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  1. Did they really let people know? They ALWAYS ran Toro between Frightfest/HITP and that was the last weekends for it. I was going to go this weekend to pick up my last few rides on it (maybe try for last train of the season) and it's now just randomly closed for the season already with no warning.
  2. Nitro is open again. Confirmed reports and Queue Times is showing a 5 minute wait.
  3. I bought tickets today for July 4th. I was greeted with an error saying that the transaction couldn't be completed after it processed for a while. I went to try again and was immediately denied because the first transaction still charged me. I never received a confirmation email and I'm unsure of what to do because there phone lines are only open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11-3pm and I can't find another way to contact them about it. It was $180 dollars and I don't want to miss out on getting reservations for that day or lose out on $180 bucks. I guess I'll wait until Friday to call but it's frustrating when you want it resolved immediately.
  4. Polar Coaster Challenge was amazing. I was first in line, first train, front row. Not sure I've ever felt cold like that before in my life, but going 80mph with the 37 degree weather made the wind chill 17 degrees. By the end of the ride my arms and legs were burning and hitting the brakes actually made you feel rather warm and toasty for a bit.
  5. I was on Gatekeeper, Valravn and Banshee in the beginning of the year and absolutely HATED the vests on all 3 of those coasters. I did Dollywood on Nov 2nd and LOVED the vests on Wild Eagle, they weren't tight on me. I've never ridden it before so I can't say if they're changed or not, but there definitely was a major difference.
  6. Yeah. So many people have reposted the Toro hills and Wonder Woman/Batman shots. Some with my permission and I’m sure a ton without. I post them to Reddit, my coaster instagram and here because I genuinely enjoy taking these photos and I like the challenge of getting uncommon or unique angles you don’t see too often.
  7. Ever since they've lightened up severely on their camera policy. I've been going to GADV sometimes just for photos. Here's some photos I've taken over the past few weeks.
  8. This ride is gorgeous. I get so excited looking at every update on this coaster and the fact that it's in my favorite amusement park makes it even better. Add in BGT's stellar line up and god, I can't deal.
  9. Just to clarify, Timesaver Unlimited isn't just one ride on Lightning Rod, right? I want to get it for Saturday but the description confuses me because it says you're limited to one ride on Lightning Rod.
  10. If Candymoniums helix dive thing rides similarly to Fury's treble clef dive, it's going to be AWESOME.
  11. Oh wow, when I heard it was in New Jersey I was expecting it to be Skelly's Amusements because they do a lot of the New Jersey, PA shows. I grew up going to their carnivals and fairs and it always seemed like they took excellent care of their rides. Painting, new lighting packages, and all that jazz. I'm very interested to know the cause behind it. RIP to the girl.
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