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  1. Looks like you're having a great time in Europe! Every time I see those Kidzania pictures, I want to try it myself! They should also invent an adultszania where adults can try all the different jobs!
  2. I'll be watching! Just realised that Joan Mary Cusack from Shameless was casted for the show!
  3. Great report! I was surprised to see a Blue Fire clone!
  4. The next day, it was only a transfer day from Fukuoka to Nagoya. However, we had heaps of time which is why decided to hit two more parks on our way: Himeji Tegarayama Amusement Park & Himeji Central Park. The first park was only a credit run and kind of in the middle of nowhere The second park was a really cool park with a B&M inverted coaster! We spent most of the time at Himeji Central park before going to Nagoya and having dinner at Din Tai Fung, which was absolutely freakin' amazing! We left our luggage at Himeji Train station. I would recommend arriving there early in the morning so that you definitely get one of the few lockers! We made it to Himeji! Random shops! VERY clean! Yup we're right! There is a map! On our way to the castle! There it is! WUHUUUU castle credit! Group photo #1 Group photo #2 Himeji looks beautiful! I love their shops! Somewhere in the middle of Himeji looking for the credit! Zebra cross walk! Marcel, we're gonna kill you! Marcel, are you sure we're right? Let's go this way! Told you there was a credit! No water park season here yet That Jet coaster life! Let's ride! Orange is the new track! Entrance to the Jet coaster! Mandatory Japanese Haunted House! Hello riders! This coaster is OUCH! Nerd shot This looks interesting! It looks harmless, but it isn't! Only good element here The loop! Hey riders! We're called restraints and instead of protecting you, we're gonna kill you! Not my style! Another credit that was surprisingly smooth! Look how skinny Japanese ferris wheels are! B&M and enterprise: which one do you choose? Himeji from the ferris wheel! 1st generation Free Fall and a B&M Looks good! CLOSED! Hey Diavlo! Black B&M! Where's the ferris wheel? I really can't see it! They're crazy riding in the front! I just leave those here... ... ... Postcard time! Andrew approves of this park! I'm so cool! Making our way to Himeji! Let's go to Nagoya! YAY! There are the lockers! Sounds good! I'm sure the credit must be here! This looks like an amusement park! YAAAAY! Let's get the credit and get out of here! Proof that we've been here! Nice scenery! Himeji Central park time! This looks WAY better! That loop though! Diavlo! GIANT ferris wheel What a nice scenery! Hey Central Park I could get used to this view! More scenery photos! B&M in the mountains! B&M vs. INTAMIN! UPSIDE DOWN! Looks so natural! Of course I needed a coke! Our transportation back to the train station! Yup, that's how the line looks like when you want to eat at Din Tai Fung! Guys, behave! It's Din Tai Fung! Dumplings time! What's in that leaf? Chicken! More dumplings though!
  5. Hey guys! After having had a great day Mitsui Greenland, we had a free day in Fukuoka the next day! (I loved that kind of schedule with the free days, because it gave us time to explore more theme parks in Japan or the country itself on our own) There were some people interested in going to Kijima and Wonder Rakutenchi, and Robb organized early entry to Kijima since Derek was doing some filming for him! Thanks a lot for that Robb! Kijima is a small little park up in the mountains and when we arrived it was super foggy. Jupiter, their wooden coaster, was covered in fog which added up to the gloomy atmosphere up there. We did the filming, got some rides on Kijima which was actually pretty cool, and did most of the other rides before we called a taxi to get to Wonder Rakutenchi. Wonder Rakutenchi is kind of like in the mountains, too. The park has a giant suspension bridge from where you get a nice view of the ocean. If you're in the area, it's worth checking out for the atmosphere, but it's actually only a credit run. Let's go on to the photos! Welcome to Kijima! Nice scenery! Coaster, water ride and ferris wheel! Nobody there! Let's ride Jupiter! Reading the safety instructions first! Super foggy! Where's the track? Good morning! Jupiter looks tired! SUper gloomy! Intamin drop tower! More fog! Let's get the credits! Kiddy credit! YAAAAAAAY! We're nerds... Shooting dark ride! Flying carpet. I passed on it, because it makes me sick One more time: Welcome to Kijima! I prefer Jupiter instead! We all had a great time! Hey Kijima! In case you wondered which park we were at You won't get wet Not at all... Suspenion bride! Duck race! I see a credit! Looks like a coaster. It is a coaster! Ready for the suspension bridge? Postcard photo! All clear! Unfortunately it was out of service Look at this view! Nice setting! The view was amazing. Hey bridge! Beppu! Not high at all Hold on! Let's make our way back to the station Walking through Beppu Mountains Random shop Who wants to buy somethig? NERD!
  6. Great photos Hanno! Can't wait for the next update! Edit: I hope you took some shots of your first class cabin experience on your way back to Europe!
  7. Hey guys! Sorry for not having posted another trip update yet, but I was, or let’s say, I’m still busy with some school work I have to get done before the new semester starts here in Germany. However, I took a break and did another update for you! This time, I’m showing you some great photos from Mitsui Greenland! The park was only a short taxi ride away from the train station where we arrived. I really liked Mitsui Greenland for its awesome variety of rides! They had very unique coasters (except for the painful SLC), one of which was the famous “Dinosaurs” coaster, amazing flat rides like a Star Flyer or a free swinging enterprise kind of ride, the chain lift of death, a Toboggan that is REALLY dangerous, haunted houses where you get a candle to measure your degree of fear during the walk through, a log flume, fun houses and and and…. This park is just an amazing place to spend a fun filled day. By the way, which day in Japan isn’t fun?! It’s just another typical Japanese theme park that I loved! They also had this amazing idea of giving you a stick where you could write your name on it when you rode the Ultra Twister 10 times and they would hang it up in the station! There were people who rode the coaster like 200 times in a day and they would get a photo! Super crazy, but also a very unique experience! Of course, they had a skinny GIANT ferris wheel from which you could explore the area of the park. The group I hung out with also went to one of the “cinemas” in the park where we watched a Japanese film, which was really confusing! We had a very good time at this amazing park and I would go back there in a second! Breakfast time! Who's that? TPR members on board! Where's that taxi driving us? Thad seems to be excited! We are ready to go! No theme park here? There we go! They have a GIANT FERRIS WHEEL! Mitsui Greenland! I don't understand why there is nothing green here! Looks like a castle! Ferris Wheel! Entrance area Dinosaurs coaster! Look at this! Ferris Wheel eats coaster! Choo Choo! SKinny! Dinosaurs green! Who wants to ride? What a nice control booth! This looks great! Orange is the new track! Lifthill or first drop? Dueling coaster! Blue or Red? Who's gonna win? It looked awesome! HELP! Panorama view! Haunted House on a hill! The setting of the park was really nice! More of the setting! OUCH! This looks like pain! No wonder the track is red! Ferris Wheel! They even had a hotel! I'm gonna eat you! They had walls with all the riders on it! I'm hanging there as well! We all hang there now! Hey Yin! Ultra Twister! Marcel! Watch out for the dinosaurs! Chain lift of death! Scary! No lapbar! This looks dodgy, but we trust the Japanese! I approve of this! Hello Chris! Selfie time! Maze time! More chain lifts! Hey guys! How's it going? Looks scary! Toboggan of death! Should we really ride it? Japanese ride operator giving instructions Wild mouse! Credit whores! Snacks! Mc Donald's! YUMMY! We got a candle... ...and we're scared! AHHHHHH! Star Flyer SELFIE! Old shuttle loop! I approve of this park! We're nerds! Are we ashamed? NO! Crazy! Ultra Twister! Looks steep! You know it's time to leave a park, when people go chasing animals!
  8. Great update Ryan! I remember our trip to the mall where Yin bought this facial thing! CRAZY!
  9. As I said, my next update is about Space World! Thanks to Robb & Elissa filming on their coasters we got some kind of ERT on Titan and Zaturn, which was fabulous! (Venus was closed due to rain, but it opened for a VERY SHORT time during the day) Titan with their new trains was an interesting experience, even though I only rode it once during the day. The onboard soundtrack will be stuck in your head for sure! Watch out for it! Zaturn, of course, did not disappoint me. A short little ride that kicks a$$! Intamin launchers are just awesome! After they were done filming, the group separated and we were free to explore the park on our own. The things I love about Japanese theme parks is the fact that you ALWAYS explore some really cool hidden rides like dark rides, walk throughs, mazes or whatever! It's just amazing and you feel like a little kid going on an adventure and you don't know what's happening! Space World had this knock off Space Mountain coaster which was pretty decent! It's in the dome and can easily be missed! The park itself was really empty, so that we didn't have to worry about crowds at all! Unfortunately, it started raining during the day so that some rides stayed closed. Since we passed Space World on our way to Kijima, we decided to make a little stop on our way back and get the Venus credit since we missed our opportunity to ride it the other day! The park also had a REALLY nice log flume! It's hard to describe the layout, but it was surprisingly good going in a kind of volcano! Thumbs up for that! One of favorite ride was their Boogie-woogie Space Coaster! The ride operator screamed BOOGIE WOOGIE and making this awesome hand sign when she dispatched the train! Some of their cars also went backwards which definitely added up to the experience! Very nice! When it started raining and once we were done with all the rides, we decided to visit the huge shopping mall across from Space World. They had a really nice supermarket AEON where you could buy tons of stuff! I discovered this really cool Kiwi drink which was super delicious! That being said, look at my small selection of photos! IDK why, but somehow I didn't take too many photos during that day! Let's take the party train to... ...SPACE WORLD! Is that a real space shuttle? We made it to SPACE WORLD! Even the mascots are happy to see us! Thad is super excited! Thumbs up for SPACE WORLD! Making our way to... ...TITAN! Where's the GIANT ferris wheel? All I can see is a space shuttle! BOOGIE-WOOGIE SPACE COASTER! That looks gorgeous! This drop!!! G-Forces! Big loop and big space shuttle! CLOSED!!! Vending machine credit! Are you in space? YES! According to these trains! Intamin! Fabulous coaster! Don't panic! Just read the signs! Café CRAY CRAY! Space Mountain knock off! As I said: Space World! That's my shuttle! Lunch time! Even CP is represented in Japan! UGH! Who wants a wet finger?! Only in Japan: Helium in a souvenir shop! More vending machines!!! This log flume was awesome! Not closed! YAY! Chris having a crêpe at Café CRAY CRAY! Coffee time! Mall time! Ever seen these kind of chips? Kiwi drink! Arcade credit! These guys knew how to play!!! More arcade fun!
  10. ^LOL! I would have laughed my a$$ off Only we are crazy enough to do that I guess!
  11. Today, I'm only having a small update for you guys, but it's still worth reading! It's about our transfer day from Tokyo to Fukuoka from where we made our way back to Tokyo visiting Japan's best theme parks! With our Japan rail passes having being processed the days before, we were ready to go and had our first Shinkansen AKA bullet train experience! All the other countries in the world should learn one thing from Japan: being as polite and organized as them! Even though the train stations were crowded as hell, people were not bumping into you, being rude or offensive. Everybody knew where to go and it was super easy to get around! Just fabulous! Taking the train in Japan is like driving the car in America. Everybody uses them and therefore there are many signs that help you. The floors tell you which car you're in according to how many train cars there are. Very logical system! I don't know, I just loved taking public transportation in Japan. As confusing and overwhelming it might have seemed the first days, it got so much easier and enjoyable by the end of the trip! The highlight of the train ride was the women with the shopping cart, bowing whenever she left the train car and the mens urinals that only had a window instead of a lock! I mean, common sense lets you assume that you do not enter if you see someone in there! As I said, we were transferring from Tokyo to Fukuoka with a lunch stop in Shin-Osaka. Walking around at the train station, exploring different restaurants and shops was so much fun! Believe me, you find some really interesting things! When we arrived in Fukuoka, we dropped of our luggage and the group I hang out with met again to explore the city! We went to the ruins of the old castle in Fukuoka and after being lost and finding ourselves in the red light district (it's so sad, that these women are advertised like food products), we finally found a food place for dinner! It's been a long day full of new experiences of this amazing country! Can't wait to show you our next stop: SPACE WORLD! Let's start the day with a good breakfast! We need energy for the transfer day! And some green poison! Japanese food mixed with some Western style food! Train station madness! Chris and I being in a good mood of course! Making our way to the Shinkansen entrance! That banner literally said: Don't use a selfie stick while waiting for the train: Danger of getting an electrical shock! Getting a coca cola for the train ride! Yup, we're right! Look how orderly people are sitting! Everything is so organized! Yin! Don't destroy the photo of nice people on the train! Hogwarts Express feeling... ...they had this woman offering snacks! Random view during the train ride! It's gone!!!!! You're seeing right! These toilets were not lockable. Marcel having a laugh attack! As always! I like this train! Power outlets! It's all about Theme Park Review! Lunch time! Everybody happy with their food! Curry of course! What else? Shinkansen souvenirs! So many sweets! Very interesting products! I wish I knew what the signs were saying! This looks familiar! Eat my cookie! YAY! Starbucks credit! Cinnamon Roll in a cup?! I love Japan! Pure sugar and thousands of calories! I don't care! This is heaven! Who wants to have their laundry done in a train station? Crowded, but organized! Another random view from the train! In case you wondered how a Japanese bullet looks like! We arrived! Thumbs up for the hotel! That's what's gonna happen to you if you don't use the escalator correctly! Rush hour! We know how to use the escalator! I love Japanese signs! Greetings from Fukuoka! Look at this dude! What are they staring at? That perfectly describes Fukuoka! Nightlife! Dinner time! Pizza time! Good beer! Cheers! Somehow I look like a complete fool in this dress! I wanted to try it anyway
  12. I can't remember the monorail being like that. That would have been a terrifying experience! I don't know about the Foot Pond. Maybe the others on the trip have seen it?
  13. Awesome report! Can't wait to see the rest of yours! A bummer that Space Mountain was closed, but now you have one more reason to go back, besides that Disney Sea is worth visiting anyway!
  14. Part 2! Happy Marcel! Hey guys! This view! Breathtaking! What's up? Rides wherever you look! Hello from Nasu Highland! Traditional carousel These guys are just hanging around! This looks... ...PAINFUL! Literally, FRIGHT! Even these people looked scared! What's this? The rapid river! GIANT Ferris Wheel! Painful SLC! Thumbs up for the rapid river! Not too wet! Even Yin approves of this water ride! MARCEL! DON'T GET EATEN BY THE JAPANESE MONSTER! Souvenir shop! MARCEL, stop acting gay! I love wave swingers! Hello! Thumbs up for Big Boom! Don't be scared! Those guys are on a log flume! We as well! GIANT ferris wheel selfie! Food time! Fries in a box! Welcome to Japan, where you can buy cigarettes next to Lego items! I'm a lion! Monorail POV! This park is super photogenic! Absolutely cool! Even Germany is represented! They also had a roller coaster game! POV! I have a hand full of Japanese mascots! DOn't I look fancy? ARGH! Time to leave! Marcel, is that you?! Rush hour! Hey guys! Let's cuddle! It was like 10pm and still crowded! Let's find some... YAKITORI!!! YUMMY! Meat on a stick! YAKITORI fight! Look at all this food! Marcel approved! Random statue! Good night Tokyo!
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