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  1. Feel free to do so, it will sponsor me to design and test new ones Thanks for the comment!
  2. Ha thanks, i've created them in 3ds max. Note that they are nowhere perfect, I'll just try to make them look as good as possible. Here is a render of the Sheikra cars:
  3. Yup, all hand painted! Thanks Here's a picture of a Vekoma Rollercoaster Train
  4. And a render of a Rollercoaster train (Intamin). Hopefully I'll have a picture of the printed version on Thursday
  5. That's right! It's the Xcellerator. And thanks Here are 2 renders of rollercoasters (from Europe) I haven't printed yet:
  6. Thanks! Would love to do a wooden coaster, but as you mention it will be tricky will material cost and painting. But even hard would be to actually 3D design one,, the support structure on those coasters are gigantic.
  7. Not a real good picture. Will take some better ones with daylight this weekend! Edit: the collection (including a broken Medusa/Bizarro) http://imgur.com/8lmJoPI
  8. Thanks all! I'll keep you all posted, with a bit of luck I'll be having some pictures of a painted Intimidator 305 later tonight. Edit:
  9. Note that you don't really need to own a 3D printer These are 3D printed at Shapeways. Once you order a 3D printable model, they will print on high resolution industrial 3D printers and ship it to you directly Not sure if a desktop 3D printer at home would be able to create a delicate rollercoaster.
  10. Alright, next! Raptor, also in the same scale 1:1200 With a layer of primer: Tracked painted: With the supports painted: Inverted Rollercoasters are way harder to paint! Oh and another bonus picture:
  11. Haha thanks guys! Will post some pictures of the Raptor in the afternoon Not sure if allowed to share links but you can buy them online and paint them yourselves. Here is a bonus picture
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