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  1. ^Back row gives you nuts airtime going into the drop off the top hat and is generally better for directional changes. Front car gives you more small pops of airtime in the first half as the rest of the train pushes you into the little high sections. But there really isn't a bad seat on the ride.
  2. I honestly think the raptor trains could be way better, too. I'm 5'10 and slim build, so I think it depends on your torso/leg length. I also had to kind of angle my knees oddly outward to get the restraint to go down to my lap. I don't like either version but I guess I'd prefer the JDC ones over the Wonder Woman ones. I had these weird random bruises from the restraints the day after. I think restraints/trains are RMC's weakest point just in general. I wish they'd just buy from Gerstlauer because the TX Giant/Iron Rattler ones are the best/most comfortable trains of them all. I feel like I'm screaming into the void asking about El Toro in this topic and I feel like I shouldn't be so committed since I live like 1,000 miles away...but so like are they re-tracking the entire coaster? If they are I honestly love that because I remember riding it in 2006/2007 and it was seriously as smooth as any Intamin steel coaster. And if they need until the beginning of next season to do that and get it done right I'm all for that too.
  3. I have seen a few instagram posts and in one of them there was a large crane on site behind the lift on the drop side. Have any of you NJ locals been to the park and taken any photos/seen any progress on track replacement work or anything? I'd honestly love to see it if there has been.
  4. ^I wouldn't count out Steamin' Demon being the park entrance coaster in 2031. They actually did a ton of steel track work in the off season of 2008 into 2009 on it that included a lot of cutting, welding, and steel replacing and things I don't entirely understand but definitely only get done every 20 or so years. They also did a major refurbishment of one of Great American Scream Machine's trains from Great Adventure and that's the train that runs on the coaster still today. Steamin Demon has been on this earth since 1978 when it debuted in Louisiana.
  5. ^^I honestly really appreciate this advice because we're going the last week of the month also and I didn't know they limited the number of FL+ now. I've always taken a wait-and-see approach since they used to be unlimited (or seemingly unlimited, I've never been unable to purchase in-park before 2020 when they weren't an option). Now we're definitely going to get them in advance. Question- usually in-park, there's a discount for Platinum passholders where you pay for FL and get a free upgrade to FL+ and this doesn't seem to be an option anywhere online. Is this still a thing? I might just try and give guest services a call and see if they can do it by phone or something like that. Also, I clicked that CP webcam link posted (thanks Bert!) and watched for a few minutes and Millennium Force doesn't seem to be running. Does anybody know what's going on with it?
  6. ^How much are FL+ prices going for with Platinum pass discount? We're going at the end of the month and it sounds like things are going pretty good this year!
  7. ^Yeah, it looks like BAD in person. Some spots are better than others but you can tell how horribly the rust bubbles the exterior of the track in a number of places and you have to wonder how deep in the rust goes.
  8. ^The park is never busy. We went for about 2 hours the week before last and it was *so* busy that we had to park in the overflow lot, yet the Comet was about a 2-3 train wait (although takes about 25 minutes still because operations at this park are dismal), Steamin Demon was only filling 2/3 of the train, and Canyon Blaster and a few of the newer, but a few years old, flats such as the Extreme Supernova up by the Comet were closed. The main thing you'll have to wait for is, as it's a Six Flags park, if someone has an exit pass, is too large to ride, or the smallest slightly unusual inconvenience appears, all operators at that given ride will take several minutes to figure out what is going on, call a superviosr, halt all operations etc until they figure out what is going on. Alpine Bobsled was open all day and we genuinely wanted to ride it, but the park was only running 2 trains and only loading the first 2 rows of them...meaning the total max capacity of the ride at any given time was 8 people. The park owns a total of 6 trains and I didn't see any in the transfer track area (in the past there's always been 1-2 sitting there), so I have to genuinely wonder about the state of the ride's maintenance. There has to be a maintenance/weight-related reason why they'd only load 2 rows out of 4. The track is also very rusty and the back of it is bubbling horribly in a number of places. I know that rumors of it's demise have been around for years but I can't help but think that it's being run into the ground and they just haven't received the funds to remove it yet.
  9. Instead of a new coaster in this area, what I'd really like to see Cedar Point do is move some of the other rides in that spot around, if possible, open up that waterfront area and build some kind of multi-use space with a more modern hotel, a restaurant/bar or two, some retail space, maybe have the hotel/building have some kind of pass-through below so the beach area is visible from inside the park, with some comfortable outdoor seating etc. I think something like this would enhance the resort feel of the park and give park and resort guests more after-hours options than TGI Fridays. Something like this should also bring in tons of cash to build that new coaster everybody wants to speculate about.
  10. Thanks for your help, I'll give them a call! I can't help but wonder if maybe there's some kind of setting on their website preventing sales based on location.
  11. ^Sorry for the late reply and thank you for checking! I can choose the date 9/26 on the calendar too, but then when I go to the next step (where it should let you pick a ticket category), I get a blank page with no ticket options to choose. Are you seeing the same?
  12. ^sure, we’re trying to book 9/26! Let me know if it works for you and I’ll happily download MS Edge
  13. Hey all, The bf and I are going to Europe in September and we're attempting to purchase tickets and make reservations for Holiday Park, but we're running into an odd issue, two odd issues really. The date we're attempting to reserve is open on their calendar but the website comes up blank when picking that date for a ticket purchase. Even more odd, if I try picking a random date on the calendar that does have tickets coming up as available, when I pick a date and then add a ticket to the cart, the "continue" button does nothing. Clicking the shopping cart button does nothing, too. I've tried using my phone, another browser, using my bf's Windows computer (I'm on a Mac myself), using my VPN to change my apparent location to Germany, clearing cookies, and even changing the language to German and going through the same motions. Of course, I contacted the park a few days ago and they replied with a very friendly message saying they had a system backup issue the day before, that the date we want is available, and that it should be working...but it isn't. Just figured I'd ask if anyone in the area has gone or if anyone has visited and had the same or a similar issue. There has to be some way people are buying tickets since the park is open right now and I'm sure they'd notice if nobody was there...lol. We're a little wary of waiting too long so we'd like to get advance tickets as soon as possible because we could really use some GeForce in our lives!
  14. Jeez, this honestly sucks so much for the park and for the people in the surrounding area... "Because the technical infrastructure has also been heavily affected" sounds pretty grim and doesn't seem to bode well for the rest of this season. We're trying to plan a September Europe trip and we keep tweaking it due to changing circumstances surrounding COVID and the delta variant spread in Europe, but this was one park we were hoping to have as a sure visit because Kondaa looks incredible. And now this natural disaster seems to make a visit this year less likely. Best wishes to all of you who live in the affected area.
  15. ^^I wouldn't recommend buying Flash Pass online. Unless it's like a freakishly busy day, I have never even heard of Six Flags running out of Flash Pass. I had looked two days before our trip and the online prices were nuts. In-park purchasing was much cheaper. Operations at this park were great the other day. Kingda Ka was running two stations and I can't remember them doing that in a long time. It went down two or three times for a matter of minutes but otherwise we saw it running all day up to and past closing time. El Toro was running both trains, Nitro 3 trains, Batman 2, Bizarro 3 etc. Occasional random all-train stacking because it's Six Flags and they'll temporarily lose their focus if there's a wheelchair guest, too-large guest, or someone asks them to solve too complicated a math problem, but otherwise they were cranking them out and when they did stack they recovered from it quickly. I don't really feel like I've ever needed a game plan for Great Adventure the way you do for some parks. Sometimes we start at Nitro, sometimes Kingda Ka, sometimes El Toro, last year I even went with a friend who was a bit cautious so I marathoned Batman with her for a while before getting her to go on Nitro. Still didn't have a problem getting as many rides in on everything we wanted.
  16. ^Jersey Devil is on platinum, which is why I think it's currently likely the best option if the queue is full. Otherwise I'd just get gold any other day. Also one thing we did notice was that the flash pass service center employees are still generally clueless as to the member upgrade pricing. I had to pull up the member benefits page on my phone and show them where it says that (DE members, at least, I'm not 100% sure about the other tiers) get an automatic tier upgrade (pay for bronze, get gold or pay for gold, get platinum), and he just kept pressing some kind of discount button until it was $5 cheaper than I calculated, which we were fine with lol. It was about $105 each for platinum the day we visited.
  17. Visited the park today and it was very busy, but I can happily report that operations were outstanding. Everything was open and running multiple trains. Of course there were a few "Six Flagsy" moments here and there like Bizarro crew getting thrown off their stride by 3 guests coming through the handicapped line and some food service employees who had no clue what a mobile order was...lol but generally everything was very well-run and consistent. Bizarro and Nitro were both running 3 trains, El Toro 2, Kingda Ka 3 and Kingda Ka's crew was fastest in the park. We really liked Jersey Devil and it does a great job of splitting the difference between Nitro and El Toro. The restraints are awkward, though. We got Platinum Flash Pass and Jersey Devil was indeed unlimited on it. Upon arrival, the parking lot was pretty full and it steadily got busier as the day went on. You already know this is the best sh*t ever. If I really want to nit pick, there are some spots on El Toro that could use a little TLC, mostly coming out of the second large airtime hill, the bottom of the turnaround, and right before/after the speed hill. It wasn't brutal or anything, but a little bit headache-inducing when marathoning. But this is still basically the best coaster on the planet. We got one ride on Kingda Ka. It went down temporarily once or twice, but that's the sort of thing you expect with these. The operations were extremely fast and they were cranking out trains and it was running very smooth. Nitro was also running great. Super fast, great airtime, smooth, and they even got new restraint covers so the plastic wasn't all picked apart like in previous years. And we got a few rides in on Jersey Devil. It's still doing the thing where it breaks down a lot, but it's only for like 10 minutes at a time. There's a sign out front saying they're still calibrating it, but it really wasn't a big deal. Sometimes it would come back up and the flash pass would still show "delayed", but the ride attendants would just let us go through. The coaster was great. It wasn't as crazy nor as intense as the clone models like Wonder Woman. But it was still a very intense ride, just much more re-rideable. The elements flow very well together and the transitions are smooth and way less janky that some of the ones on the clone models. The restraints are different and more comfortable than Wonder Woman's, but they still manage to not be that comfortable. The lap bar sits awkwardly on your legs and if you accidentally pull it too tight, the drops can be a little uncomfortable. I think restraint and train design are RMC's biggest opportunity for improvement. It's not terrible or anything, just a little bit awkward. We also rode Skyrush the day before so maybe that contributed. The sea of people leaving the park. Honestly, I'm glad for Six Flags that they were so busy. I really want the industry to recover quickly and there's clearly a ton of demand right now. The fact that the park was so prepared to have a "normal" busy day impressed us. We've had several experiences this year with parks that have been a hot mess, like Busch Gardens Williamsburg basically falling apart on a busy day. I never thought I'd say that Six Flags as a company is handling such a major disruption better than the competition, but here we are. Go to Six Flags Great Adventure, you won't regret it.
  18. ^We never go on weekends because the park is usually slammed on weekends and dead on weekdays, but I haven't seen them use the second station in at least 2 years, if not longer.
  19. Hey all, the boyfriend and I are planning on going to the park later this week and I've got a few questions. I have a lot of experience with this park so I know it can be slammed on a Tuesday morning for no reason and completely dead on a Saturday during fright fest for no reason, too, so for the most part I know what to expect, buuuuuut: I saw on a random Great Adventure insta fan page that Jersey Devil is available on Platinum Flash Pass. I'm taking this with a grain of salt because fan pages can contain all sorts of wrong info. Can anyone confirm this, and if it is, is it a one-ride type deal? And does anyone know if it's available on other levels of Flash Pass other than Platinum? I also took a look at Flash Pass availability online, moreso for the prices and to see if JD was listed, and I found that on a lot of days it says Bronze and Platinum aren't available, which is weird because I've never had a problem getting any level I've wanted. We went on a pretty busy day in the fall last year and got Platinum in person no problem. Do they maybe just restrict online availability? Given the unpredictability of the park, I don't want to spend like $300 on it and then show up and the park be a ghost town.
  20. ^Sounds like our recent experiences at this park and BGW, too. We honestly have no interest in going to any of their parks given the current state of the chain.
  21. Ugh. I got the email today too including an "update your reservation" email, as we were planning on going Monday as part of a Philly-centric trip next week. I think we're going to take a ride up the good ol' turnpike and check out American Dream instead. Last August we had to entirely re-plan our Cedar Point and Kings Island trip because both parks stopped being open on weekdays, so we just went to Cedar Point on the weekend instead and omitted KI, which may have been a bad choice as we only got one ride each on most of the major coasters due to the access pass debacle, but weirdly got to ride Dragster 3 times. I do understand why these things are happening and I sympathize with the labor shortage issue. But I do wish they could give more notice with scheduling changes. We were just looking at Airbnbs and hotels near Cedar Point to go in August again, and we decided to hold off another month or so before booking anything to see how the season plays out. But other parks in the chain still following this pattern of "oh, by the way we're now going to be closed half of next week" makes us less likely to book a trip to any Cedar Fair park.
  22. I’d love to eventually see a woodie in this park. I just wish that some park, somewhere, would pick up the phone and call intamin for a woodie rather than endlessly building GCI/Gravity Group coasters. Like I don’t hate either of them. But…Intamin.
  23. Could this possibly be the aforementioned "new record-breaking" 2022 Gerstlauer coaster in a "challenging location"? I was looking at the park map and where the doors with the teaser are, and maybe the ride entrance/station/possibly launch area or lift (if it's a coaster) could start there and head towards the quarry wall off to the left side of Iron Rattler? Rattlesnakes and a quarry wall could certainly be considered a "challenging location".
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