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Had a funny picture of our cat that I took last night. Wanted to share it, but didn't think it needed it's own topic. So figured why not have others share funny pictures they have taken.


So here is our cat, getting it on with Spiderman:


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OK....somebody help me. I have MicroSoft PictureIt or something like that. Why can't I take a photo I have scanned into there and attatch it here? I am thinking because they are not coming up "jpg" files, but I don't know how to make them .jpg files. Anybody know how to help me on this one???


Pathetically yours, Shari

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Here are some of my cat


My cat loves this mickey blanket lol he will sleep on it no matter where you put it lol


Thonas kicking back lol all he needs is a brew and a remote lmao!


My niece thought this would be cute lol. Thomas does not look amused lmao!

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I love your cat pictures, especially the last one ... nothing spells cute like a sleeping Cat. Here is another funny picture I found today, it's a picture of bomb squad practical jokes.


Bomb Squad Joke

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