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  1. Name is a bit pants, but I can kind of see where they're coming from with it since it follows the naming scheme Tomorrowland use for their main stage ("The book of wisdom", "The elixir of life", "The Reflection of Love", etc). That said, the theming will look phenomenal if they manage to follow through on the concept art. I guess the stage set designers needed to let off some steam after the 2 years of the festival not happening.
  2. Construction is well underway (Source, Source) Layout for one of the rides and vague park layout (Source) Dinseysea appear to be experimenting with projection mapping (Source)
  3. Next park is maybe Fuji-Q. I say maybe since I may be doing Tokyo dome or joypolis the day or 2 before, but not quite sure on that yet.
  4. Zadra at Energylandia on the 20th of October, last train of the night/evening.
  5. The park 2020/21 opening calendar was posted on their Instagram Stories earlier. Main changes include the park opening for almost the entire month of October instead of only weekends and the park will begin opening in December.
  6. Update: (I couldnĀ“t figure out how to embed, but here's the tweet) Trackwork is finished and the finishing touches are being added. Assuming no further delays, Hakugei is Scheduled to open late March (no defnitive date yet). Zero Car (2nd train is Red and Blue): Up close shot of the drop:
  7. Such as? My problem with Hakugei is just that most of the elements seem so stretched out (The double down after the outward banked wave turn and the overbank being the main examples) compared to the more relentless look of the top RMC's. One of the ones I like to point to for what White Cyclone could have looked like at it's full potential is by CoasterMac305 on YT. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] As I said, as much as it could have been better and I expect Hakugei will end up being an upper-mid tier RMC, It will still be one of the better rides out there. Hakugei is probably going to end up
  8. ^ To be honest, I don't feel that it's completely unwarrented, there was a lot of potential for what could have been done to White Cyclone and it feels a little squandered. It will still no doubt be a good ride, but it could have been so much better. Update: Layout is complete.
  9. While it would be amazing, it just doesn't seem possible. Gwazi is a pretty big ride area-wise, but it just doesn't have the height/beefy structure to accomodate a 212ft tall coaster compared to like Mean Streak/SV. I could maybe see it happening if they literally tore the entire ride down and only reused the footers, but even then, it's a stretch.
  10. Drop and 2nd inversion now complete. Trains have also arrived. Source
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