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  1. Wow, I'm really impressed with the layout. It looks like a great mix of positive, negative, and lateral forces. Great job to Energylandia for investing so much into new rides!
  2. They probably have the three trains on a refurb schedule with one being out of use for a season, and another train the next, and so on. Great Adventure does this with Kingda Ka and the Runaway Mine Train. Sometimes towards the end of the season the fourth train for Kingda Ka and the third train for Runaway Mine Train appear on the transfers, partially or fully constructed. The next season one of the trains for each ride is taken off the track, giving the impression that one less train exists for each ride.
  3. Great PTR! Wild Adventures looks like a great place to spend a couple hours.
  4. ^Wow, that price will help bring Vekoma back into the picture for many parks. Hopefully one of these gets built in America- it looks great.
  5. Why do so many people on this thread care so much about double train operations? The park management knows what they're doing. Potentially spending millions to refurbish or replace trains for all of their coasters would not draw in more crowds and would prohibit them from investing in new attractions that will actually draw in crowds. I get it that it sucks to have to wait a bit longer for rides but it shouldn't ruin your experience. Grab a beer or ice cream or something and enjoy the time in line with your family and friends.
  6. I think this will be a great addition to King's Island and I'm sure families will love it. It looks to have much more airtime than I was expecting. Even if the ending turns out to be nothing I still think this is a really decent addition to the park.
  7. Interesting idea to take Amtrak between Denver and Salt Lake City. I travel between those places quite a bit so I'll have to check it out. I've always just flown and seen the view from far, far above. Great PTR, Lagoon is looking lovely as always. Did you check out the hot springs at Glenwood too?
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