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  1. Kennywood is just an amazing park with a fantastic ride collection. Everything there just "works" so well. This TR makes me want to get back and ride Phantom's Revenge some more! Still my number 3.
  2. I always liked Haunted Harbor (CF) a lot, and it would be pretty cool to see that one recreated in RCT2. I know that it'll be a LOT of work, but it would be great to see the Blackpool scenario (LL) recreated at some point in the future, too. Great work so far! On a side note- I couldn't download Mel's World in either Chrome, Firefox, or IE. The zip file was empty. Has anyone else had this issue, or is it just my own bad luck?
  3. I'm loving these, AJ! The RCT1 scenarios were always my favorites in the series. I built countless parks in Forest Frontiers, Leafy Lake and Dynamite Dunes way back in the day (wow, that's a lot of alliteration!). These bring back some good memories. Thanks!
  4. Because Disney is considerably cheaper than Cedar Point, what with their free Fastpasses and all.
  5. Oh, Skyline Chili. I've been in Cincinnati for nearly a year now, and I think it's safe to say that I'm completely, hopelessly addicted to the stuff. Very nice TR. I really want to get out and experience Beast now. It's great to hear that they did such good trackwork on it over the offseason. My night rides during Haunt last year were phenomenal, and if I'd be very happy if it was running even better this year.
  6. This is more interesting because the park actually responded: That's not the first time KI's responded to something in this manner, but I really haven't seen other parks confront someone like this on Facebook.
  7. That's really going to be something once the wheel's turning, too. Color me impressed.
  8. A few photos of downtown Cincinnati at night:
  9. Most of the Fast Lane rides have a separate queue left from when FreeWay was still in use. For example, MF's FreeWay queue went from the ride's entrance to the ramp, bypassing the switchbacks. You'd still have to wait in the stretch of queue that went from the bottom of the ramp up to the station.
  10. ^I'm really not all that surprised. I'm sure it'll die down like it did at KI. In the meantime, it sure can be entertaining reading the posts of those who will never return to the park because of corporate greed and CF's secret evil plan to switch to a pay-per-ride system.
  11. It is quite a large building, so the rides may not be *quite* enough to light up everything, but it certainly would be a unique thing to experience. The lighting packages on some of the rides was fantastic.
  12. One more batch of photos: A look down the Thrills midway. This scrambler was quite festively lit. Another look. Hurricane, torturing more innocent souls. The Crazy Mouse actually e-stopped! Trying to be artsy. Whee! It seems that these smaller Frisbees are a lot more intense than the larger ones. I was quite nauseated afterwords. Then again, I don't think there was a ride where I wasn't nauseated when I got off. A Fire Ball right next to a Thunder Bolt. Also on the Thrill midway, but not pictured: A pirate ship, an enterprise-style ride, and a looping starship. One more little GIF for good measure. (If it's not working, try clicking on it) I suppose it's time to leave now that I can no longer walk in a straight line. Goodbye, I-X Indoor Amusement Park! You may have been smaller than in years past, but for $11 bucks, you were a good way to spend a few hours during the much-too-long offseason. Thanks for taking a look, everyone!
  13. What an absolutely gorgeous ride. Once again, Europa Park shows up everyone else.
  14. It's actually quite the speedy little Ferris wheel; perhaps my inner ear hadn't settled but I actually got a bit queasy! But the views from the top on a clear day are quite nice, what with the Cleveland skyline off in the distance and the airplanes taking off right next door. I don't remember personally seeing any single riders, but I don't believe that there were any signs posted stating that single riders weren't allowed. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I have one or two more batch of photos that I'll be uploading soon, so stick around!
  15. Let's move on to Part 2: The park's centerpiece, and perhaps the most famous attraction at the I-X Center, is the ferris wheel that rises through the roof of the convention center and affords views of planes taking off and landing at the airport a few hundred feet away as well as the Cleveland skyline in the distance. Another view. A look at the children's area from the wheel's load platform. There was quite a bit less kiddie rides than in years past. A small chunk of the thrill zone. You can barely make out the Pharaoh's Fury. The looping starship, which I seem to have not taken any photos of, was located just to the left of the frame. Some of the rides get perilously close to the ceiling, as evidenced by the Freak Out in the background. If you think that you could stomach an elephant ear after any of these rides, then look no further than the food midway. Now for a segment I like to call "fun with GIFs". I knew I'd find a use for all the photos I took when I accidentally set my camera to "high speed burst" mode! When animated, the lights on some of these rides actually look really cool. I have discovered that I'm not a fan of Hang Gliders. Looks like someone's having fun. It's probably best to lay off the absinthe and king cakes for a few days, ma'am. The Star Flyer also came perilously close to the ceiling. I witnessed more people vomit after riding the Tilt-a-Whirl than any other ride. I figured that perhaps it would be best to pass, seeing as I was queasy enough as it was. I'll leave you with what is probably my favorite photo of the bunch, if only because of how vivid it is. There's still more to come, so stay tuned!
  16. Yes, it was definitely a better carnival in the past. That's not to say that it still wasn't fun for a few hours, but it really has shrunk considerably. Do you have any knowledge as to why it's been downsized?
  17. I'd say that slightly over half the building is being used this year. The ride selection has definitely gone down since my last visit, as I remember in addition to the aforementioned Galaxi there was also another Yo-Yo, a portable Disko, a log flume, an upcharge dark ride, as well as a lot more kiddie rides. I'm not sure if Bates (who owns all the rides) downsized themselves or it was getting too expensive to hold such a large event, but at any rate it's much smaller now. It used to be the best collection of carnival rides at one time anywhere in the state. And yes, the Freak Out was still there. I've got some photos I'll be putting up later. It was surprisingly quite good. The back end of the building was blocked off by curtains.
  18. Every year in late March, the I-X Indoor Amusement Park returns to Cleveland for a month of greasy fair food, terrifying rides, and even more terrifying carnies, for the, ahem, unique kind of country fair fun that is normally reserved for the summer months. It's become something of a northeastern Ohio tradition, and I decided to take a trek out to the I-X Center after having not visited for a number of years. It's great fun to enjoy fighting urge to vomit from the triple-threat of fair food, seizure-rific lights, and the maniacal devices vying to permanently throw your inner ear out of whack, all under one roof in the middle of March! It sure is a lovely day out. There's no better way to enjoy 70-plus degree weather than inside a windowless convention center that smells of grease and regurgitated stomach acid! The first thing one sees upon entering the I-X Center. The building is actually a World War II-era tank factory and sits on the grounds of Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Supposedly, the basement levels of the building are still sealed off and classified by the US military! You can't go to a carnival without riding a potato-sack slide. I must confess: until I went to the IX Indoor Amusement Park, I had never had the pleasure of riding most carnival staples. I was actually quite surprised with how good this one was! Just a standard portable drop tower. Nothing too special, but the lighting package was nice. I had never seen one of these before, but it was certainly one of the most impressive-looking letdowns of a ride. It was like a large-scale version of those self-operated Butterfly coasters in Germany. It's also not a true fair without some barnyard animals. "All of these flashing lights are causing my milk to curdle." Just a standard Yo-Yo. There was a tiger show. It was decent for a carnival sideshow, I guess. That white tiger in the front was named Vanna. Barry White here liked to pounce on wooden sticks with a chunk of raw meat on the end. Leena the Liger leaping through a loop of lights. Come on audience! Look more interested! This tiger is baring his teeth at... oh. You can't see his teeth from where you're sitting, can you? Carry on. Just looking pretty. RAWR! Hooray! A credit! "This is going to be more fun than Dragster H20!" Top Thrill Crazymouse Force XL-200. In the past, the park had a Galaxi coaster as well, but it was absent this year. Perhaps it's been gone for a while now? I have discovered a new least-favorite flat. My leg is still bruised from the metal bar that was jammed into my thigh because of the laterals. Seriously. Hurricane is awful. Still to come: Lots more rides and the park's centerpiece.
  19. Dragster H20 takes ridiculous names to the next level. That is an absolutely terrible name.
  20. I recently got a Canon ELPH 300HS, and I've been messing around with the settings a bit. It takes pretty decent photos for a point-and-shoot, and at any rate, it's quite a step up from my old Sony that I've had since 2003 or so.
  21. Nestle in a kiss below there/constellations ebb and flow there/ and witness our home on the range. --Cabinessence, The Beach Boys There are a lot of good lyrics on Smile, but that's the one that's stuck with me the most.
  22. That reminds me, I could've sworn I saw a closed dark ride (I'd assumed it was a generic haunted shooting one) near Blue Streak. I believe it was a low, gray building. Am I insane? And if I'm not, what is it in reality? You are not insane! It was called The Pirate Ride. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpsR3Dkrr9M I've been looking for a Pirate Ride video for the longest time! Thanks for posting that. I really wish that they had kept at least one of the Freedomland dark rides. Blue Streak's corner is always so lifeless.
  23. Loving the DT interior shots! I don't think I've ever noticed the one mural of what appears to be a destroyed space ship. And I can't wait to hear more about this new nighttime show! Anything will be better than the old screen.
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