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  1. Twist-N-Shout at Fun-Land It had been awhile since I did a little whoring One of the best coasters under 10 feet I've ever been on.
  2. Aww nuts... I was thinking about finally making my first trip here next year. Hopefully it's still operating in '23, with most of the attractions still running.
  3. I went to Dutch Wonderland a few years ago by myself. As a solo white guy in his 40s, I felt positive park security was going to approach me and ask that I leave immediately. Most uncomfortable I've ever been "credit whoring"
  4. Thanks! I was so dejected that day I was in no mood to follow up on here. I actually tried again a month ago but, you know, new launch coasters and their maintenance issues.
  5. They're building this park in a major metro area that has probably craved a decent theme/amusement park for decades. They build this in Vegas and it's just another tourist trap.
  6. So this day actually turned out pretty disappointing. I reached the park that Friday, March 4, got in line for the back for Pantheon, and... got denied Long story short, I've dropped nearly 30 pounds since and got on last night Fun ride but only got one ride in. Looking forward to many more!
  7. I'm heading to Busch Gardens tomorrow for Pantheon. Any other Platinum holders going?
  8. I'm heading to the park tomorrow after work for a few hours to meet up with my sister and nieces. Will be interesting to see what's running.
  9. ^Yep! Pretty damn crowded today. Got my pass and headed to Twisted Timbers and the line was pretty long. Didn't want to wait and then be denied so I headed over to I305 for a back row ride. Longest wait I've had on I305 in awhile. Went back over to the test seat and the guy out front assisted and he couldn't get light to go green. So now I'm on my way to the gym.
  10. I'm headed to the park tomorrow to process my season pass and get a few rides in on Intimidator 305 and Twisted Timbers. Used my pass a bunch in 2019 at other Cedar Fair parks but I actually don't think I ever made it up to KD. I'm a bad home park attender.
  11. Happy to announce that I made a reservation for July 18 and will be returning for a long overdue trip back to this park. I haven't been since 2007 so I'm obviously stoked for all the new editions, especially Flying Cobras. Also looking forward to a visit to Myrtle Beach the day before to ride Swamp Fox and do a mini whore tour.
  12. Crowds were pretty steady Friday night. They were running 2 trains on most of the popular coasters. I rode Titan, Shockwave, Mr Freeze, Batman, and Judge Roy Scream. Tried to ride NTAG but got denied. Got green on the test seat but the ride ops couldn't get the restraint down. Bummer. It was raining today but that didn't stop the crowds. As far as NTAG, I had changed my wardrobe to something less constraining-- gym shorts and flip flops and still got denied on NTAG. I'm going to have to a skinny revenge tour of SFOT, SDC (Outlaw Run), and SFSTL (Batman) next year! That said... This afternoon I went to a great brisket place in downtown Dallas-- Terry Black's BBQ. Highly recommended. Magic Springs did kind of suck, btw. I went there on Saturday and they weren't running Arkansas Twister and X-Coaster. Gauntlet may have shot to the top for my least favorite SLC. Have a nice bruise. Ops kind of sucked as well. Only one train and they weren't trying very hard to send full trains out. Frontier City was better. Nice little park with some fun rides. Really enjoyed Wildcat, Diamondback, and Silver Bullet. Despite some setbacks and disappointments, overall, I had a fun trip. Edit to add: Also rode Joker Friday night. Only 9 new credits on this trip but my goal of hitting 400 this year is within reach. Currently at 372. I'm going to try to hit a few more of these less popular parks this summer but also return to a couple I haven't been to since the late 2000s like Carowinds and Six Flags Over Georgia.
  13. My specific memory where it seemed as if Grizzly was trimmed (but maybe not) was during a visit in 2000. It just seemed to be crawling through the course and this resulted in my mind as the ride seeming to have brakes. Probably not accurate. Whatever the case, I had wondered what had happened to the ride since I last rode it a couple of years before.
  14. In my experience over the past 20 years I've seen both Racer and Grizzly trimmed and crawling through layout.
  15. My flight arrives at 6pm local and I'm hoping to get to the park at around 7. So I'll probably just be doing Joker and NTAG (new credits to me). Tomorrow I begin a death drive to Magic Springs and then Oklahoma City for Frontier City on Sunday (both new parks to me). I'll be back at SFOT on Monday from open until about 3pm. Might get a flash pass. Thought about going south for Wonder Woman, Iron Rattler, and Texas Stingray but kind of wanted to knock Magic Springs and Frontier City off my list of parks never visited.
  16. The loss of Volcano was a hit to the lineup as it grouped well with Dominator, I305, and TT as top tier (depending on your preferences). To me, the only really "bad" coaster is Anaconda. Apple Zapple, Avalanche, and Backlot are perfectly fine mid-tier/family coasters. Depending on off-season track work, Grizzly and Racer can be great fun or... neutered shells. The Free Spin will be welcome next year.
  17. Pretty stoked as I'm going to SFOT tonight for the first time since the TPR trip in 2009. It will be nice to pay my respects and experience the OG RMC! And then get fat on Whataburger (which I missed in 2009).
  18. I did a PA trip in 2018 and stopped by Adventure Park USA on the way back to Richmond. Fun little FEC and definitely worth a couple of hours to grab those credits. Both Wildcat and Wild West Express kind of surprised me by how good they were. They'll also let you ride the kiddie coaster if you're into padding your credits.
  19. SpongeBob SquarePants RockBottom Plunge in late June 2019. This was only several days after my Hades 360 entry four or five pages back. Only 35 or so more credits to hit 400! Come on 2021--let's behave!
  20. It's 1662 miles, either Wild Chipmunk or Cyclone at Lakeside. Dag, I'm long overdue for some overseas coastering.
  21. Cedar Point has proven quite adept over the years at finding space where no one thought it was possible.
  22. I want to go too! On a similar note, yesterday I did a "Intamin is killing it" text to a friend.
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