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  1. I use Twitter everyday, mainly because of dem dank memes!!!!1!111!1 Ah, but in all seriousness, I use Twitter to keep up with friends, follow events in parks, people and topics that I'm interested in. If you asked me this 6 months ago, I would've picked "Rarely use it" but now it has grown onto me and I really like it! I also love how it's the one of the only true social media platforms that allows people with big followings, like TPR, to connect with their fans!
  2. It's kinda a small park. It's not much but hey, as long as it has good coasters, I'm happy.
  3. When I saw the title, I had to see it to believe it. B&M? Building FAMILY COASTERS?! Well, that's it! The apocalypse has finally begun, pigs are learning how to fly, Satan is skating his way to work, and I'm pretty sure I just became a monkey's uncle.
  4. Hey all! It's your Kuwaiti member, mrlego611, back with another Photo TR! This time, I go to a small theme park in the middle of the city, surrounded by apartment buildings. Check it out! So, I wanted to go to a bookstore and buy some Stephen King novels, because I'm a HUGE Stephen King fan. The closest one was Jarir Bookstore in Hawalli Park. I thought, wait a second. Hawalli Park's an amusement park, so why not make a photo trip? And well, I did! NOTE! SOME IMAGES MAY LOOK LIKE THEY'RE TAKEN DURING THE NIGHT, BUT THAT'S JUST MY PHONE'S CAMERA FREAKING OUT! Here, we have the main entrance. Looks nice, eh? Entry is free, but you need to buy one of those swipe cards for the rides. Here we have the first of two coasters. The Family Coaster. It's a blue junior coaster that climbs a chain lift before dropping and going around some helixes. It's not much, though. Trampolines. Weeeeeee! Majestic family drop ride is majestic. Here's another Tagada! I told you they were popular! Kuwait's second spinning coaster! Don't really know the manufacturer, but the trains look like Maurer Sohne S-Coaster trains. It's the Crazy Disco flat ride! It just spins you around while playing music. Not that much fun, to be honest. Creepy midway games. Here we have another shot of the park, with the ferris wheel and the Family Coaster! That's about it for this photo trip! Hope you guys liked it! OH! And here's a final shot of Hawalli Park while driving away! All right, I gotta go now. See ya real soon!
  5. Imagine if Intamin or B&M ask you to come over to their factory.....
  6. Get something straight here - no one copied anyone. The track is designed for the ride, regardless of what manufacturer makes it. There aren't any "honor codes" that I know of, unless there's a patent involved. But, if you REALLY want to get technical - Premier's track uses a square cross-sectioned tie in the shape of a hollowed-out triangle. Intamin's track uses tubes that start wide and get narrow as they approach the running rail, and the rails are connected by tubes, creating the tie. Maurer's track in that application is two-rail for the most of the layout, and the only reason why it looks like Premier's track is because they used a spine for the top hat, loop and corkscrew - probably so they didn't have to support it as much - and needed some way to connect the rails to the spine. Again, I'm filing this one under things that really "don't matter", especially considering that Intamin still uses the box/triangle track that they've always used (EDIT: Did you even see the other coaster in this park?!?) I didn't know what was the correct word to type so I just said copying. And, yes I did check out the other coaster, and I know they still use the skeleton track. I'm just talking about the new track and why so many manufacturers are using the design. But at least B&M are keeping their box-track!
  7. I would like to see a big makeover for the biggest park in my country, Entertainment City. It's been the same since the 80's, well it had a Batman clone put in but that's it. I wanna see a Hyper or some more coasters rather than flat rides. I want Oasis Express to have some theming! If you would take a look at the park, it may seem decent but it's not.
  8. Why are so many manufacturers copying Premier Rides' new track?! Look at Premier's track: NOW look at the other companies. Intamin (Except they double-spined theirs): Maurer Sohne: Is it because it's more durable or it eliminates the need for extra supports, I WANNA KNOW!
  9. Awesome! Kuwait has a couple of theme parks other than Shaab and Entertainment City. Also has indoor parks. Infunity at 360 Mall is good! Has a Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster and go-karts. I think KidTums would love Cartoon Network World. Check out the link for all the parks in Kuwait. http://rcdb.com/r.htm?ot=3&ol=26643
  10. You should come visit! But be warned, summer gets seriously hot and dust storms galore! As for winter, REALLY cold and occasionally stormy. Dubai's where you wanna go. Other countries don't have much. Iraq has an X-Car, but it's the same track design as G-Force at Drayton Manor.
  11. Al-Shaab Park in Kuwait. 1) REOPEN SNBO RIDES! A lot are in good condition! 2) Easy on the flat rides! There's too much! 3) More roller coasters. The only 2 existing coasters in the park are SNBO'd permanently. Add a Gerstlauer Eurofighter or a Maurer X-Car. 4) Remove rides that are not functional! 5) Re-open the Arrow coaster! It's in good condition and no reason for it to be SNBO! 6) Clean up the Viking ride! It has SO MUCH graffiti. 7) Get some security that actually kick out people for misbehaving! I had a kid sit ABOVE the restraints on the Viking ride next to me!
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