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  1. ^We never go on weekends because the park is usually slammed on weekends and dead on weekdays, but I haven't seen them use the second station in at least 2 years, if not longer.
  2. Hey all, the boyfriend and I are planning on going to the park later this week and I've got a few questions. I have a lot of experience with this park so I know it can be slammed on a Tuesday morning for no reason and completely dead on a Saturday during fright fest for no reason, too, so for the most part I know what to expect, buuuuuut: I saw on a random Great Adventure insta fan page that Jersey Devil is available on Platinum Flash Pass. I'm taking this with a grain of salt because fan pages can contain all sorts of wrong info. Can anyone confirm this, and if it is, is it a one-ride ty
  3. ^Sounds like our recent experiences at this park and BGW, too. We honestly have no interest in going to any of their parks given the current state of the chain.
  4. Ugh. I got the email today too including an "update your reservation" email, as we were planning on going Monday as part of a Philly-centric trip next week. I think we're going to take a ride up the good ol' turnpike and check out American Dream instead. Last August we had to entirely re-plan our Cedar Point and Kings Island trip because both parks stopped being open on weekdays, so we just went to Cedar Point on the weekend instead and omitted KI, which may have been a bad choice as we only got one ride each on most of the major coasters due to the access pass debacle, but weirdly got to
  5. I’d love to eventually see a woodie in this park. I just wish that some park, somewhere, would pick up the phone and call intamin for a woodie rather than endlessly building GCI/Gravity Group coasters. Like I don’t hate either of them. But…Intamin.
  6. Could this possibly be the aforementioned "new record-breaking" 2022 Gerstlauer coaster in a "challenging location"? I was looking at the park map and where the doors with the teaser are, and maybe the ride entrance/station/possibly launch area or lift (if it's a coaster) could start there and head towards the quarry wall off to the left side of Iron Rattler? Rattlesnakes and a quarry wall could certainly be considered a "challenging location".
  7. ^I think Ride Entertainment said that one is supposed to open somewhere in the US in 2022, so unless the timeline has been pushed back, it's likely not that one.
  8. The park president actually says at the end of the announcement video for the resort that there will be a "record breaking new attraction" in 2023. Sooo coaster? But that could mean a lot of things.
  9. I never said thank you to those of you who replied with the status of Superman, so thanks guys, I really appreciate it! We visited the park this past Friday 5/21 and had a decent visit. It was my first visit in about 5 years and my boyfriend's first visit to the park. Overall, operations ranged from slow to okay, employees were mostly friendly and seemed to be well-trained and doing their jobs. We've just started to do a small amount of traveling again and from what we've seen thus far, the industry is really struggling on a lot of fronts. Given what we've seen this year, I have to h
  10. Honestly, yeah thats what we're thinking. We're gonna go with our fingers crossed and hope it's open. If not, we'll give most of the non-SLC coasters a quick run then move on to our hotel. I haven't been since the painful stand-up was converted to a probably-painful floorless so there's that lol.
  11. Thanks, guys! I commented on one of the park's posts so hopefully they respond. Fingers crossed about Superman. I was really looking forward to that coaster and haven't been on it in 5+ years but I guess we shall see!
  12. ^Any idea what is/was causing the downtime on Superman? And was your visit the same day you posted this? Going this weekend and hoping Superman is open!
  13. ^Correct. And their placement right before the station means riders will only have to be without their beloved instagram for <10 minutes, ride time included. I thought it was a great idea, too.
  14. The boyfriend and I got to ride today during passholder preview, too, and I echo what Robb, Elissa, and others have said about the ride. I kept myself intentionally in the dark on social media over the weekend during team member previews because it's nice to come to a coaster from a fresh perspective sometimes. I've since read some reviews online and some of them pan the first half of the ride a bit, but we honestly really liked it and it balances the ride out a lot. I'm personally a big fan of quick directional changes and one of my favorite things has always been to ride B&M inverts
  15. Darn, I checked my email about 40 mins too late and reservations are already full. update: keep refreshing, it came online again!
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