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  1. I don't really care what we call it, I think it's pretty hard to mess up the awesome layout that is Lightning Rod, unless you maybe threw a 90s boomerang train on the rails or something. That being said, I do wish more of the layout was staying wood but I understand their decision at the same time. While I'm sure the airtime and 99% of the ride experience will still be one of the very best in the entire world, there is an undeniable feel to the way the trains run wild on that wood track that I think adds to the "oh-sh*t" factor of the ride. We just went to Silver Dollar City last weekend
  2. ^Nice report! I was there this past weekend as well and the storm/possible tornado on Saturday night about an hour after closing ripped the roof off the station at Wildfire and also did quite a bit of damage from the exit/observation deck platform as well, all according to the ride op manning the entrance, which was caution-taped off all day on Sunday. He said something about it ripping a hole in the water tower too, but I didn't realize they have a water tower there. The good news is that they already have people working on it and they expect the repairs to be done some time by next week
  3. Omg no...what happened to Maverick?? Also, I read someone say a little ways back that they are now selling Fast Lane, but only to passholders. I checked the CP website and the Fast Lane page is back up but the two daily options say "not available", whilst the season-long Gold and Platinum Fast Lane Plus are available for the rest of this year and all of next. Definitely not going back this year but can anybody clarify?
  4. Awesome, thanks so much man! I’m excited to finally be returning to this park and El Toro for the first time this year. Hopefully we’ll get lucky and be allowed to request the back row. I know this weekend’s weather is looking warm so we’re preparing for it to be pretty busy.
  5. Hey guys, I'm going to be visiting the park this weekend and I have a few questions: First, how flexible/inflexible is the park staff with regards to reservations? We made two reservations but we're also going to be spending some time in NYC beforehand, so we may get there earlier or later than the time we've reserved depending on traffic heading down there and what we have going on. If you're early, do they make you wait in one particular spot until your time comes? And if you're late, will they deny you entry at some point? I see a few people have posted about some coasters going bac
  6. After reading everyone else's experiences with Lightning Rod and Canobie Coaster's downtime data (thank you for that) I can definitely consider myself incredibly lucky to have been on it as many times as I have, especially since I have to fly there. I've probably had 50-60 rides on it over the course of 6-8 visits. I do hope they find a way to fix the ride and make it run reliably without having to do something as drastic as an IBox conversion, as it's an incredibly unique ride and topper track gives RMCs so much more character than IBox track RMCs...but we've also been hoping they'd find
  7. ^Has it been down since they began? Or are they taking some kind of piecemeal approach? Kind of odd that they'd up and do it in the middle of the season like that...but as I said, the one spot was pretty harsh when we went, so maybe it developed mid-season. The rest of the ride was running beautifully, though.
  8. I know it's a bummer to see Lightning Rod down, but I can definitely see the need to do track work and this seems to be the appropriate time (post-Labor Day) to do it. When we went, there was a rough spot in the track immediately following the quad-down, where the track turns to the right before the little speed hill into the final overbank. It was tolerable in all rows except the back row, where it slammed so hard that we only rode back row twice during our visit. I mentioned it to one of the ride ops and they were aware of it, too.
  9. Great report! You got far luckier than I did when I went last weekend with the access passes. We didn't stay on-site (we rented a house on Airbnb that was about 3/4 of a mile from the causeway), so we had to run with the masses to get the access passes and by the time we got to Steel Vengeance, they had already shut the queue to standby. The access pass lines for Steel Vengeance are insane and it was exactly the same when I was there, all the way back to Gemini. A ride op at Millennium Force told us that Steel Vengeance has the least number of access passes available of any of the coasters
  10. ^Exactly. And even high capacity rides like Millennium Force have rows blocked off, so the other person in your party will be 2 rows away and that pushes back the next party as well. Hersheypark’s method was just “one party per row”. This makes the process go much faster.
  11. ^I have no idea. We went to Hershey on Thursday and it seemed busier than Cedar Point in terms of total guests but the only thing with a long line was Candymonium. We didn’t even bother getting fast track. We waited 2-3 trains for Skyrush and Fahrenheit and that was it. They also had pre-selected seats that were closed. So like parties of 3 (us) had to split up on B&Ms which is totally stupid. We didn’t ride Valravn due to 2-hour posted queue and we saw a train with literally 2 guests in the middle row while it was that full. We didn’t even check to see wtf was going on. I’d r
  12. So, I'll definitely write more about my experience later, but I visited the park over the weekend and I could not possibly recommend anyone go there right now. Like, seriously, if I had another flight scheduled there, I'd take advantage of the low cost or zero change fees most airlines are offering and go somewhere else. They absolutely do not let riders in until noon. I'm not sure if this is a recent development but the operators told us yesterday that Millennium Force has a max of 350 riders they'll let into the queue before access passes are mandatory. I'm not sure if this is the same f
  13. ^We heard them do it twice on Tennessee Tornado and once on Thunderhead. Lightning Rod was kind of a tough one to keep your mask fully in place for obvious reasons, mine got pushed down a few times by the forces. However, they were holding every third train to clean, then they’d dispatch empty to dry it out. This was also the case at other coasters as well. Yes, we did, and found it to be a great family ride! Had some good moments for the train to pick up speed and the turnaround was fun as well. This park’s commitment to being a well-rounded destination is great!
  14. I'm probably not going to do a "2020 Adventures Photo TR" as I have in the past, as it'd consist of very few PTRs due to the dramatic reduction in trips I'm taking this year for obvious reasons, so I'm just going to go ahead and post this here. This past weekend, the boyfriend and I took a trip to: Dollywood Yes. You are in the Dollywood discussion thread. I'll just come right out and say that Dollywood is really doing an outstanding job in terms of service and managing things in terms of COVID and you should absolutely pay them a visit if you can, as they deserve your money. Two t
  15. ^I'm glad they're at least open! I'm more of a vodka drinker myself, unless it's Crown Peach, then f*ck me up. I remember like two years ago spending a while in Chickie's and Pete's during a big typical Lake Erie rain storm and having quite a few of their menu-item mixed drinks. Also, maybe slightly off-topic/anecdotal but holy crap are car rentals pricy right now. I booked a 5-day rental at $390 out of CLE airport. Looking back at least year I only spent $179 on a 4-day rental. And after doing a few quick quotes online it seems to be that way everywhere, so definitely take that into consi
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