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  1. Some images from a trip to Death Valley this past March, still slowly editing the photos from that and a few other trips. Father Crowley's Ribbon - View from Father Crowley Point, overlooking the northern end of the Panamint Range and Panamint Valley Deathly Furrows - The morning light on the ravines surrounding Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park Death Valley Sunset - Sunset near the Painter's Palette in Death Valley National Park
  2. If money matters you can definitely get the Canon stuff for less, see this refurbished kit or this brand new one that includes a case and a memory card. That said the newer Tamron 18-270 VC is a strong lens for its class and definitely wins in portability but will most likely have more distortion and color fringing which could impact your photos, the image quality is only fair while the Canon 55-250 is optically one of the strongest lenses ever made at its price. Also worth adding might be a Canon 50 f/1.8 which would be great if you ever need to shoot in low light and costs just over $100. In conclusion if price matters you can get a better deal on the Canon and the Canon will provide better image quality (not necessarily super important if you are just taking snapshots) while the Tamron is undeniably more convenient. If you really want to get the most for your money try browsing the used departments at both B&H and Adorama as well as KEH.
  3. Prior and Chuch rolling stock with a single position lapbar with no seatbelts or seat dividers as seen on Coaster at Playland are so much better than buzz bars - entirely mechanical locking with no motors and almost no restraints.
  4. As far as I know there is usually a few piles of whitewashed boards on the infield of Colossus's first turn and the area behind Apocalypse is full of all sorts of random crap, so I wouldn't write it up as proof of anything yet.
  5. Some stats: - 100 meters tall - almost 1600 meters long - 40 by 40 meter square footprint - many minutes long - either 10 or 11 inversions - inumerable WTF moments - 37 segments in FVD++
  6. It rained for a few minutes this afternoon and the flowers look rather nice.
  7. Rather depressing how the RCT franchise has now sunk below the level of Sims Theme Park.
  8. 1950-ish from around three years ago, took the ACT PLAN in October and got a predicted 34 on the actual ACT, really need to get around to retaking the SAT and actually taking the real ACT. Has anyone else done the AMC 10/12 and/or AIME?
  9. From a recent trip to Yosemite, should find some more good pics while I finish sorting through it all.
  10. Goshawk, it should be uploaded later today after I finish adding the trees.
  11. Superman: Escape from Krypton, it's noise level can't be over stated, makes half the park sound like an airport. It is interesting though how it isn't nearly as loud when riding as it is standing under it.
  12. Make sure both have the "strict" box checked or else the roll will blend across them like if you had con-roll checked when building in NL1.
  13. If you have an Nvidia graphics card then open up the Nvidia control panel and make sure that your computer is using the dedicated graphics card, the system will default to the integrated graphics in your CPU which seems to have an issue with that (this seems to be limited to older Intel integrated chipsets).
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