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  1. Once you decide to organise an event/holiday your nightmares begin. From experience, and I only organise with Family and close friends your digging a very deep hole that is hard to fill. My maximum person allocation was seven including myself - Initial problem getting deposits and commitments, then you have airport frustration, I want to eat here, I want to go there etc. after landing some party members cannot wait another 20 Mins for a cigarette, then some need the toilet, some even want to buy souvenirs (We are only at the airport for Gods sake) Now on to your days - Some people cant get up on time, some want breakfast at one location some want to go elsewhere, Dont even get me started once you get to a park. Evenings can be just as bad - Some cant stay out later then 20.00 as their tired, some want to stay out all night and all of this is really just the tip of the iceberg when you are the organiser and like I said we never do more then seven people maximum, times that by 5 and I cant even begin to imagine your frustrations. Hats off to TRP even though I have never participated in a trip I have to respect what you went through and had to deal with. Stick to what you know and what to expect it sounds far safer and hopefully stops F***wits bashing the crap out of you.
  2. I'm not going to argue with someone who doesn't see the difference between metal detectors on a roller coaster and metal detectors at the airport. Dont argue with me thats not the point but please explain the difference- A metal detector is added security if it isnt whats the point of having it? - I admit it slows your queuing experiences down,but thats the consequences we now all have to take for mindless idiots abusing trust, Theme Park/Airport. My point is you dont exclude or comment on travel when you have to use the same system but your okay to bash a park. Everybody has a right to their opinion and a choice to visit, ride and follow the system like it or not - They do the same on Hulk, RRR, is a small inconvenience for a great experience - anybody that cannot be away from there phone for an hour may need help.
  3. The metal detectors are there for your safety, although it might be an inconvenience to wait another 5 mins I would rather ride knowing some idiot has not brought coins, cameras, phones on the ride to intentionally/unintentional injury someone. You know they are there, so go store all your stuff in a locker before joining the queue - it speeds things up. Lastly all you metal detector haters/and now non riders - Are you still going to airports and taking vacations? Do they not have metal detectors
  4. Now this makes a lot of sense - good comments and totally agree. Well Said.
  5. Hate to be the one to ask, but Fury developed a rattle it's first season... Do you think Mako will get a rattle before the season is over? LOL - Do you think some of the paint will peel off after 2 weeks? Will one of the seats get dirty after a month? Im sorry but some questions - Really.
  6. Bashers out already - lol. A few track pieces laid and we have an excitement call out level already. Developers, Owners, Builders and anyone else involved in these projects must shake there heads at throw away comments like this. Hope you never get called for jury service - Guilty my lord - but I haven't had my trial yet - you probably did it.
  7. Turn it upside down and dump - Muppets, Indy and all the other out of date attractions in it as well before removing it.
  8. Leekak

    Discovery Cove

    Yes thank you - thats what I wanted.
  9. Hi, Is there an option to purchase a single day ticket for discovery cove? In the UK I can only seem to find a 3 day ticket that includes other parks. These parks are already included on the Orlando flex ticket. If this is the only option then it appears I will be paying twice for for entrance to the other parks listed.
  10. I like the artist pictures that show only about 5/6 people in the Area - If only this was the case.
  11. Wow I cant belive all the attention being focused on the theming and queue lines,lets face it we have all riding DD many times and admired the attention to detail, but things move on. At the end of the day we are only in the line wating to ride the coaster, has that changed? have they taken out any eliments,is it now just a kiddie coaster? NO its still the same ride. Dont get me wrong I do prefer a build up to a ride rather then something layed down in a car park but surely we are not going to be put off just because they have changed the theming. If there is nobody waiting in line and you had to do the complete walkthrough,you do it as quick as you can even looking for short cuts to avoid going up and down the fixed barriers. If your standing around for to long admiring the theming your holding up the line. Just let me on the ride. No offence intended here.
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