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  1. Just curious what do the icons next to each thread mean? I see stars, circle and then no icon. I’m sure its something simple.
  2. Really liking the new features. I felt dumb for how long it took me to figure out where my profile was to update my avatar. The new forum looks great on my iPhone.
  3. I’ve always thought the same when looking at photos of construction. Seems out of the way. Curious how it will connect to the park. Almost looks like it could be a separate single ticket attraction where it’s located.
  4. Maybe I missed part of your USJ report but was Space Fantasy open? Or was it still doing VR crap? Looks y'all made the best of the Typhoon situation. I don't remember every detail of my Japan trip but reading your trip reports has brought back so many great memories.
  5. That's awesome that you got a picture with the two customers who helped at the restaurant. I remember my first day in Japan, how nice and helpful people were especially after seeing a confused look on my face. Another fun update to read.
  6. Another fun trip report to read. I remember Cosmoworld was so much fun because of the random attractions. I figure you would of posted a picture but did you run into their mascot? If not, just another reason to go back
  7. Really enjoying reading this trip report. It's making me remember all the good memories of my first japan trip. Now I want to find some chocolate croissants. Look forward to reading more updates to your report.
  8. So in case anyone was curious what was going on Adventure Pointe. This is an article that was written today. It’s pretty crazy and I kind of feel bad for the gentleman who was building the park. They had a few rides and buildings up already for the last few years but now we know why it hasn’t open.
  9. Not a lot of details were given. The name should of went through a few more people before deciding on it. A weak announcement to me.
  10. Not sure if it’s been discussed yet but my friend said he tried the new Pink Thing ice cream from Blue Bell. He said it tasted a lot like the classic. I need to get to SFOT to try it out. 4 ways to try it.
  11. Looks like SFFT treated everyone like VIP’s. Super cool and great to see how much was raised for a good cause.
  12. It looks like a fun ride. I’ll just call it candy coaster. Looking forward to the new entrance and area as well. Side note: maybe all the locals will ride the B&M so Skyrush will have a shorter line.
  13. It'd probably be a good idea not to get any more involved in Galveston than they already are, things are a bit shady out there. What are you talking about? Galveston is a great city. Every city has its areas that aren’t the nicest but Galveston has really cleaned up a lot over the years. Two things have helped the city: charging for parking on the sea wall and the last hurricane destroyed some of the older buildings that needed to go. I like the idea of Cedar Fair taking over Moody Gardens. They own a lot of land next to Schlitterbahn Galveston that could be developed. I always thoug
  14. Well I’m excited since I live in Houston, I now have a reason to buy a Cedar Fair season pass. I go to Galveston often and only been to Schlitterbahn Galveston once mainly because of price. With Six Flags just recently taking over Splashtown, it should be fun to see which park does better in the area. I think Cedar Fair will need to add to these water parks over the years because of the amount of competition in the area. Here in Houston, there are 4 major water parks within a few hours of each other.
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