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  1. Well, that sucks. I had a great time here on the 2014 TPR trip. It will be interesting to see what gets salvaged.
  2. So you detail-oriented folks out there... How similar is this to Soarin' with Dragon? They look mighty close. Edit to add: Ah-- I see that Pantheon has a top hat and no non-inverting loop
  3. Hades 360 about an hour and half ago. I actually enjoyed it. Slightly rough but nothing too outrageous.
  4. Very hyped for this and, as others have said, have been wanting this type of ride for awhile. Especially after riding Manta gave me just a taste!
  5. As a rider of "exceptional size", I have taken that walk of shame many times. Just to back up some of the things others have said, I had a bad experience opening weekend at KD this year, not only did I get denied on Twisted Timbers but I somehow didn't make it on I305. A friend from out of town was visiting the next weekend and I felt very cagey about meeting up with him and not being able to ride the two best rides in the park. I went anyway and was surprised to see that I was able to fit on both. I decided that my issue with not getting on I305 was primarily because of poor wardrobe choice
  6. Really enjoyed Invadr when I (finally) rode it this year. Makes me really excited to ride White Lightning at some point.
  7. I rode it once in the front and twice in the back. Definitely better ride in the back.
  8. Last week, July 19 to be exact, I headed to SFNE after I got off work (training in Hartford) for a few hours. It was my second trip so I focused on new to me rides like Wicked Cyclone and Joker, Great Chase (which I skipped on my first visit), and Superman. Joker was my first Free Spin and I actually really enjoyed it. I had very low expectations so I guess that helped. It's a clone I'll actually look forward to doing at other parks. Not much to say about Great Chase other than there was much shame involved. My expectations for Wicked Cyclone were pretty high and I gotta say I was slightly
  9. I like the name. I was thinking more in terms of just "Steel" being a reference to Steel Phantom. Then the football reference hit me. Just made my first visit to KW this year and I think this looks like a decent enough ride to get me back up there next year.
  10. I'm at Lake Compounce right now. Wildcat is down due to a power surge from a lightning storm. Just got in a front ride on Boulder Dash and while it was fun, it didn't quite live up to expectations. In line now for a back ride. Would have been nice if it was running more than one train. Hopefully, I can squeeze in two more rides.
  11. I was planning to go tonight after work but thunderstorms killed that plan. Looks like tomorrow should be clear and sunny so I'll give it a go then. Very excited to finally ride Boulder Dash!
  12. Wrong! The Turkey Gobbler Sandwich makes your statement inaccurate
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