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  1. Looks like you're having a great time in Europe! Every time I see those Kidzania pictures, I want to try it myself! They should also invent an adultszania where adults can try all the different jobs!
  2. I'll be watching! Just realised that Joan Mary Cusack from Shameless was casted for the show!
  3. Great report! I was surprised to see a Blue Fire clone!
  4. The next day, it was only a transfer day from Fukuoka to Nagoya. However, we had heaps of time which is why decided to hit two more parks on our way: Himeji Tegarayama Amusement Park & Himeji Central Park. The first park was only a credit run and kind of in the middle of nowhere The second park was a really cool park with a B&M inverted coaster! We spent most of the time at Himeji Central park before going to Nagoya and having dinner at Din Tai Fung, which was absolutely freakin' amazing! We left our luggage at Himeji Train station. I would recommend arriving there early in the mornin
  5. Hey guys! After having had a great day Mitsui Greenland, we had a free day in Fukuoka the next day! (I loved that kind of schedule with the free days, because it gave us time to explore more theme parks in Japan or the country itself on our own) There were some people interested in going to Kijima and Wonder Rakutenchi, and Robb organized early entry to Kijima since Derek was doing some filming for him! Thanks a lot for that Robb! Kijima is a small little park up in the mountains and when we arrived it was super foggy. Jupiter, their wooden coaster, was covered in fog which added up to
  6. Great photos Hanno! Can't wait for the next update! Edit: I hope you took some shots of your first class cabin experience on your way back to Europe!
  7. Hey guys! Sorry for not having posted another trip update yet, but I was, or let’s say, I’m still busy with some school work I have to get done before the new semester starts here in Germany. However, I took a break and did another update for you! This time, I’m showing you some great photos from Mitsui Greenland! The park was only a short taxi ride away from the train station where we arrived. I really liked Mitsui Greenland for its awesome variety of rides! They had very unique coasters (except for the painful SLC), one of which was the famous “Dinosaurs” coaster, amazing flat rides
  8. Great update Ryan! I remember our trip to the mall where Yin bought this facial thing! CRAZY!
  9. As I said, my next update is about Space World! Thanks to Robb & Elissa filming on their coasters we got some kind of ERT on Titan and Zaturn, which was fabulous! (Venus was closed due to rain, but it opened for a VERY SHORT time during the day) Titan with their new trains was an interesting experience, even though I only rode it once during the day. The onboard soundtrack will be stuck in your head for sure! Watch out for it! Zaturn, of course, did not disappoint me. A short little ride that kicks a$$! Intamin launchers are just awesome! After they were done filming, the group separa
  10. ^LOL! I would have laughed my a$$ off Only we are crazy enough to do that I guess!
  11. Today, I'm only having a small update for you guys, but it's still worth reading! It's about our transfer day from Tokyo to Fukuoka from where we made our way back to Tokyo visiting Japan's best theme parks! With our Japan rail passes having being processed the days before, we were ready to go and had our first Shinkansen AKA bullet train experience! All the other countries in the world should learn one thing from Japan: being as polite and organized as them! Even though the train stations were crowded as hell, people were not bumping into you, being rude or offensive. Everybody knew where to
  12. I can't remember the monorail being like that. That would have been a terrifying experience! I don't know about the Foot Pond. Maybe the others on the trip have seen it?
  13. Awesome report! Can't wait to see the rest of yours! A bummer that Space Mountain was closed, but now you have one more reason to go back, besides that Disney Sea is worth visiting anyway!
  14. Part 2! Happy Marcel! Hey guys! This view! Breathtaking! What's up? Rides wherever you look! Hello from Nasu Highland! Traditional carousel These guys are just hanging around! This looks... ...PAINFUL! Literally, FRIGHT! Even these people looked scared! What's this? The rapid river! GIANT Ferris Wheel! Painful SLC! Thumbs up for the rapid river! Not too wet! Even Yin approves of this water ride! MARCEL! DON'T GET EATEN BY THE JAPANESE MONSTER! Souvenir shop! MARCEL, stop acting gay! I love wave sw
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