how many people knew that place had a kiddie coaster credit? I suppose I was "lucky" enough to get it, not that I actively count which coasters I've ridden these days.
  20. I always wished that they would have expanded the water park further, even after closing the dry side. It's probably the nicest water park in the chain theme-wise (mostly thanks to SeaWorld), and with a few more slide towers it would actually be worth it. I just can't imagine the park sticking around that much longer. I haven't been there in probably three years now. It was so weird seeing all the remains of SeaWorld, I always liked that park more than GL when I was very young.
  21. ^ and ^^, thanks for the feedback. The lens I'm looking at does have image stabilization which should be nice, but I'm going to check them out at the store before I purchase one way or the other. I primarily do architecture shots and around theme parks (obviously), and I think the convenience factor of the Tamron would be nice as long as there isn't a big drop in image quality. At any rate, it'll be better than my current point-and-shoot.
  22. So I'm probably going to be getting a Canon T5i soon, and I can either get the kit 18-55mm and a 55-270mm lens or trade them in and get a Tamron 18-270 mm lens for essentially the same price. Seeing as the price is essentially the same in this situation, would it be worth the convenience of having the Tamron instead of the two Canon lenses? I don't know enough about this stuff yet and I'm looking to solicit some opinions from people who know more about it than me.
  23. Google Earth updated its images with a 3D model of Cedar Point... it's pretty cool!
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