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Not my cats, but my parents are going away for the weekend which means that from Thursday to Monday I will be staying in their house to take care of these two beauties.


This is Maya...




...and this is Inka.



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Stella had a bite on her, near her tail base. So we packed her off to the vet, got it all cleaned up, had her butt shaved,

and a stint put it, and the Cone of Shame added for additional insult, lol. So far, she's coping with it. She keeps bumping

into stuff, which looks funny at first, but I'm sure she's pretty miserable with it. And has to have it on for...

...two weeks!


Everything's the same - except that (#*( cone on.


Sleeping among friends.



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Six years ago we rescued our cat, Link, off the Chicago streets when he was just a few weeks old. He was a homeless little guy, scrawny, filthy, and he had fleas. After several visits to the vet & nursing him back to health, he became an incredible pet with a funny personality. He's a total clown. No regrets of that day in the alley when we scooped him up. The rest is history.


And yes... Link was named after the Zelda series.


6 years ago. Right off the street, with fleas!


6 years ago



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Roxxi drugged after having a tooth pulled a couple of weeks back:


Slightly stoned from the Anesthesia



and.. yesterday. . in normal sleeping position - making sure NO ONE ELSE can use that section of the sofa.

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