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  1. Looks great! Seems like a good fit for Knott's and a great use of the space. A vast improvement over Boomerang and Riptide. And it's NOT ORANGE!!! 2018 looks to a be a great year all-around!
  2. I will always defend Hammerhead as a great flat ride. Not sure if it's just nostalgia but I don't care. I loved it and really miss it.
  3. This thing looks amazing. One of the most interesting projects I've seen in a while. It's a great concept and it's so cool to see a small park attempt something so ambitious. I heard a few interviews with the park's management on CoasterRadio and it seems like they are truly passionate about it. I really hope it's successful.
  4. I loved some of the 90s Boardwalk rides. Whirlpool was easily my favorite scrambler of all time.
  5. Yeah, the "but it's historically accurate" argument doesn't hold much weight in a ride where a mystical projection of an Octopus man speaks to you.
  6. Sky Cabin isn't going anywhere! In fact, I heard they were using the new space to build 2 more clones of it. Now us Southern Californian's will have not one, but THREE iconic K's in the skyline!
  7. Oh my god, i had these! It's been so long... thanks for sharing. I remember that era well and I still have a special nostalgic spot in my heart for Mystery Lodge. We took a school field trip to see it when it was brand new. I remember everyone being so sad that we couldn't ride any coasters haha.
  8. Yeah, I hate all that scaffolding, just makes it look like it's still under construction. hahahahahaha
  9. Montezooma's Revenge! I haven't been on many Schwarzkopf coasters, but this one is nostalgic for me. It was my first time going upside-down on a coaster! It still holds up well too.
  10. To be honest, I think most of Fiesta Village is an eyesore these days. I hope it gets the Boardwalk/Ghost Town treatment soon. I would love to see it cleaned up and repainted with less hideous colors.
  11. Not sure about it's staying power, but I know the kids in my family would go nuts for a Five Nights at Freddy's dark ride!
  12. I keep forgetting that Wipeout and Riptide are different rides, so I get massive deja vu whenever I see it mentioned as being removed. I never rode either...
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