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  1. Ideal: Texas trip in June: Over Texas, Sea World San Antonio, Fiesta Texas, along with ZDT's, Kemah Boardwalk, & Galveston Pleasure Pier. This trip I already have a group for and have a plan made. Rough trips being considered are Indiana/Ohio/Pennsylvania Realistic: I live in Orlando so all these parks will be visited multiple times.
  2. I haven't visited Indiana Beach before, and since coming back from the dead its been on my radar. Now with this new to them coaster coming, Indiana Beach is on my radar to visit in the next few years.
  3. We should meet up for a park lap one of these days! Yes! We absolutely should!
  4. I've seen The Bourne Stuntacular four times now, I was pretty impressed! The pre-show explains the story so you don't have to see the films to understand the story. The technology used in the show made my jaw drop at one point because it was so good. I think it's a solid addition to the park and definitely worth seeing on a visit!
  5. I'm so excited for this coaster, the elements look so insane! This is easily a hit they have on their hands!
  6. Thanks for sharing! I've been wondering how this place was, great to see your perspective!
  7. Great updates throughout the years! I just read through the entire thread and it's amazing to see how much Universal has changed in the past 12 years!
  8. Yes, those bleachers leave every off season. That's nothing out of the ordinary.
  9. I had an awesome time at Carowinds on opening day! Copperhead Strike is a ton of fun, plenty of twisty moments, good pops of air! The hangtime in the jojo roll, the first loop and the stall last for what feels like a really long time! Carowinds has another winner on their hands! With Fast Lane I snagged 3 rides on Copperhead Strike and somewhere around 15 rides on Fury 325. Seeing this park grow over the years it gets better and better. Some of my friends that I’ve worked with at Cedar Point all met up for opening day! Amazing addition to the park!
  10. Thanks for the tip! I'm a choice hotels member and that is the exact hotel I was planning on booking! Can't wait to be back at Carowinds on Saturday!
  11. Looks like you all had a blast! Holiday In The Park there the time I visited was a ton of fun!
  12. Absolutely, it's not a question "if" Dragster goes down it's "when." If you see it running at opening immediately go ride it.
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