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Here's one. A really REALLY adorable puppy ....


And so doggone cute! The fur colouring is really something!

And then there's that "Just A Touch of..." 'accentuation' over the one eye. Perfect.

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^ Hey for us 'owned' owners, EVERY DAY is National Pet Cat Day

EDIT: Felt immediately guilty, seeing you and yours, but we haven't taken any shots of Her since the year began!

And so, here's a couple of Her, taken a few minutes ago. I begged for a face shot, but She was bored, and didn't want to bother.

Cats Rule.


First spotted, "sunning" in Her Own Way.


Face Time? Uh .... no, not now. And Her Word Rules. I'll get Stella in a better mood, another day.

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Stella's still being 'kinda shy' lately, when it comes to photo taking.

But she loooooves her cardboard boxes, LOL. 🐈


Taken a few days ago.


Good old cardboard!

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