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  1. Yeah I wouldn't read into that post either, seems like pretty standard language for bringing in a new season. This excites me though because in previous years they've only shown months with operating dates. Like yeah I know Winterfest in Minneapolis is a genuinely absurd idea and I shouldn't read into this, but if Toronto can do it I guess it's not that much more insane to have it in MN? I'd love to see Winterfest at VF, and if it does end up happening I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I feel like I can't reasonably expect or even hope for such an event considering how cold it ge
  2. It's looking like we'll be heading to PA for Kennywood, Hershey, and Knoebels which I'm super excited for. I've been wanting to go to Knoebels for so long, and it's looking like it will finally happen! I also might stop in at some of the small parks around me that I haven't gotten to yet, like Little Amerricka and Arnold's Park just for quick day trips.
  3. I saw a graveyard spring up over by Berserkers so presumably it's right where Humane was.
  4. Definitely, we would normally go to the Hacks show twice everytime we went to haunt, it was so so funny (especially as it got later - the 11:00 shows were always off the rails hilarious). I seldom left that theatre without being in physical pain from laughter. From my understanding though, the comedians came from ComedySportz Twin Cities and they lost their building since last year so that may be part of the reason they're not returning. Also I think Route 76 would be a wonderful place for CarnEvil now that there's all the new lighting in the area but it's fine where it is.
  5. Where did you hear that Looping Starship won’t be open during Haunt? I don’t see anything about it on the park website. Looping Starship is not listed under rides for Haunt. https://www.valleyfair.com/valleyscare/haunt/attractions At VF it can be assumed that all rides are open unless explicitly stated otherwise. They don't have Excalibur or Thunder Canyon open, but I can't think of another ride in the main park that closes for the Haunt season. I'd be surprised if Starship isn't running, but I am curious about what's going on with Raging Rapids.
  6. We discovered that Steel Vengeance makes every other ride outside of Frontiertown fantastic for early entry. We were there a couple weeks ago and were able to get 3 rides on Valravn, 1 on MF and were in line for Maverick before the park opened. We also noticed that during this time Raptor was sending mostly empty trains. I think that may be our strategy from now on, since Valravn is such a fun ride but it always pulls such long waits during the day.
  7. I didn't even think about lockers being in short supply or inefficient to operate when this was announced, so that's just another blemish on the guest experience. Hoping that they can figure this out soon and get everything to work smoothly. Interestingly enough there were practically no bugs when we were there in late June this year. It was pretty dense when I was there that same week a couple years back, so I wonder if something just went awry with their typical season.
  8. ^Yeah Haunt stuff is up and I'm excited, there's a lot of change for this upcoming Haunt season. I'll put all the changes here in this post so people don't have to go over to VF's website. First off, scare-zone news. MaSCAREade is new this year, and Bloodcreek is out. I would think that MaSCAREade will take the place of Bloodcreek but they haven't updated their map so I can't say. I'm intrigued by the use of "labyrinth" and "endless circle" in the description of a scarezone, sounds like something you'd find in a maze description. I'm curious what this will look like. Maze news
  9. As a local myself I totally agree with this statement. I think enthusiasts have a tendency to underestimate the power of those Larson loops. It actually garnered a fair bit of attention with people telling folks in my family stuff like "you gotta try the new Delirious". There's a surprising number of people talking about it, at least where I'm at, so I wouldn't say it's entirely ineffective. Is it a spike on the same level as a major coaster addition? Absolutely not, but there's definitely people excited about the ride (and it's a good ride that's new why wouldn't they be). I also find it
  10. Yesterday afternoom pretty much everything was a station wait except for Renegade (and of course mad mouse). You won't have a problem getting on everything you want. I actually rode pretty much every ride at the park that isn't a kiddie coaster and it only took us about 6 hours - including eating, the dog show, and a reride on Steel Venom and Wild Thing. You'll be fine. Ride Mad Mouse first if you care, then take the park at your leisure.
  11. It does this sometimes, I don't think it's anything out of the ordinary. On the other hand, I've never seen the holding brake turned off for this length of time before though so something is definitely up. After riding it today I realized that I completely underestimated how much it added to the experience, so I hope they can fix it.
  12. I know that my Mom is self-employed so it would really suck if she was in a 2 hour line without her phone and a client needed to contact her. We're not stupid so we won't use it on the ride, keeping it in safe pockets, but I don't think I can overstate how massive of an inconvenience this is. Hoping that they figure out a decent policy by later this year so we can get her on this with some peace of mind. It also doesn't make sense with the huge push for the Battle for CP and the general CP app. I normally use time spent in line to explore food options and show times to decide what to do a
  13. Yeah you don't have to enter the park. If you just park in the normal parking lot, there's beach access right over by Gatekeeper's first drop (There's a sign that says "Boardwalk", just go through that, take a little boardwalk stroll and you're there) I'm not convinced that attendance is down either. The park seemed pretty busy when we went earlier this year, moreso than our last visit (which was the same week, with similar weather when Valravn was new). I think we're creating a problem that isn't really there.
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